First session of the sixth synod

THEME: “idolatry: causes, consequences, and cure”
(EXODUS 32.).
VENUE: Immanuel Anglican church, ekwulumili, Nnewi-south l. g. a. Anambra state



The address.






Our dear Heavenly Father, and Almighty God, we humbly and sincerely thank and Worship You for the innumerable Blessings and Grace we received from You from the last Synod till now. We give You glory for all Your Provisions, Protections and Divine Providence.
Thank You for mercifully keeping us alive to witness and partake in the First Session of the Sixth Synod of our Diocese. Great Father of Glory, we beseech You to be with us throughout the duration of this Synod. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, so that all our actions, thoughts and deliberations will both bring glory to You, and move Your Church forward in the right direction.
Deliver us from all forms of idolatry, compromise with, and conformity to the systems of this world that do not glorify You. Restore true worship in Your Church. Help us to be courageous enough to fight against syncretism, neo-paganism, and para-paganism bedeviling Your Church and Christianity. We pray all these in the name of Your only begotten Son, and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


With a heart full of Joy, Grace, and Gratitude, we return all the Worship, Adoration, Preeminence to the great and awesome God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who dwells in unapproachable light for keeping us alive to be partakers in this First Session of the Sixth Synod of the Diocese of Amichi (Anglican Communion).

We sincerely and respectfully welcome to our midst the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger, His Grace, The Most Revd. Dr. Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim. We also welcome all the other Archbishops and Bishops of our Church. In a very special way, we welcome our Bible Study Facilitator for the Synod, The Most Dr. Revd. Edmund Akanya, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Kebbi. In the same vein, we welcome the Synod Theme Expositor and Preacher in the person of Rt. Revd. Samuel Chukwuka. He is the retired Bishop of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Diocese.

Furthermore, we appreciate and welcome the Executive Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo. We say a big welcome to the Chancellor of our Diocese, Hon. Justice Gloria Chinyere Anulude, the Registrar, Lady Barr. Amaka Udogu, and their team of legal officers of the Diocese. All the Royal Fathers are highly welcome. We recognize the presence of the immediate past Transition Chairman of Nnewi-South Local Government Area, Hon. Ikenna Aniagboso; the member representing Nnewi-South Constituency 1 in Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon. Chuddy Atuchukwu.

We have in our midst the President of Amichi Diocesan Council of Laity, Hon. Sir Barr. Kingsley Iruba, you are all welcome in Jesus Christ Name. We welcome all Archdeacons, Canons, Priests and their wives in the Diocese.

Finally, let me fondly appreciate and welcome the Diocesan President of Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild, and Girls’ Guild, who is my own wife, confidant, prayer warrior, and encourager, Dame Nkem Ikeakor. God will continue to keep you in good health and bless you always in Jesus Christ Name. Amen. Our greetings of welcome go to all Synod delegates, Bishop’s Nominees, Gentlemen of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you all for coming to share fellowship with us, and also partner with us. Every other person and guest here present, you are highly recognized and welcomed In Jesus Christ Name. Amen. God will abundantly bless all of you in all facets of life both now and always in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.


Our Bible Study Facilitator in this Synod is The Most Revd. Dr. Edmund Akanya. He is the Bishop of the Diocese of Kebbi (Anglican Communion).
Edmund was born in Akabe in Bassa Local Government Area of Kogi State in the year 1958 to the Family of Ven. & Mrs. Cornellius Akanya, both of blessed memories now. He holds several academic degrees among which is the Doctor of Ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary.

After his Theological Education Training from Immanuel College of Theology, Ibadan he was made a Deacon in 1989, and ordained a Priest in 1990. He rose the ranks in Anglican Church Ministry till he was elected a Bishop as the first Missionary Bishop of the Diocese of Kebbi. In 2010, he was elected the Provincial Archbishop of Kaduna Province, the position he held for ten (10) years.

Most Revd. Dr. Edmund Efoikeye Akanya is a widely travelled Conference speaker, and a teacher of God’s Word. He has attended many Seminars within and outside Nigeria on Church Ministry and Leadership. He is married to Mrs. Priscillia Zuyeali Akanya, and their marriage is blessed with four (4) Children, and five (5) grandchildren. Your Grace, on behalf of the entire faithfuls in the Diocese of Amichi, we heartily welcome you to our Synod and Diocese.


This year, it has pleased the Almighty God to bring to us an experienced, astute, and seasoned teacher of God’s Word in the Person of Rt. Revd. Samuel Chukwuka. He is the Pioneer and retired Bishop of Isuikwuato/ Umunneochi Diocese in Abia State. He hails from Nnobi in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State. Rt. Revd. Sam Chukwuka is a household name among Christians in Nigeria especially Scripture Union, and EFAC. He is the initiator and founder of young Anglican Crusaders (YAC), which has given birth to many vibrant Youth Ministries in the Anglican Communion in Nigeria. Bishop Samuel Chukwuka is a versatile Preacher, Teacher, Crusader, and Counsellor. He had started serving God ever before he came into the Church’s full-time ministry as the leader of the largest Scripture Union group in the then Enugu Township Group (1978-1981), Area Chairman of Enugu Area (S.U) 1981-1984; Member National Council (S.U) 1981-1984; Sunday School Teacher, Christ Anglican Church, Uwani Enugu; Emmanuel Church, Achara Layout, Enugu, and St. Paul’s Church, China Town, Enugu 1977-1984; Lay Reader, Diocese of Enugu 1981-1984.

