I’m A Virgin HIV Positive Lady: Please Help

Virgin positive

Hiv hands

kindly help out, i’m a virgin Hiv positive had to create this alternative moniker because I’m widely known here with my other moniker.

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Virgin HIV

I’m a female nairalander, today is really a black Thursday for me. I have lost total Focus and concentration, very depressed at the moment. I’m diagnosed with HIv positive, being crying since morning. the worst part of it is, i’m a virgin, had never sex with any man in my entire life. I was advised to start taking medications immediately…

I’m A Virgin HIV Positive Lady: Please Help

doctors and well experienced nairalanders in the house, will this medication prolong my life? will it cost me expenses? or the HIV will one day turn to AIDS despite the medication? I’m deeply confused!

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kindly give me you comment