Ignore those clamouring for an overhaul of the Naval high command – Adamu


…it’s for their selfish interest

A group of Northern Youths, led by Adamu Ismaila has called on the president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to ignore those calling for an overhaul of the Navy’s high command because they it’s for their selfish interest, not for the betterment of the Nigerian nation.

The Youths maintained that President Tinubu was very prudent and judicious in selecting his service Chiefs and they are the best service Chiefs ever, anyone calling for their removal is questionable.

The Naval high command has been very resolute and exceedingly impeccable in the fight against oil theft and bunkering; anyone clamouring for a Naval high command overhaul must be someone who must have been affected by the excellent job the Navy is doing in the region.

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Adamu maintained that anyone calling for an overhaul of the Naval high command must be someone who is into shady dealings and of questionable character.

He therefore implored the president to disregard the words of people of questionable characters, hiding under the banner of Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide to make a selfie request

1 thought on “Ignore those clamouring for an overhaul of the Naval high command – Adamu

  1. The entire Nigerian security architecture needs to be overhauled not just the Naval high command because the top officers are using their position to commit different types of crimes and subjecting their subordinates to all sort of maltreatment because the government fails to question their activities rather they are being promoted.

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