Bishop Sam was properly trained in Evangelization and Communication of the Gospel at the following places and events; Lausanne II Conference, Manila, Philippines (International Congress for World Evangelization) 1989; International Anglican Charismatic Consultation in Canterbury, 2nd-5th July, 1991; Haggai Institute on World Evangelism, 1997, and International Consultation on Discipleship, East Borne, England 1999. He was one-time General Secretary of EFAC Nigeria, 1989-1995; Chairman Eastern Bloc, EFAC Nigeria 1996; Scripture Union Area Enugu Area Patron, 1996-2001; Chairman Evangelism Committee, Enugu East Archdeaconry, 1994-1998; Chairman of Evangelism Committee, Enugu Diocese, 1998-2000.

Bishop Sam was ordained a Priest in 1987, preferred and collated a Canon of the Cathedral Church of Good Shepherd by the Rt. Revd. G. N. Otubelu of blessed memory in 1994. He was collated Archdeacon in 1997 by the same Bishop. He was collated Archdeacon in charge of All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha by The Rt. Revd. Kensandy Okeke, the then Bishop on the Niger in 2001. He was consecrated Bishop on 13th March, 2005, and enthroned the Pioneer Bishop of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Diocese on 15th March, 2005. He happily retired in 2013.

He is happily married to his beloved wife, Mrs. Cecilia Chukuka. They are blessed with godly Children, one of whom is an Archdeacon, and the other a Canon, both in Anglican Church. We are very happy to have you as our Synod main speaker and expositor in this year’s Synod of our Diocese. You are highly welcome.

The history of Anglican Church in Ekwulumili spans from 1915 to 2024. As far back as 1913, before the coming of Missionaries to Ekwulumili town, a number of people distinguished themselves as the earliest Christians in Ekwulumili. They included Madam Elizabeth Nwamgbafor Okafor, who they nicknamed Nwangbafor Akwukwo because of her strong attachment to Christianity; Daniel Ewenike, Joseph Ogudegwo, Gabriel Okonkwo, Nwokeke Ijere, Anaemena Onu, Joseph Umeanoliefo, Anagbogu (Samuel) Ifesie, Ogugboluzo Michael Okafor, Umeanadu Umeohamalu, Reuben Okafor Okonkwo, Okoli Nwotiko, Obidelu Okoli, Anaemena Ichie, Cornelius Ojukwu, Simon Ezeonyido, Obodoaku Mpi, Christopher Eriobu, Hezekiah Unegbu Egemba, Samson Okorogwugwu Ilogbene, and Asuzu Emmanuel Enuobi. These people became converted through their contact with some Evangelists outside the town. Some of them were attending Church services at nearby churches in other towns, like Holy Trinity Church, Igboukwu, St. Andrew Church, Amichi, St. Thomas Church, Otolo Nnewi, while some went as far as Obosi where they attended School.
These earlier converts paved way for the propagation of the Gospel in Ekwulumili. It is on record that it was Madam Elizabeth Nwangbafor Okafor who single-handedly was scrubbing the Second and third Church buildings every week, and equally served as the Church Sexton. On January 15, 1915 a team of Anglican Missionaries led by one Mr. Bracket, a West Indian Missionary arrived Ekwulumili from Obosi. The team was enthusiastically welcomed in Dim Ike Nsoedo Eriobu’s Meeting Hall at Umudim Village by the then warrant Chiefs namely: Umeohamalu Ezeohizu of Owellechukwu, Umesegha Ijere of Isigwu, Ezeonyekwelu Ezeaka of Urueze, and Dim Ike Nsoedo Eriobu of Umudim. In their maiden address the missionaries promised the warrant Chiefs that they would post a Church cum school teacher to the town in June that year. However, they gave two conditions which must be fulfilled before their promise could come through. The conditions were:

  1. That a Church building must be set up.
  2. That assessment of ten (10) pounds must be paid.

The warrant Chiefs agreed to fulfill the two conditions. In his ready response, Chief Dim Ike Nsoedo provided a parcel of land out of Njo’s Estate where the first Church building was erected. Later on, the people observed that the site where the Church building was erected was not centrally located, and as such was not convenient enough and easily accessible to all worshippers from all the sections of the town. This resulted in a search for an alternative better location/site. In the same year, Chief Okonkwo Ukpaka of Etitinabo now Umuifechukwu of Isigwu donated a parcel of Land covered by acacia bush. The bush was immediately cleared by the indigenous Christians, but on inspection by the Church delegates from Amichi, the site was rejected on the grounds that the parcel of land was too small to accommodate a sizeable Church building. The four warrant Chiefs discovered that it would not be easy to secure the required expanse of land from an individual. They therefore resolved to acquire a large parcel of land owned communally. Thus “Nkpukpo” owned jointly by the four villages, and considered more central was chosen and approved by the warrant Chiefs.

In addition to the approved Nkpukpo land, and because of closeness of Chief Umembanugwo’s land to “Nkpukpo” which he earlier donated, but was rejected by the Church delegates from Amichi, the warrant Chiefs approached him to still allow his parcel of land to be part of the Church project, which he willingly and magnanimously obliged them. Therefore, “Nkpukpo” and the parcel of land donated by Chief Okonkwo Ukpaka Umembanugwo of Umuifechukwu kindred of Isigwu village became the permanent site for Immanuel Anglican Church, Ekwulumili.

