Coronavirus solution in Agulu: Chief Dr Fredrick Dike gives ultimatum to FG

Chief (Dr), Frederick Dike, a traditionalist/native Doctor of repute from Agulu, Anaocha local government area of Anambra state is worried that his research on Coronavirus remedy which has taken over N13 Million in funding was ignored by the Federal and state Governments.

Chief Dike, known better as Dibia Nwata, Ewenata -ozo in Agulu Ubaha ward, Ifiteani village Agulu, Anocha local government area said he is now given the government at all levels a two week ultimatum to come for a parley with him for the way forward or he will recline from further research by removing what he placed on the Sun that made it possible.

It was so sad that when Chief Dr Fredrick Dike announced God’s revelation to him concerning the efficacy of Sun rays against the prevalence of Corona Virus in Sub Saharan Africa particularly Nigeria, nobody took him serious, and for months he continued to shout that at the roof tops, but today his claims have been validated by not only scientists abroad but in the continent including President Donald Trump of the United States of America.

Chief Fredrick Dike , Enwenata Ozo Agulu ( Dibia Nwata)
Chief Fredrick Dike , Enwenata Ozo Agulu ( Dibia Nwata)

Chief Dr Dike aka Agu neche Mba Gburugburu from Agulu had announced that what all those suffering from corona virus needed was just to come outside their home and be exposed to the sun rays for 2 hours as it is the highest remedy God revealed to him but nobody took heed until lately.

Chief Dr Dike therefore gave two weeks to authorities concerned to apologize to him for ignoring his God given talent , he has spent over Thirteen Million Naira (N13M) researching for betterment of human race.

He decried the neglect and let down on traditional scientific discovery, religion and culture by our people in connivance with outsiders, whereas in other climes such suffers as an export commodity for them. He added that he was worried that some good works he has done for 16 years without sleeping with any woman could not get attention of Nigerian government even with his latest discoveries on Coronavirus.

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He warned that privileged people in authority should not be intimidating African native scientists and traditionalists as God does not make mistakes in His creation; hence he created him with multiple gifts to save the world. He said his inventions have healed over 10 million people across the world with his gifts and urged the people to contact him through his numbers for easy contacts are 08078323043 and 08069577403

He had said:” I got my inspiration and message of what to do for every particular case from my dream. When I sleep, the spirits would come and tell me something about a case I have and after interacting with them I would wake and write them down in the little knowledge I have about writing but most important is that I have put down reminders to what the vision I have is talking about. And when I do those things it would work. In the dream I do a lot about sickness and in reality if I do exactly as I was taught by my master in the dream it works.
It is true I now specialize in studying the weather and changing it to suit a purpose but I still deal with herbs and roots but I did much about them in the past. I was also good at casting away spell of any kind, healing contagious and life snipping diseases as well as the mad people.

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‘’I even specialize in catching witches and wizards with a special bag. I will prepare a bag for the witch you would keep in your house, when the witch comes, by supernatural powers, it would fall into the bag. His or her identity would be revealed in the morning and when you go to his or her house, you will see the blood sucker still trapped waiting to be released. Family cleansing is another thing I have helped many regain peace and unity back after years of captivity. But, now I no longer travel outside my office. I operate from right inside my tabernacle in Agulu and it is still effective than ever.

He said science and foreseeing the future was revealed to him in 1994. That was when rain normally disturbs our new yam festival. Every new yam festival heavy rainfall will disrupt the day’s event and our people no longer take interest in coming home for its new yam festival. They said it is not good to come home only to eat water from rainfall rather than yam. But I took the boldness to intervene by hiring a town crier to announce that never would there be rainfall on the day of Agulu new yam festival and we bated.

‘’Agulu people never believed me. They summoned me to demand if I can do that and I answered in affirmative. For that two days then we celebrated our new yam festival, there was heavy cloud but there was no rainfall. Upon all the efforts our neighours and enemies of progress did for rain to fall. It all failed and it continued until our new yam festival was extended to 4 days. Other communities around us equally schedule their new yam festival the day Agulu would be celebrating their new yam to avoid rainfall from beating them’’.

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It would be recalled that President Trump had suggested that sunlight and disinfectant injections could cure coronavirus after ‘White House’ research on the benefits of sunlight and humidity in diminishing the threat of the coronavirus.

Even as William Bryan of the Department of Homeland Security said at a White House briefing Thursday that there are “emerging results” from new research that suggest solar light has a powerful effect in killing the virus on surfaces and in the air. He said scientists have seen a similar effect from higher temperatures and humidity.

“The virus is dying at a much more rapid pace just from exposure to higher temperatures and just from exposure to humidity,” Bryan said.

Even though, some scientists point to the spread of virus in warm countries to disprove the claim, while others warn of dangers of ingesting cleaning materials.

Scientists however rubbished Donald Trump’s claim that hitting the body with UV rays could cure the illness.

Even though an unpublished study carried out by US Department of Homeland Security scientists that have not been reviewed by independent experts claimed that Sunlight may kill the coronavirus on surfaces within minutes.

Their results suggest radiation given off by UV rays can damage the virus’ genetic material and hamper its ability to replicate on surfaces. There is no evidence UV rays can kill the coronavirus in the body.

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