Militarization of South East and Nigeria a religious scheme – Igbo Group


Nigeria Army

An Igbo group , Voice  from the East-VEAST,  has  described the  open -secret  agenda  of  militarization of  the South East  in particular and Nigeria in general, as  a  religious  machination  from the  top of  rulership, percolating  down to  the  last  rump.

Nigeria Army
Nigeria Army

It  is  evident that  our  collective  patrimony  is  being  tampered with  by whoever is  directly  responsible  for  the  militarization,  for use  to  financing  the  illicit  conceptualization , the  group alerts, stating  that  this is  evidenced in the  sporadic authorization of the military  to unilaterally  attack  suspected zones  of the  country, especially  the  South East for  fear  of the  unknown .

Speaking  on this  issue , the  Convener  of  the group , Comrade Kindness  Jonah ,  while addressing  journalists reminded that  ‘  python  dance ’  in the  South East ,  meaning  the most  dangerous  snake  or  even most  killer-prone  animal  is dancing, signaling  death  is  coming , as  against  the  ‘operation  lafia  dole’  in  other  places  in the far  North  , meaning peace  continues , is a  clear  sign  that  Igboland  is marked out to  be  destroyed  by Nigerian military  under  the command of Buhari  as a  sharia  maestro.

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Speaking  further on the  tactical on-going  militarization of  the South East  and  Nigeria, Comrade Kindness  noted that  the  word militarization  connotes  forceful occupation of  a place  by  a people  pseudo –militarily  infatuated . Expatiating  on this definition, Comrade  Jonah  explained  that ‘ a  people’  so  posited here  represents  a  clandestine  interest  as  the  natal star  of the  military  push  and  purshe, which  is  divergent  in nature, but focused  in applicability. He  maintained that  bokoharam  that is always  ‘down  – graded’  in  Nigeria , but  have  been  killing with relish  unhindered ,  represents  ‘a people ’ in  this  context.

Defining  ‘a people’  further, Comrade  Jonah  hinted that  it represents  ‘organized  people  for  organized  mandate ’.  Bokoharam are  well  organized and  their  ultimate  focus    which is  full islamization  of  Nigeria  , VEAST  laments, is  the  organized mandate  every  member  of  that religion wants  realized  by  all means whether by  bokoharam  or  Fulaniherdsmen or  bandits  or herdsmen or  jihadists  or  killer  herdsmen or  other  agents  of takiya  meaning  deceit  in  this  religion  of  bokoharam, which are all  agents  of  militarization .

The  agents  of  militarization  do not  necessarily  need  to  be  military  personnel, no  not  one enthused  VEAST , but  pointing  out  that  what  is  important  is their  being  ‘’ pseudo-militarily  infatuated ‘’,  which is  what pushes  them  to  kill, maim , kidnap, rape, burn off, incinerate  and destroy  with  gusto  of  a  religionist .  These  pseudo-military agents  illustrates  VEAST, could  be  in  the  military  or  police or Wambai  market  Kano or  Sabon Gari    market  Zaria  or chakwa-chakwa  shoe  shiner  in the streets  of  Aba  Ngwa  or university  lecturer or  politician or  in any  profession  reputable or  menial , so  far  as  they  are  bounded  by  the  sole  mandate of  achieving  a defined  and well  organized  mandate  which is islamization .

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  What is  the  religion of  bokoharam, VEAST questions?
As would  be  stipulated by VEAST, the  rhetorical answer to  the fore –going  question  informs  why  ‘peace continues ‘  pervades in the  far  North  of  the  bokoharam religion where  shedding  of blood  is  the  order of  the day, while  the wicked  and  fiercefully deadly  python dances  in  the  South East  of  entirely  a different  religion  averse  to  bokoharam’s, where  peace  reigns and  life  is  utterly respected.

Comrade  Jonah further  narrates that  a bird- eye  view  of  the  Nigerian scenario  in the  issue of  militarization in the  South East, would  reveal  a ‘defeated people  mentality’  which is  why  more  that  70- %  of the military  check points  in Nigeria  are  domiciled in the South East alone , which explains  the  present  zest  for ‘ Python  Dance  4 ‘.

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Besides  examine  VEAST , every  police man  bribes to  be  posted to  the South East  where  he  can extort  without  criticisms and devoid  of  questioning from above  because the  people are  believed to  have  been  conquered , asserting  that  the  blood  of  an  Igbo person  does not  really  matter  to  either  police , army , navy or  paramilitary .

The  group  concludes that    militarization has always  been with  us  in the  South East  since  1970 whether  at Owerrinta, Abala, Umuahia, Enugu, Agwu, Awka, Onitsha, Aba, Nbawsi, Omoba , Owerri, Okigwe, Orlu, Nnewi, Uli, Nsukka, Abakiliki, Afikpo, Ohawfia, Bende, Arochukwu  as well as  every  other place in Igbo land and  beyond ,  where  Fulaniherdsmen  as  chief agents  of militarization  for  islamization,  operate.

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