The Think-Home Policy Strategy:
As an interventionist corporate entity with the vision of Igbo homeland where all modern amenities and infrastructure, social and security indices are at the superlative performances comparable to any region or country in the world. This we shall achieve through clear cut developmental and policy strategies with a defined focus.

This Policy Strategy focuses on the following intervention areas with premium emphasis on human and capital development:

1.Education and Skills Development:
Invest in education and skills development programs that equip citizens with the necessary capabilities to contribute meaningfully to the development of their country. Promote vocational training and entrepreneurship to create opportunities for self-employment and job creation locally.

2.Preservation of Our Rich Cultural Heritage: Approaches to Growth, Stability, and Transmission.

3.Creation of Economic Opportunities:
Liaise with governments in the region to formulate policies that foster a conducive environment for businesses to thrive, creating job opportunities for citizens. Support the growth of industries and sectors that have the potential to absorb local talent and contribute to economic development.

4.Infrastructural Development:
Encourage both public and private sector prioritization of infrastructural development projects that enhance the quality of life, attract investment, and create an enabling environment for businesses to operate. Improve access to basic services such as healthcare, education, and transportation to enhance the overall well-being of citizens.

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5.Investment and Entrepreneurship Support:
Prevail on government to provide incentives and support for local and foreign investments that create sustainable economic growth and employment opportunities. Facilitate access to financing, mentorship, and training programs for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses locally.

6.Think-Home Sustainable Security (Protection of Life and Property):

As the issue of security is the most pressing issue and always very vital to economic development and its sustainability, therefore, the Think-Home Policy Initiative advocates seriously and urge the governors in the region to work as a family, especially now towards solving the problems of Regional/ State Police, and Indigenous Security as complimentary. And shall not always relent in its effort at ensuring that policies and strategies that would enhance security are put in place so that lives and property of the people are guaranteed for sustainable economic development

7.Civic Engagement and Participation:
Encourage Igbo businessmen and industrialists to get involved in the promotion of civic engagement and community participation to empower citizens to take ownership of the development process. Create platforms for dialogue and collaboration between the government, private sector, civil society, and citizens to co-create solutions for local challenges.

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8.Retention and Return of Talent:
Develop strategies to retain local talent by providing attractive career opportunities, competitive salaries, and a supportive work environment. Implement programs that encourage skilled Ndi Igbo in the Diaspora to return home and contribute their expertise to local development efforts.

9.Public Awareness and Advocacy:
Raise awareness about the importance of investing in and developing one’s own country among citizens through campaigns, media, and educational programs. Advocate for policies that promote local development and discourage brain drain through collaboration with stakeholders and policymakers.

10.Monitoring and Evaluation:
Establish mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the “Think Home” policy framework and evaluate its impact on local development and citizen engagement. Use data and feedback to continuously review and refine the policy framework to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to changing circumstances.

11.Igbo Values Restoration and Re-orientation:
As a foundational mechanism of re-engineering our socio cultural, economic and political best practices, thereby reawakening the Igbo in us reminiscent of the pre-war status.

By incorporating these elements into a comprehensive policy framework, a “Think Home policy” can help harness the potentials to contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of their fatherland, promoting local solutions to local challenges and fostering a sense of pride and ownership in shaping the future of our homeland .

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To ensure inclusiveness and collective action, we intend that every person be carried along in evolving the operational initiatives to accomplish these goals. To that effect, we will from onwards, open the door to discussion on the strategic initiatives.

The discussion should focus on engineering the architectural structure that will deliver the proposed objectives.

This should include processes and systems that need to be in place and the tactics to drive them.

We shall dedicate each week to discuss each policy objective, at the end of the the entire exercise, the agreed operational guidelines will be published.

For the first week, we will first discuss;


What will be our blueprint for education and skills development in Igbo homeland, drawing from both local and global experiences that have been shown to work.
The door is now open for your contributions and comments objectively…

What are your thoughts?

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