Incredible miracles by some Nigerians pastors


By Collins Nkwocha

Anointing Oil cures cancer, neutralised poison and cleansed system of unknown diseases

Divine Glorious Encounter Ministry Inc. is known for genuine miracles as God is using Apostle Favour Nnam mightily to perform great miracles.

A woman that had cancer of the lungs visited the ministry, the man of God prayed for her and gave her anointing oil, and miraculously the cancer of the lungs vanished.

The same anointing Oil served as protection for a member of the ministry who travelled to the village with the brother, both of them stepped on poison, because the member of the ministry had applied the miraculous anointing Oil on himself, the poison didn’t have any effect on him, it rather affected the brother that was not a member of Divine and he applied it on his brother for his healing.

The anointing Oil also healed another member of the Ministry of Poison in the UK. He came to Nigeria to see his building in the village. He got back to the UK and discovered that he had been poisoned, It got so bad that he couldn’t go to work, the anointing Oil was sent to him in the UK and within two days, the poison was neutralised. The anointing Oil as cleansed a woman of Unknown diseases, she was given the oil to drink and she vomited strange and unimaginable substances. You can reach Apostle Favour Nnam (the lion of Africa) as he is fondly called on 08033601006.


A mysterious wound that was to be operated on with 1m healed miraculously

A lady who was carrying a mysterious wound that defiled every medical and spiritual attention was invited to worship with Christ as our moulder & Holy Spirit as the builder Int’l Church in the quest for a solution. During the prayer and deliverance session, she made Apostle Daberechi Okwor know that she had visited several churches to no avail, she had then resigned to a surgery that will cost her 1 million, and friends and families were helping her to raise the money because she couldn’t afford it. The man of God prayed for her and the wound that defiled every medical and spiritual attention dried up miraculously. You can reach Apostle Daberechi Okwor on 08105553822.

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Pastor Raised a dead lady

Prophet Joshua Segun Awe performed this miracle in Ekiti state. He wanted to visit the mountain for prayer, God instructed him not to go through the normal way, he instructed him to pass through an unusual way and he obeyed God without grumbling, he never knew that God wanted to prove his awesome power through him. On his way, he encountered a woman that was carrying the corpse of a lady that just died, he happened to know the woman and he inquired what happened to the corpse. The pastor asked her if she had confidence that God can bring her back to life. She said that she believed, the pastor prayed for the corpse and she sneezed and came back to life .you can reach out to prophet Segun on 08137197342.

Mysterious ear problem disappears miraculously

A certain man brought his son to Grace Revolution International Ministry, a ministry that is headed by Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu (PhD). During praise and worship, the child ran out of the church and the father followed him immediately. The young boy never returned to the service, it was the father that came to meet with the pastor after the service to tell the pastor that the son had a problem that had defiled every medical attention even though the mother is a senior nurse in LUTH. He explained to him that the boy suddenly fell in school one day, and that was how the problem started. The pastor prayed for the boy and told the father to call him for him to know the state of things.

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The father called and told him that the problem persisted, Pastor Schugger had to visit the boy at home, and the money refused to register her presence in the meeting because she believed that prayer can’t do it. After the prayer he told the father to call him to report the situation of the boy, the father never called until the next day and he sounded enraptured when he finally did, the boy was healed and they came to church the next Sunday to thank God and testify. You can reach out to pastor Schugger on 07065366611.

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