It is important to acknowledge the concerns raised regarding the actions of TC Chairman Ononiba Halting Constructions in Njikoka Markets, it is crucial to consider the context and rationale behind such decisions. There are legitimate reasons for the Chairman to take such actions, such as ensuring public safety, enforcing regulations, or addressing specific issues affecting the markets.

The writers are busybodies and members of other political parties who are afraid of their Perceived unprecedented mass failure in Njikoka in the next coming gubernatorial election by using lies and cheap propaganda to create the impression that there is a problem between the Solution Loyalists. The put-on-hold order was necessitated by various petitions from the marketers and other stakeholders who are complaining that some unauthorised group of people has penetrated the markets within this short period claiming and carrying out illegal constructions in the markets against the government directives. The very essence of the order is to ensure total compliance with the government market plan and approval as well as to filter out the illegitimate claimants thereon for the overall interest of the Njikoka people and ndi Anambra by extension.

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However, it is also important to emphasize the importance of transparency, accountability, and respect for due process in governance.
The decision termed to be a military Fiat by the mischievous writer was well considered and justified in the overall interest of the public.

Furthermore, government officials need to engage with stakeholders, listen to their concerns, and work towards finding mutually agreeable solutions. Dialogue and collaboration are key to building trust and fostering a harmonious relationship between the government and the community.

In conclusion,
It is implicit to state that there is no dispute between the Immediate past TC Chairman Hon Clem Aguiyi and the current TC Chairman Barr DC Ononiba as projected by the mischievous writer.

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However, while there are valid reasons for the actions taken by TC Chairman Ononiba, it is essential for all parties involved to uphold democratic principles, respect human rights, and work towards resolving conflicts through peaceful and inclusive means.

TC Chairman,
Barr. DC Ononiba

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