My L.I.G secret of attaining unprecedented success

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Success doesn’t happen by magic. You have to put conscious efforts to work for things to fall into place.

So far, I have focused squarely on self development and advancement. In all my endeavours in the past months of this year, I have realised that attaining that apex height won’t come when I just chat with friends on Facebook, What’s app or any other social platform. 

It won’t also come by me just wishing for it or setting goals that I don’t act on. It won’t happen when I keep paying for new courses everyday but never settle to master any.

I want to be better! Yes! I do but it would take more than doing the ordinary to attain that.

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With all I’ve learnt so far, these are the antidote to stagnation and repeated failure.

📌 L stands for Learn

First you have to learn. Learning involves you putting your mind into something until you gain Mastery of that thing.

You don’t learn by scanning a course or going through it just once. Do it over and over again.

Gain Mastery! 

📌 I stands for Implement

It’s not enough to know that you need flour, sugar, butter, eggs etc to bake a cake. Besides, you don’t become a professional cake baker by just knowing that. You have to implement over and over again.

One beautiful thing about implementation is that as you implement, you become better and your knowledge begins to broaden beyond what you already know.

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This is where the major work is. Learn, Implement!

📌 G stands for Get result

This would definitely come if other things are put in place for it to come.

You have to put first things first.

Don’t seek this if the first two have not been achieved yet.

Don’t forget, You Learn, Implement before you Get Results

To be more, You have to do More!

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