After clearing and gathering of local building materials, Mr. Bracket was invited from Obosi for inspection. In March, 1915, Mr. Bracket arrived in company of Mr. Mgbako Eriobu and approved the site. He also laid the foundation for the second Church building. This second church building had a thatched roof and dwarf mud walls. Soon after the completion of the building, a sum of ten (10) pounds was raised through direct levy on the four villages. Each of the villages paid “Ukwu Nese” (cowries) and all amounted to nine (£9) pounds. The deficit of one (£1) was made up by two warrant Chiefs namely: Dim Ike Nsoedo, and Umeohamalu Ezeohizu. After the receipt of the assessment, Mr. Bracket posted the first teacher in the person of Mr. Nathaniel Okechukwu of Uru-Ogidi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State. Mr. Nathaniel Okechukwu arrived in the month of June, 1915 and resumed duty immediately. His greatest achievement was the acquisition of more lands for the expansion of the Church premises.

In 1918, it became obvious that the then existing Church building was unable to accommodate the fast-growing number of converts. Therefore, a proposal for the third Church building was made and the plan to embark on the project completed. Shortly before the commencement of the building, there was an outbreak of influenza epidemic which actually started on 8th August, 1918. This made the project to be suspended. In 1919, Mr. Fanuel Nwokolo of Nza Ozubulu was posted to the Church to succeed Mr. Nathaniel Okechukwu It was Fanuel Nwokolo who stared the work of erecting the third Church building. In 1924, a Church bell was bought at the cost of fifteen (£15) Pounds. This Church bell added new Grace and life to the newly completed Church building, and it is in use to this day.

In December 1926, Mr. Joseph Maduewesi of Otolo Nnewi succeeded Mr. Isaiah Okafor whose tenure as the Church Teacher was very brief. Mr. Maduewesi tackled the project of replacing the mud pulpit, mud lectern, and mud reading desk with wooden ones. These new wooden pieces of furniture were constructed by a carpenter by name Mr. Nwasike from Ogidi at the cost of twenty (£20) pounds.

The third Church building continued to undergo frequent repairs occasioned by the fragile nature of the thatched roof. The thatched roof easily gave way whenever there was strong wind and rain storm. The situation became so disturbing that the members started contemplating on a new Church building which will at least reflect a modern architecture with metal roofing sheets. In addition to the roof leakage, the members felt that a durable Church roof would ameliorate the young men’s burden of conveying thatch grass from Akwaihedi to Ekwulumili, a distance of about four (4) Kilometers across swift streams. The proposal was unanimously accepted. The willingness and readiness of the members accelerated work on the fourth Church building.
In 1959, the completed fourth Church building was dedicated by The Rt. Revd. S. M. Nkemena of blessed memory, who was the Assistant Bishop on the Niger.

Due to constant numerical growth of the Church, the Church could no longer accommodate the teeming population of the congregation especially during special Church Services like combined Baptism and Holy Communion, and the Harvest Thanksgiving Service in December. This positive development gave rise to the need for a larger Church Building. On December 27th, 1973 during the annual General Harvest Thanksgiving Service, the Chairman of the Occasion, Mr. Eric Ezeifedikwa proposed a motion before the entire congregation for the need to build a new Church building. This motion was generally supported and approved.

The building Committee for the new modern Church building was constituted immediately. The Committee swiftly went into action by calling for donation. With the amount of money raised on the spot, work started on the fifth Church building in 1975. The speed with which the work was executed slowed down because of the establishment and the building of Community Secondary School which drained the purses of many members. However, the project of the new Church continued though very slow. The foundation of the new Church was laid on 13th October, 1984 by the Rt. Revd. Jonathan A. Onyemelukwe of blessed memory, the then Bishop on the Niger. In 1985, the Church applied for District status after paying the sum of five thousand naira (N5,000) as required by the Diocese on the Niger as one of the conditions for being constituted into a District.

In 1987, the building of Parsonage commenced. The parsonage was completed in 1989. The feat was a convincing evidence, the bishop on the Niger, and the Diocese that Immanuel Church, Ekwulumili was ripe to be made district of her own. On January 1, 1990 Immanuel Anglican Church, Ekwulumili was granted District status though not yet inaugurated, having been under Onitsha, Nnewi, Nnobi and lastly Amichi districts at various times. The first Priest that was posted to the Church was Revd. Enoch Ekpeluchi (now Late) of Abatete, who packed in and assumed duty on January 8, 1990.

On 24th March, 1990, the then Bishop on the Niger, The Rt. Revd. J. A Onyemelukwe granted Immanuel Anglican Church, Ekwulumili a rare privilege of hosting four events in one Church Service on the same day namely:

  1. Dedication of the new Church building.
  2. Inauguration of the new District.
  3. Dedication of the new Parsonage; and
  4. Institution of the first Superintendent.

Immanuel Anglican Church District comprised of Immanuel Church, Ekwulumili, and Ebenezer Anglican Church, Unubi. Ebenezer Anglican Church was under Ekwulumili District until the creation of Diocese of Amichi, when the Churches under Ekwulumili, and Unubi were constituted into different Archdeaconries.

