Lent: A call for Prayers for a Peaceful Governorship Elections, Stronger Anambra.


Comr. Chuma

Dr. Harris Chuma Odili – Ogene Igbo

As Anambra navigates the 2021 election season, we are hopeful that the ugly political history of violence will not be repeated by desperate politicians in the state. Ndi Anambra, let’s go into this lenten season armed with the prayer request for peaceful political activities in the state. Let’s pray hard against any forms of electoral violence; while we observe the fasting and prayers associated with lenten season, pray that almighty God will grant us successful guber polls.

In recent times, some notable political figures are making incisive comments in the media, consciously incubating electoral violence; allegedly recruiting and arming criminal gangs to unleash terror upon their opponents and ordinary members of the public. Politicians with the penchant for recruiting violent cult gangs to intimidate their opponents, and rig elections should not be considered above the law. The law enforcement agents should be on red alert; monitor hotspots and warn politicians of consequences for inciting violence. The Nigeria Police Force should follow political events in the state, and proactively pursue the sponsors of political violence.

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The governorship election slated for November 6, 2021 is witnessing political climate of impunity gradually setting in. Ndi Anambra should not encourage these gangsters to unleash a wave of violence on our darling state.
Politicians must come to recognize that political violence is not about who wins the next election, but that it has important implications for the rights and well-being of ndi Anambra that extend far beyond election day.

As we pray for fruitful Lenten Season 2021, the peaceful Anambra governorship electioneering processes should be the key prayer point. We should pray fervently that Anambra should come out of the polls greater, and more united as a people with common destiny.

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Happy lenten season!


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