Music Is My Life, Sponsorship, Piracy My Greatest Worry — Nollywood Musician


By Julie Sylvia, Onitsha

A Nollywood musician, Iko Francis Odege, with the stage name, ‘Greenpiece,’ revealed Friday, at Puz Records and Entertainment studio in Onitsha, Anambra State, that music is his life even as his greatest problem are lack of sponsorship for his music and piracy.

Explaining further he stated that music was a spiritual thing and that he could live without food but not without music that gave him joy more than any other thing in life.

“Music is something that comes by the spirit and once it comes it gives me joy. I can’t live without music but can live without food. One who lives by music is always happy but the problems are that he may not have the wherewithal to finance his product and another is piracy.

“I have for sometime now released a good music, “One day man go blow,’ what it means is that with hard work one will definitely make it in life. Maybe marry, have car, build house, among others. Depending on what one wants in life. The music delayed to be produced because of finance to produce the plates (album), but now God has sent me a messiah, in the name of Prince Ubaoha Uzoma.

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“I am happy when I hear or sing music, it is God’s gift. Prince Uzoma Ubaoha, the BoT chairman of Association of Music Film Producers and Marketers of Nigeria, AMFPMN, has been sent by God to bail me out. by way of taking care of the sponsorship of the music for production and marketing.

“I was down cast when one of the housemates of Multichoice Nigeria, by name, Aniekwe Chidi, with stage name, Chizzy, pirated this my ‘One day man go blow,’ and I immediately petitioned Multichoice Nigeria, reminding it that it was an infringement on my person and clear violation of the copyright law as he was displaying it in his TV show,” he stated.

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According to him, with the intervention of Prince Uzoma on finance, the next problem is piracy as he put it that piracy is worse than an armed robber.

“Uzoma is now my god-father, why people fail in business is when they fight their god-fathers. Anything music is not easy, one has to work hard. Uzoma has come to wipe the tears on my face and I have already gotten 23 coordinators from the 23 local Government Areas of my home State, Benue, and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, when the music is out my boss, Uzoma, will help,” he further Stated.

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In a swift reaction, Uzoma said that he came in to help him because of the incessant pleas and calls from him, stating that he had to succumb as he has been assisting people for about 20 years now.

“We are releasing the album online, just goggle www.Puz records. Puz TV and down load, you get, ‘ One day man go blow’. In Puz records talent hunt, we have been helping people, especially the youths. Parents should help to direct their children on their talents”, he said

“I have no option than to assist since he consistently called and the music has been online for about four years now,” he further revealed.

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