Immanuel Anglican Church district was not just developing structurally, many organizations such as Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild, and Girls’ Guild and Anglican Youth Fellowship, Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade etc were viable instruments of evangelism, expansion, and numerical growth. Due to the visible growth in the District, the then Bishop of Nnewi The Rt. Revd. G. I. N. Okpala saddled her with the responsibility of hosting the Synod of the Diocese, which was her first experience. The Synod was hosted in June 2007. After the creation of the Diocese of Amichi in 2009, Immanuel Church Ekwulumili, and All Saints’ Church Ekwulumili hosted another Synod, this time under the new Diocese in June 2014.


The move to plant new Churches under Immanuel Church Parish, Ekwulumili was initiated by the then Vicar, Revd. Canon C. A Maduakor. He started the expansion move by first of all creating zones in the entire Ekwulumili town. The Church was split into Zones A to D. Canon Maduakor started conducting Church Services for the Zones in people’s private homes, or village halls. Later each zone was given names of their choice. As such Zone A was known as St. Peter; Zone B – St. John; Zone C. -St. Paul; and Zone D – All Saints.

St. Peter’s zone held the services in the Conference Hall of the traditional ruler of Ekwulumili, His Royal Highness, Igwe Anadu, St. John’s zone worshipped at Mazi John Agbuka’s Residence; St. Paul’s Zone had theirs at the proposed site for Diocesan Retreat and Church center, Ekwulumili, while All Saints’ zone held their Service at the residence of Late Simeon Ezeiruaku, Umudim, Ekwulumili. It was in one of the Services on 12th September, 1999 at Late Simeon Ezeiruaku’s residence that Revd. Canon C. A Maduakor during his sermon challenged the worshippers on three major issues thus:

a. Restoration of Peace among members.
b. Organizing a common and unified Christian Union or fellowship.
c. Procurement and provision of Land for the extension of Immanuel Anglican Church, Ekwulumili. In the same Church Service, four (4) persons were appointed by the Vicar to lead the zone. They are: Ugochukwu Anyaso -Chairman, Barnabas Okoli – Secretary; Johnson Umeibe – Treasurer, and Sylvanus Obiukwu – Financial Secretary.

During their second Church Service, the members informed the Vicar, Revd. Canon C. A. Maduakor that All Saints’ zone has been allotted a piece of land in a place called “Ohia Uku”. This service took place in the residence of Mr. Edward Anyaso’s residence on 10th September, 2000. It was in that Service that the Vicar presented All saints’ zone with a Preacher’s book. This action ignited a fervent zeal and enthusiasm in all the members of All Saints’ zone under their leader and motivator, Ugochukwu Anyaso. In 2002, Mr. Basil Obi was posted to All Saints’ zone as their first Church Teacher. On assumption of office, the Church teacher suggested to the members the need to set up a makeshift batcher to serve as a Church building for the new Church at their new site. This suggestion was accepted by the members which moved them to start the building of the makeshift building. The makeshift worship center was completed in record time because of the zeal and commitment of the members of All Saints’ zone. The foundation stone of the main church building was laid on January, 5 2005 by the then Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Rt. Revd. Godwin I. N. Okpala. The Church was inaugurated a Parish on 5th January, 2006. Immanuel Church Parish, and All Saints’ Church Parish jointly hosted the first Synod to be hosted at Ekwulumili under Nnewi Diocese in June, 2007.

Two new Churches were later planted in Ekwulumili. They are St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Ekwulumili on 3rd February, 2009; and St. Matthias Anglican Church, Obinagu, Ekwulumili on 12th April, 2009. Some individuals and Families contributed immensely for the successful planting and establishment of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Agumili, Ekwulumili. Late Mr. Alex Okoli released his private hall (Obi) to be used as take off worship center for the new Church. Messrs. Jeremiah Okonkwo Anazodo, and Mr. J. A. C Obiakor donated their pieces of land where the present Church is located. The following Church Teachers have served in the Church.

  1. Mr. Peter Ezejiaku (Now Revd.) from Okija – 2010 – 2011.
  2. Chinedu Chukwujekwu (Now Revd.) – Nnewi 2011-2012.
  3. Onyekachukwu Ubah (Now Revd.) -Oraifite -2012-2014.
  4. Simeon E. Chukwu (Now Revd.) -Akaeze – 2014-2016.
  5. Nwachukwu Benny Egwuonwu (Revd.) – Amichi- 2016-2019.
  6. Christian U. Nwankwo (Now Revd.)- Ojoto – 2019-2024.
  7. Nelson C. Uzochukwu – Osumenyi -2024-.

The new Church is embarking on their Church building which was started in 2015, and it is currently at DPC level.

On the other hand, St. Matthias Anglican Church Obinagu, Ekwulumili is still worshiping in a members private Residence, even though they have also commenced the building of a permanent Church edifice. The families of Late Mr. Christian Onyido, Sir. Prof. Angus Onyido, and Engr. Festus Onyido, and Late Mr. Walter Ojiego have sacrificially housed the young Church ‘since inception, and have also donated handsome piece of land for erecting the Church building. It is worthy of note that it was their first Church Teacher in the person of Mr. John Ogenyi (Now Revd.) from Eha-Amufu who initiated and pioneered the construction of the new Church building that is still ongoing. The Church workers who have served in St. Matthias’ Anglican Church, Ekwulumili include:

  1. Mr. John Ogenyi (now Revd.) – Eha-Amufu – 2009- 2014.
  2. Mr. Walter Anyabunsi (now Revd.) Umuchu 2014 -2015.
  3. Mr. Ifeanyi Obiefuna (now Revd.) 2015-2018.
  4. Mr. Tochukwu Akunne 2018-2022.
  5. Postulant Izuchukwu Ezie (now Revd.) 2022- till date.

