German court to settle feud over champagne bottle worth €13,000


A dispute over a bottle of champagne is currently before a court in the German city of Dusseldorf, with a restaurateur demanding payment of ($14,250).

However, the patron insisting it was offered at a tenth of the price.

The  man from Neuss near Dusseldorf ordered the “special bottle” for himself and his guests at a Frankfurt restaurant a little under a year ago, according to the court documents on Tuesday.

The waiter offered a six-litre bottle known as a Methuselah of Roederer Cristal priced at €13,000, which the guest accepted with enthusiasm, according to the restaurateur.

The guest opened the bottle himself, using a knife and drained it along with his guests.

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When it came to paying the bill, the guest insisted the bottle had been offered at €1,300 and refused to pay more.(dpa/NAN)

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