Governor Willie Obiano is reckless? Adinuba

The state government says despite its limited financial resources, Anambra has become exemplary in rapid development because of the fiscal discipline of the Governor, Chief Willie Obiano. The government as well said Obiano is not financially reckless.

The Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr. C-Don Adinuba, stated this in a press release while countering allegations of financial recklessness leveled against the State government by those he described as unscrupulous politicians.

He said that Governor Willie Obiano has provided inspiring leadership, demonstrating at every point that he truly earned his qualifications as a professional auditor, a professional banker and a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), to say nothing about his university training in accounting and management.

Mr. Adinuba revealed that Anambra has never gone  to the Federal Government for a bailout even when leading oil-producing states went twice and it did not receive because it had no need to do so.

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He noted that according to Debt Management Office of the federal government, Anambra is the least indebted state in Nigeria, and has the lowest poverty index of all states in Nigeria.

The Information Commissioner explained that at a time when a number of state governments are owing their workers for almost one year,neither workers nor pensioners are owed in Anambra State even for a day and as well have since received a bag of the famous Anambra Rice free of charge as a Christmas gift saying that all these have been possible because the state’s resources are managed most prudently.

He went further to say States like Kogi could not have been sending its delegations to Anambra to understudy its financial management nor could states like Ebonyi and Enugu have borrowed from it the highly innovative community development strategy of providing twenty million naira infrastructure to each of the one hundred and seventy-nine communities in the state, though Ebonyi and Enugu are giving their communities only ten millionnaira each.

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The Commissioner also said that the state has the best network of roads in Nigeria and remains the safest state in Nigeria with its education system adjudged the best in the nation, as testified by its performance in each of the examinations conducted by the West African Examinations Council, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board as well as the National Examinations Council among other excellent performances at the  national and international level.

 He added that Anambra State has a well established reputation as the most peaceful and most cohesive state in the federation and this reputation has engendered massive investments in its economy adding that   Ndi Anambra will no longer tolerate elements without character who want to wreck the state for a mere mess of porridge from their paymasters.

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