After the creation and successful inauguration of the Diocese of Amichi in 2009, His Lordship, The Rt. Revd. Ephraim. O. Ikeakor constituted the Churches in Ekwulumili into an Archdeaconry.

The Archdeaconry of Ekwulumili was officially inaugurated on 3rd July, 2011 by The Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor. The inauguration of Ekwulumili has really boosted the growth of Anglican Church in Ekwulumili both Spiritually, numerically, and structurally. Sir Prof. Angus Onyido bought and donated a land to St. Matthias Anglican Church Ekwulumili. On January 14th, 2024, the Bishop in the Company of his wife, Dame Nkem Ikeakor, and the Knights and Ladies of the Diocese worshipped in the Church for the 2024 Rededication of the Knights and Ladies. During the Church Service, the Bishop called for donation from the Knights to support the building of the church. To the Glory of the Almighty God, the Knights and Ladies responded positively, and a total sum of four million, four hundred and twenty thousand naira (N4, 420, 000) was raised, and the money has been fully paid to the Church’s account.

Ekwulumili Archdeaconry hosted the Amichi Diocesan Women Conference in 2012 at All Saints’ Church, Ekwulumili. They hosted the Diocesan Women Conference again in 2021. This is the second Synod the Archdeaconry is hosting under Amichi Diocese after the first one ten years ago in 2014. Ekwulumili Archdeaconry have produced some indigenous Anglican Priests serving in various Dioceses. They include:

S/N Name Date of Ordination.

  1. Revd. Canon Enoch Umeoranefo (Late) 12/12/1976.
  2. Revd. Peculiar Onyenwe 01/07/2007.
  3. Revd. Canon Odinaka Anisiobi 01/08/2008.
  4. Revd. Canon Philip Okafor. 26/06/2010.
  5. Ven. Nwabufor Okigwe 27/06/2010.
  6. Ven. Pascal Umeoduagu 05/12/2010.
  7. Ven. Raymond Umeh 24/07/2011.
  8. Revd. Chukwuebuka Okoli 12/07/2015.
  9. Revd. Canon Arinze Ojiego 24/07/2016.

The Ekwulumili Archdeaconry have produced the following Knights and Ladies:

  1. Sir (Barr) & Lady Lawrence N. Ezeanochie.
  2. Sir Emmanuel Okafor (Late).
  3. Sir Christian Anakor (Late).
  4. Sir Prof. Angus Onyido.
  5. Sir Samuel Asiegbu.
  6. Sir Dr. Moses (Late) & Lady Onyejike.
  7. Sir Uche (Late) & Lady Nwachukwu.
  8. Sir & Lady Christian Okwonna.
  9. Sir & Lady Ebenezer Okoli.
    10 Sir Engr. & Lady Sylvester Ikejiaku.
    11 Sir & Lady Sunday Anyika.
    12 Dame Chinyere Anakor.

The Archdeaconry also have some Lay Readers, and Commissioned Evangelist. The women August General meeting of Immanuel Anglican Church, Ekwulumili have executed many big projects in the Church which include the second modern Parsonage which was dedicated on 18th March, 2018 by Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Amichi. The women August General Meeting has been led at various times by the following women – Mrs. Alice Umeudu (Late); Lady Chibuzor Onyejike; Lady Mrs. Ngozi Okoli; and currently Ezinne Veronica Okonkwo.

Full list of Church workers who have served in Immanuel Anglican Church, Ekwulumili.

1 Nathaniel Okechukwu
Church Teacher Ogidi 1915-1918.
2 Fanuel Nwokolo
Church Teacher Ozubulu 1919-1922.
3 Jonah U. Okeke  Nnewi 1923-1924.
4 Isaiah Okafor
 Nnobi 1925-1925.
5 Joseph Maduewesi  Nnewi
6 Samuel Onwudiwe
 Nnewichi 1929-1931.
7 Moses Emebo
 Oba 1932-1934.
8 Christopher Ejeh  Oraukwu
9 John Ifediba  Ozubulu


10 Edward Nwasike  Ogidi
11 Nathan Aralu  Nnewi
1940 -1941.
12 Daniel N. Ezuma  Ozubulu
13 Joseph Maduewesi  Nnewi
14 J. C. Okafor  Okija
15 John Ifediba  Ozubulu
16 Mr. Geoffery Oragudosi  Okija
17 A N. Ebubechukwu  Okija
Geoffrey Oragudosi  Okija 1953-1957.
19 Jonathan Agwuncha  Oraifite
20 Nathan Obi  Oraifite
21 Dennis Ike Catechist Igboukwu
22 Augustine Mbamalu Church Teacher Nnewi
23 Simeon Obiagwu  Isseke
24 Nelson Mbachu Catechist Umuchu
25 Raymond Onyejekwe Church Teacher Isieke

