India shuts schools amid rising cases of eye flu


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Authorities in India’s northeastern state of Nagaland have closed schools in the state until Aug. 26 following an increase in the cases of conjunctivitis (eye flu) among school children.  According to the local government officials on Tuesday, cases of conjunctivitis have been reported in Dimapur, Chumoukedima, Niuland, and Mon districts. “The deputy commissioners of these districts have decided to temporarily suspend physical classes in order to break one of the cycles of transmission. “ Also to prevent the exponential surge of eye flu cases not only among students ,but also among teachers and parents,” an official said.
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The authorities have asked the school administration in these districts to consider implementing online classes to ensure that students can continue their education while maintaining safety. Since July 1, over 1,000 cases of eye flu have been reported in the state. Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is an irritation or inflammation of the conjunctiva, which covers the white part of the eyeball. It is caused by allergies or bacterial or viral infections.
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It can be extremely contagious and is spread by contact with eye secretions from someone who is infected. Symptoms of the disease include redness, itching and tearing of the eyes. It can also lead to discharge or crusting around the eyes. The local health department has already issued an advisory asking people to maintain good hygiene, which includes washing hands and avoiding touching eyes with bare or unwashed hands.

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