MASSOB condemns the Social Media/ Hate speech bill


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Movement For The Actualization Of The Sovereign State Of Biafra (MASSOB) has condemn the Social Media/ Hate speech bill sponsored by Senator Mohammad Sani  Musa representing Niger east Senatorial district. It is very unfortunate that those who are elected for a quality representation and to be the supposed  mouthpiece of their people has become a  hook and padlock which federal government uses to seal the mouth of the oppressed and citizens.


However MASSOB commended Senator Chimaroke Nnamani and Senator Enyinnya Abaribe for their gallant and eloquent stand to oppose this devilish bill. MASSOB is calling on other Senators from the Southern  and Middle Belt regions to join these brave senators in stopping the anti peoples bill. This is the next level campaign of President Mohammad Buhari, if buhari succeed in his sponsored hate bill, then nobody will speak or challenge his government, the entire citizens will be caged against the implementation of his national Islamic penal code which will speedily watered the ground for quick islamisation of Nigeria.

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 MASSOB remind the citizens that during the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, a lot of hate speech was going on against him even Mohammad Buhari also attacked President Jonathan then.  Buhari said that he will make Jonathan’s  government, ungovernable.  The entire north and some people from south west used abusive words against  Dr. Jonathan.  MASSOB view the Social Media bill as a prepared tool that will make a way for President Buhari’s third term agenda. 

Where are the leaders of Christian communities in Nigeria?  Why are the churches keeping quite? Who bewitched the followers of Jesus Christ?  If this bill is passed into law, will Father Ejike Mbaka continue his hate massages against his opponent politicians?. This bill might be against the poor masses today but tomorrow it will swallow the the rich, elites and politicians.

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Even in the absence of the hate speech law, there are many  political prisoners and prisoners of conscience detained in the prisons of  this failed nation called Nigeria. 

Comrade Edeson Samuel 

(National Director Of Information) MASSOB.

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