Felix Ekwelibe  Catechist   Umuchu

27 Alphonsus Ireoba Catechist Akwaihedi
28 Revd. E. S. Ekpeluch Priest Abatete
29 Revd. J. I. Ewuim  Ozubulu

  1. Nnamdi Amutaigwe Church Teacher Umueri
    31 Revd. Canon C. C. Maduakor Canon Orusumoghu
    32 Obed Nwokolo Catechist Ufuma
    33 Revd. Canon Silas Ikeh Canon Agulu
    34 Anthony Ugonwanne Church Teacher Akwaihedi
    35 Daniel Okoli
     Amichi 2003-2005.
    36 Revd. Canon C. Nnaemeka
    Canon Anam 2003-2005.
    37 Celestin Ojukwu
    Church Teacher Oraifite 2005-2008.
  2. Revd. Nnamdi Amutaigwe
    Priest Umueri 2005-2009.
    39 Ven. Godwin Okafor
    Venerable Uga 2009-2012.
    40 Revd. Tochukwu Chukwuekezie
    Priest Ichida 2010-2011.
    41 Christian Obiesie Church Teacher
    Umueshi 2009-2011.
    42 Promise Alor
    Church Teacher Ebenebe 2011-2011.
    43 Revd. Patrick Onwuzurike
    Priest Umunze 2011-2012.
    44 Isaac Uzoegwu
    Church Teacher Ukpor 2011-2013.
    45 Revd. Anthony Nwankwo
    Priest Oko 2012-2013.
    46 Ven. David Nonyelum Venerable Mgbakwu 2012-2017.

47 Revd. Chukwunonso Okwuora Priest Okija 2013-2015.

  1. Barr. Arinze Umeakuana Church Teacher Ezinifite 2013-2014.
    49 Chinedu Mbabie  Orlu 2014-2016.
    50 Revd. Wilson Ekenta Priest
    Amichi 2015-2017.
    51 Ndubuisi Aniobi Church Teacher Nenwe 2015-2018.
    52 Ven. Anthony Uchemereole Archdeacon Achi 2017-2021.
    53 Revd. Francisco Agbasionwe Priest Nando 2017-2017.
    54 Chibuzor Ezenwa Postulant
    Uga 2017-2018.
    Canon Christopher Elochukwu Canon Ezinifite 2017-2021.
    56 Okechukwu Okeke Church Teacher Nnewi 2018-2019.
    57 Onyekachukwu Ubah
    Postulant Oraifite 2018-2019.
    58 Revd. Richard Ibeto
    Priest Nnokwa 2019-2020.
    59 Ekene Ilobi
    Church Teacher. Umuchu 2019-2021.
    60 Ven. Chuka Nwosu
    Archdeacon Amichi 2021- date.
    61 Revd. Promise Alor
    Priest Ebenebe 2021-2022.
    62 Revd. Ikenna Nwankwu  Umuchu 2021-2022.
    63 Revd. Benny Egwuonwu
     Amichi 2022-2024.
    64 Revd. Canon S. N. Nwekeoti
    Canon Oba-Ofemili 2022-2023.
    65 Peter Ezejiaku
    Postulant Okija 2022-2023.
    66 Kizito C. Unigwe
    Church Teacher Umuchu 2022-2023.
    67 Revd. Chukwubuike Chinweze
    Deacon Uke 2023- date.
    68 Ven. Chukwuma Akam
    Venerable Utuh 2024- date.
    69 Revd. Ndubuisi Aniobi
    Deacon Nenwe 2024-date.
    Chiemeka Okpala Postulant Umuchu 2024-date.

Church Workers who served in All Saints’ Church, Ekwulumili since


1 Mbamalu S.
Church Teacher 2022.
2 Basil Obi
 Oraifite 2002-2033
3 Paulinus Ndukwu
 Amorka 2003-2003
4 Revd. Chukwuka Okwuolisa
Priest Amichi 2003-2006
5 Felix Obiajulu
Church Teacher Ihiala 2006-2007
6 Revd. Canon Okoli Obodozie
Canon Isseke 2006-2007
7 Revd. Wilfred Chukwuma
Priest Oba 2007-2009
8 Revd. Godwin Okafor  Uga 2009-2009

Canon Anthony Uchemereole

10 Revd. Canon Silas Odimegwu Canon Ihiala 2010-2011

11 Revd. Christopher Elochukwu Priest Ezinifite 2011-2011

12 Simeon Chukwu Church Teacher Akaeze 2011-2014

13 Revd. Samuel Omuka Priest Umulumgbe
14 Francisco Agbasinonwe Church Teacher Nando
15 Chiemeka Okpala  Umuchu 2016-2017
16 Okechukwu Okeke  Nnewi 2017-2018

17 Revd. Collins Okonkwo Priest Okporo 2018-2020
Revd. Walter Anyabunsi  Umuchu 2020-2022
Revd. Canon Samuel Nzowu Canon Akili-Ozizor 2021-2022
Revd. Promise Alor Priest Ebenebe 2022-2023
Revd. Ikenna Nwankwu  Umuchu 2023-date
Revd. Onyekachukwu Ubah.  Oraifite 2023-2024
Revd. Ifeanyi Obiefula  Orlu 2024


The fourteenth (14th) General Synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) was hosted by Diocese of Nnewi at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Nnewichi from Monday 12th to Saturday 16th September, 2023. The Theme of the General Synod was “ARISE AND BUILD: GOD’S MANDATE FOR GOD’S PEOPLE IN A BROKEN WORLD”. (Nehemiah 2:17-18). The Synod was a huge success. We heartily congratulate The Rt. Revd. Ndubuisi Obi, his wife, Mrs. Ukamaka Obi, and the entire faithfuls in Nnewi Diocese for a wonderful and outstanding hosting of the General Synod.


