Getting married on Valentine’s day? These simple last-minute tips will make your ‘big day’ memorable

Valentine's day

Since Valentine’s day is all about love, having your wedding on the same day is one of the romantic ideas.

According to this year’s calendar, Valentine’s day is on a weekday. You don’t have to worry about people attending your wedding since most people are already embracing the idea of a weekday wedding. You wouldn’t put people in the love mood since the day is so synonymous to love.

Valentine's day

We have put together some last-minute tips that would help make the day a blast. Here are some tips for Valentine’s day wedding.

1. Get it right with the colours

The colours associated with Valentine’s day include pink, purple, red. Depending on your style, you can infuse any of these colours into your style. From your bouquet, bridesmaid and reception dresses to your cake can also speak valentine’s day with their colours.

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2. Let your reception speak love

Let your reception space look cozy and romantic. You can never tell if your wedding reception is some couples’ date location. From the decorations to the lights used, make your reception speak love and affection.

3. Your food/drinks can depict Valentine

valentine's day

Pink cocktails, red wine and champagne is a great idea [Winery at Versailles]Winery at Versailles

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It’s valentine’s day, using a signature cocktail at your reception isn’t a bad idea. You can garnish your desserts with strawberries or cherries. It gives your food and drinks colours that depict valentine. Pink cocktails, red wine and champagne is a great idea. Whatever drink you serve, you can still make them speak valentine.

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