Man enjoys himself in a Supermarket after he was mistakenly locked up

A man recognized as Khaos Blackmetal on TikTok found out that he has been locked in a supermarket after the only worker closed up without properly checking if there is still a customer indoors in 2020.

Despite it happening many years ago, the man only recently shared the footage of the event online, saying he was stuck inside with another customer and he had to call the police, Daily Mail reports.

The police in turn reached out to the store manager to free them. The man said:

“During the pandemic, Aldi closed early and the cashier neglected to make sure no customers were left in the store.”

The man said that when as the cashier was about to drive away, he was waving at him but he never noticed. Though Khaos could open the door from the inside, that would have would have triggered a security alarm and meant bad for him.

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While in the store, he had some fun yelling at himself as he filmed the moment. He never stopped capturing the moment until the police officers found all the incident funny.

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