The 2024 edition of the Retreat took place from January 8-12, 2024 at Archbishop Adebola and Mrs. Oluranti Ademowo Resource Center, Bariga, Lagos in the Diocese of Lagos.
The theme of the Retreat was “DILIGENCE IN SERVING THE ONLY TRUE GOD”. (John 17:3-4). It was indeed a period of refreshing, refilling, and renewal of Spiritual Vigor and unction for the Bishops and their Wives in preparation for the new year. We commend the Diocese of Lagos for Successfully hosting the Retreat.

This annual Spiritual Conference which gathers All Anglicans from across Nigeria, and those in Diaspora held for the year 2023 from Monday 6th to Friday 10th November, 2023 at the National Christian Center, Abuja. The theme of last year’s edition was, “WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR HAND”. (Exodus 4:2). Thank God for the great positive impacts created by the conference on the participants through different resource persons. We congratulate our Primate for sustaining both the programme and its Spiritual tempo.


The 2024 February edition of Church of Nigeria Standing Committee Meeting was hosted by Ika Diocese at the Cathedral Church of Ascension, Boji Boji, Owa from Monday 5th to Friday 9th February, 2024. The theme was “CONTENDING WITH APOSTASY IN OUR GENERATION”. And the anchor Bible text was Exodus 32:25-29.
The Church of Nigeria celebrated her 45th anniversary inauguration as an independent Province. The Standing Committee Meeting was a huge Success, Our congratulations to The Rt. Revd. Godfrey Ekpenisi, Bishop of Ika, and the entire members of the Diocese.


The 2024 St. Matthias Fund Collection took place on Sunday 25th February, 2024 throughout all the Dioceses in the Church of Nigeria. Our Diocese as usual participated actively in the exercise. We have also remitted all the collections from all Churches in the Diocese to Church of Nigeria as expected and also directed.

This special Youth Conference was held this year at Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja from Monday 8 to Friday 12th April, 2024. The Theme of the Conference this year was “MY IDENTITY” (Colossians 2: 8-23). We continue to give Glory to the Almighty God for the great positive impacts this programme is making in our Youths. We once again commend our Primate, The Most Revd. Dr. Henry C. Ndukuba for this wonderful Vision, and thank the anchor Bishop, The Rt. Revd. Aloysisus Agbo, and his team of organizing Committee for the wonderful work the Almighty God is using them to do in our Church among the Youths.


On 27th August, 2023 the new Dean for Church of Nigeria in the person of Most Revd. Dr. Blessing Enyinda was presented at the Consecration Service held at Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, Ikeja, Lagos.
The other two Archbishops presented in the same Service were;

  1. Most Revd. Dr. Michael Fape (Archbishop of Lagos Province).
  2. Most Revd. Timothy Yahaya (Archbishop of Kaduna Province).

The following bishops were consecrated on the same day:

a. The Rt. Revd. Collins O. Babalola – Bishop of Ajayi Crowther
b. Thet Rt. Revd. Festus Nwafili – Bishop of Ndokwa
c. The Rt. Revd. Ifedola Okupevi – Bishop of Lagos Diocese.
d. The Revd. Ebenezer Saiki – Bishop of Akoko Edo Diocese.

On Tuesday, March 19th 2024 at the Cathedral Church of our Saviour, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, the following were consecrated bishops in the Church of God.
a. The Rt. Revd. Ikechukwu Egbonu – Bishop of Oji River
b. The Rt. Revd. Nuhu Yohana – Bishop of Kastina
c. The Rt. Revd. Obaze T. Matthew – Bishop of Ogbia Diocese.
d. The Rt. Revd. Owen Ukafia – Bishop of Uyo Diocese.

They were all elected on February 9th, 2024 at St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Owa Alero, Boji Boji, Ika. We sincerely congratulate all of them, and sincerely pray that the Almighty God who have given them this opportunity to serve Him in this capacity will mercifully grant them His enabling and sustaining Grace to discharge their episcopal duties with humility, integrity, and faithfulness in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.


Within the Synod Year under review, some Church Fathers retired from active Church Service. They are:

  1. The Most Revd. Dr. Ali Buba Lamido – Bishop of Wusasa
    Diocese, and Former Dean, CON.).
  2. The Most Revd. Dr. Amos Madu – Bishop of Oji River
  3. The Most Revd. Dr. Emmanuel O. Chukwumma – Bishop of
    Enugu Diocese.
  4. The Rt. Revd. Dr. Edward Osuegbu -Bishop of Okigwe
  5. The Rt. Revd. Prince Asukwo Antai – Bishop of Uyo Diocese.
  6. The Most Revd. Dr. Benjamin Kwashi – Bishop of Jos Diocese.

We pray the Almighty God to grant them very strong health, and fruitful retirement years In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.



