Man sends wife packing after discovering she has been evading having children due to his look


A Nigerian man has reportedly ousted his wife from their marital home after finding out that she had been secretly taking birth control pills to prevent getting pregnant.

This revelation came to light during a recorded mediation session between the couple.

According to voice notes circulating online, the couple sought the assistance of a mediator in an attempt to resolve their marital issues.

The husband had already sent his wife packing after discovering her use of contraceptives to avoid having children with him.

In the voice notes, the wife expressed her love for her husband and claimed to find him more attractive than before. She sought reconciliation with her spouse, hoping to salvage their relationship.

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However, the husband maintained his decision to end their marriage, stating that he had endured mistreatment from his wife.

He detailed instances where she had insulted him, calling him fat, ugly, and ridiculing his physical appearance, particularly his big tummy.

The breaking point for him was discovering that she had intentionally prevented pregnancy to avoid having children who might resemble him physically.

He had believed that their infertility was his fault, only to learn that it was his wife’s deliberate choice.

The husband recounted his efforts to care for his wife, support her family, remain faithful, shower her with gifts, and take her on vacations.

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Despite these efforts, he felt betrayed by her actions and resolutely declared the end of their marriage.

He instructed the mediator to inform his wife to collect her belongings from his house and encouraged her to pursue a relationship with her tall and handsome ex-boyfriend.

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