5 Simple Tips To Prevent Your Marriage From Crashing-


Broken Heart

Getting married is one big deal but keeping your marriage can also be a bigger deal and for some people a very difficult task to achieve.
Nowadays, the rate at which marriages crash on a daily basis is not just alarming but also disturbing and I can assure you that it discourages some of the singles that are yet to tie the knot into doing so. 

Broken Heart

In this article, I can want to take us through simple tips that can help you preserve your marriage from avoidable crash and breakups.

Top 5 Simple Tips to Prevent Your Marriage from Crashing

#1. Learn to compromise

A lot of couples have issues every now and then because none of them is willing to compromise for the other. You cannot continue to have your way all the time.

Back then as a child, I use to know a man that believes that his decision is always final simply because he is the man and the head of the family. He stands on his decision even when it is evident that his opinion isn’t the best.

There should be some room to accommodate the other person’s opinion or suggestion at least for the simple reason that both parties are going to bear the consequences of one person’s decision either good or bad.

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#2. Don’t be a liability to your spouse

Get a job or start a business of your own if possible. Considering the economic situation of the country nowadays you will agree with me that you really need a job to help support your spouse and prevent yourself from becoming a liability to your partner.

Your partner may love you for the time being even with your joblessness but as time goes he will begin to get fed up of you most especially if you are always demanding for money from him or her.

#3. Learn to manage information

If you must have peace and harmony in your home then you must learn the art of information management. Don’t be quick to dole out details on family matters to third parties all in the name of relatives, friends and family.

I was walking behind two women some few days back and I overheard one of the women telling the other about her husband and how he treats her.
While it is good to talk about your spouse to your friends, you also have to be careful with the manner and the kind of friends you are giving such information to. This is to avoid putting your partner’s reputation and pride at stake. 

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One great risk that comes with discussing family plans and secrets with a third party is that you may end up being ill-advised by the third party who might not be happy with the information you have passed.

To be on a safe side please keep your good and bad news to yourself.

#4. Have quality sex

My dear, do not do the mistake of taking your “holiness” into the bedroom.

Research has shown that most couples that do pick up a fight every now and then have been having a very poor sex life. Are you aware that a serious rift or quarrel between couples can be settled after a good sex session even without any formal reconciliation meeting?

Marriage is not a bed of roses that was why sex was made to spice it up. Sex has a way of connecting the two parties both emotionally and spiritually.

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My advice to you today is that you change your attitude towards sex and see how your marriage life will change for good.

#5. Respect each other

Respect for each other should never be taken lightly. A woman can be the best cook in the world but the moment she lacks respect for her husband then there is going to be a big problem. 

The same goes for the man, you might be up and doing by providing for the family needs but if you don’t respect your wife then you are in for a big mess.

A lot of things depends on the level of respect you have for your spouse. When you have respect for your partner things like being faithful, not raising your hand against your wife (even wives beat their husbands nowadays) and staying away from other negative marriage vices becomes natural for you to practice.

It is said that respect is reciprocal, but I want to add that respect is intentional and requires a conscious effort.

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