I have forgiven those who branded me a ritualist- Victory Hospital & Children’s Clinic, Onitsha, MD, Dr Oliver Nnamdi Umeh

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Victory Hospital: www.odogwublog.com reports exclusively that as strange as it may sound, it is only a true child of God that can forgive those who orchestrated his branding as a ritualist out of professional ego crisis, envy, wickedness and pettiness, but, the Managing Director of Victory Hospital and Children’s Clinic, Onitsha, Dr Oliver Nnamdi Umeh exhibited that trait as he forgave all those who planned to brand him a ritualist, for selfish reasons.

The same people, according to Dr Umeh, having been saved by God from the hatched plot to brand him a ritualist, just to cripple his medical business and rubbish his reputation, he should forgive them so that God continues to take charge of his affairs.

Dr Umeh , MD of Victory hospital said he decided to let go and forgive everyone who was involved in that mess.

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He said only God had the powers to replenish him in quantum to continue to trudge on in life since investigations by the Police have cleared his name and his hospital’s name from the phantom allegations.

He noted that he had paid his dues in medical service and advancing medical health from Maiduguri to Onitsha without blemish and wondered why he should be the one targeted to be humiliated and chased out of business as if he just landed from the moon to be popular in taking care of adult patients, and children’s health.  

Expressing shock on why some disgruntled elements were after him and his hospital, Dr Umeh said: ‘’I came to Onitsha in October 12, 1998, but before then I was working with a specialist hospital in Maiduguri.

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 ‘’I came back to Onitsha because these people are marginalizing us over there,  and secondly my father was suffering from diabetes; and from Maiduguri to the East, the distance was much. I searched for a job and got one in Onitsha. I worked for ten years before I told my Oga that I wanted to go and open my own hospital.

‘’Why are they after me? Why does anyone want me dead and my hospital closed? I am not with anybody’s wife or daughter. I am not owing anybody. I am not in business contract with anybody, and all I  do is to come to my hospital every morning, to see people that come for treatment, and attend to them.

‘’ It is not as if I know it all, but, God has been faithful to me. But when it comes to issues that I can’t handle, I refer them to people that are specialists in that case or to Teaching Hospital , but people started being jealous of me.  I don’t know if I will say it is my fellow doctors or not, but I don’t want to call anybody’s name now, but all I know is that all those things that are happening, someone is behind them. But, all I have to say about all these things is to thank God for his mercies, and for saving me from all those attacks and keeping me alive.

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‘’ Being rich or poor is destiny. Everything one is doing is destiny. If you see someone that is not progressing, assist the person so that the person will start progressing, but if you see somebody that is progressing, glorify God on behalf of the person, these issue of ‘pull him down ! pull him down!’ will not attract progress for the person envious of another.

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‘’Even If my hospital is shut down, that thing that made them to reject them and come to my hospital will make them to go to another hospital; so thank God immensely for the life He gave to me and my family. I have forgiven all those behind the bad things done to me, the blackmail and branding as a ritualist. Whatever I suffered and lost for that, Jesus Christ, Our Saviour knows why and I have God who knows everything and insisted that my life be preserved. I must be grateful, and I am indeed grateful to God for His mercies upon me against the evil doers.

‘’ I have forgiven the perpetrators of evil against me. I have accepted that God knows why it all happened, but those people targeting me, they should ask themselves, what actually did I do to them? None has come to me to say I wronged him or her.  If they come, I will definitely apologize, if any, because after all those things targeted against me, God still gave me life and I still have hope that tomorrow will be better,” Dr Umeh said.

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On the Abakaliki couple’s accusation of ritual, Dr Umeh said: ‘’When the whole thing came to its climax, some persons were saying that Dr Umeh could not engage in such, but, anybody that knows me very well, understands that I can’t even hurt an adult, not to talk of a helpless child. It was Dr Amadi that handled the case. I never knew anything about the case until police visited my hospital and looked for the Medical Director. If not for the police involvement , I won’t know anything about the case. There is no way I can indulge in such , police have done their investigations and found out that I am innocent. They gave me a clean bill of health in the saga since February 2018; just that I  decided to be on my own and asked God who has been fighting the battle for me to keep fighting it, “.


He said that the last incident made me to lose his friends and patients alike, but ‘’All this ritual stuff and other accusations were a conspiracy against me because, I didn’t see the child. I was not in the hospital and I had no contact with the child. I was told about the incident and I was calling for detailed investigation because as the owner of the hospital, I was dumbfounded at the story. So, I wanted to get to the root of it.

‘’Competitors had opportunity to undermine me. And that incident rubbished my hospital as I collapsed from our rating to the happiness of the perpetrators of evil against me, unknown to them that there is Omniscient God watching over the affairs of men. It’s well.

Concluding on the Victory Hospital saga with the Abakaliki couple, he described the allegation as grave and regretted that the public swallowed it without hesitation, even as he wondered what would happen now that the police had vindicated him.  

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