(By Alex Uzoigwe)

Umunnachi Town and her neighbouring communities in the Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State should be counting their blessings now as they are experiencing total divine deliverance from some primordial limitations affecting their individual and collective advancements.

An unprecedented outburst of divine presence now flowing at the Immanuel Anglican Church, Umunnachi, is not only emerging as a cynosure of all eyes in the area but, instead, is assuming an irresistible status as a destination for spiritual tourism.
All roads in Onitsha North and South, Idemili North and South and the Dunukofia Local Government Areas in the state and beyond, now, seemly lead to the Immanuel Church almost daily where the sick are healed, the lame walk, the captives set free and curses broken.
Typical of such days was Wednesday, October 4, 2023, when the congregation of the church, Anglican and non-Anglican faithful, struggled to contain their joy and expectations when many of them miraculously got answers to their various spiritual and material problems.
By 10 am on an eventful day, the auditorium of the said Immanuel Anglican Church, Umunnachi, had filled with expectant clapping and dancing worshippers all wrapped in an ecstatic mood.
The Vicar of the church, Rev Canon Innocent Ọkpara who solemnly took over the stage at the peak of ongoing sonorous chain choruses had, after his one-hour sermon and Bible exposition, swiftly begun a long session of prayer and deliverance ministration.

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In the course of the first prophetic deliverance that ensued, while tens of the worshippers, in broken hearts, gave their lives to Christ, others received immediate solutions to their spiritual, material and health problems.
Among beneficiaries of the divine visitation were some families allegedly suffering what was described as “endemic foundational curses” said to be a result of idol worship and dangerous sacrifices by their forefathers.
Others were tens of captives of witchcraft who received immediate deliverance from their captors as well as several others set free from the bondages of the marine spirit and some from their village’s evil altars.
A pathetic case was the one of a 65-year-old spinster whose marriage was said to have been spoilt in the spirit by witches and wizards from her childhood.
The woman was spotted from among the congregation as the Canon was ministering intensive deliverance prayers. He suddenly halted as he was moving around, and raised his hand towards the location of the woman.

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“You, come here”, he pointed at the woman.
“You are ….”
WOMAN: Yes, I am ….
CANON: Evil people bewitched you from your childhood that is why you have not married up till now. Are you married?
WOMAN: No, Sir. I am not yet married.
CANON: Now be rest assured, you are going to celebrate your marriage a few months from today. Do you hear me? The Lord God has destroyed the handiwork of the evil people in your life. He has removed the reproach. You are delivered in Jesus’ name. Go and get ready to celebrate your marriage! Do you hear me?
Similarly, a lot of members of the congregation were delivered from various personal and family problems, but with a charge for them to live holy and prayerful lives.

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