On 6th and 7th September, 2023, the September edition of this meeting was hosted by Diocese On the Niger at All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha. The Theme was, “OVERCOMING THE STORMS OF LIFE IN OUR DAYS”. (Matthew 8:23-26). The February edition was held at Cathedral Church of St. Faith, Awka on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd February, 2024 with the theme; “GOD OUR EBENEZER” (1Samuel 7:12). Both meetings were successful as important matters affecting our Province were deliberated on. We appreciate Diocese On the Niger, and Diocese of Awka for their wonderful hosting and hospitality.


The 2023 Anglican Prayer Rally of Anambra State was held at Dr. Alex Ekwueme Square Awka on Saturday 4th November, 2023. The theme of the Rally was, “YOU SHALL EAT THE FRUIT OF YOUR HAND”. (Psalm 128:2). The Preacher was The Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor, Bishop, Diocese of Amichi. The Prayer session was handled by The Rt. Revd. Prosper Amah, Bishop, Diocese of Ogbaru. It was indeed a very wonderful time in the presence of God. Let us heartily appreciate the Rt. Revd. Dr. Owen C. Nwokolo, Bishop, Diocese on the Niger for keeping to his word and promise that the Diocese On the Niger will from hence forth be participating fully as before. There is a great joy when we walk and work together as one big family.

We also express our gratitude to the Rt. Revd. Ndubuisi Obi, Bishop of Nnewi Diocese who is the Chairman of the Planning Committee of the Prayer Rally and his Committee members for the great work they are doing. To God be all the Glory for the great things He has done, and is still doing among His people through this Prayer Rally.


This is the body that is made up of the fifty-Five (55) Anglican Dioceses East of the Niger. The Joint Council Meeting of Provinces, East of the Niger was held at All Saints’ Cathedral, Onitsha from Wednesday 24th to Thursday 25th January, 2024.

The new Chairman of the Council is the current Dean of Church of Nigeria, Most Revd. Dr. Blessing Enyinda. It was a well-attended meeting by Bishops and wives. The attendees engaged in a very fruitful deliberations. May the Name of the Lord continue to be praised. Amen.


The 2023 Provincial Prayer Convocation was held at the Cathedral Church of St. Gabriel, Umueri, in the Diocese of Niger West. It took place from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th November, 2023. The theme of the Prayer Convocation was “A TRANSFORMED CHURCH; A TRANSFORMED NATION”. (Psalm 22:26-31). All Dioceses contributed their quota for the hosting of the Prayer Convocation, though the Diocese of Niger West bore the greater brunt t of the hosting burden. We thank His Lordship, the Rt. Revd. Dr. Johnson Ekwe, Bishop, Diocese of Niger West for hosting the Prayer Convocation impressively.



The Wailing Women Prayer Summit is a Special Prayer gathering for all Women, Ladies and Girls from all walks of life, and all denominations. The 2023 edition took place from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st May, 2023 at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi. The theme was “CREATED FOR DOMINION”. The key Bible text was Genesis 1:26. The Bishop took and delivered the opening Charge on Thursday 18th May, 2023 on the Topic, “HIS IMAGE IS YOUR DOMINION”. Expounding the topic, the Bishop stressed that image is the surest means of identification and authentication anywhere and anytime. He said that image is the exact copy and replica of an individual or something. He further explained that dominion is both image -related and image-controlled.

The Bishop in the same sermon highlighted four very important things to note about image thus:

a. God’s foremost purpose for creating man was to replicate His image.
b. God’s priority in creation is that His image in man authenticates Man’s Dominion over other creatures.

c. The source and foundation of man’s Dominion, Fruitfulness and Blessings is the image of God in man.
d. The absence God’s image in man makes that man totally useless, powerless, and fruitless in life.
He outlined five (5) evidences, components and Characteristics of God’s image include.
a. God is Light. John 8:12.
b. God is Righteous. Psalm 145:17.
c. God is Holy. Leviticus 11:44-45, 1 Peter 1:15.
d. God is Faithful. Hebrew 13:8; 1Timothy 2:13.
e. God is Forgiving. Luke 23:34.
In concluding the opening charge, the Bishop emphasized to the congregation that the highest and greatest honour, favour, ranks, position and power God gave to man is to create man in His own image. He made an Altar call for those who want Jesus Christ to come into their lives to restore God’s image in them which sin has driven away. Many participants surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Bishop prayed for them.
On the second day, during morning session, the Preacher was Revd. Canon Ugonna Nwagu who spoke on the topic, “DOMINION MANDATE”. He defined Dominion as supreme authority and power to control and direct, while mandate is an official order or permission from superior authority to something. He opined that God created man to take charge and have control over the things He created. He said that Dominion has two major dimensions – The Spiritual Realm; and the Physical. Canon Ugonna maintained that it is a mandate from God that every Child of God must exercise Dominion anywhere she finds herself because it is mandate given to them by God. He led in series of prayers to conclude.
The evening session of the second day saw canon Chidi Enemo taking the sermon. His sermon topic was, “CAPACITY FOR DOMINION”. He chose his Bible texts from 1Samuel 16:1-13, and 2Samuel 5:1-4. He made the following remarks about Capacity.
a. Without Capacity, every Prophetic word spoken will be mere words of men.
b. It is spiritual Capacity that sustains Physical Capacity.
c. Capacity is the foundation that carries the building called Dominion.
d. To confront without Capacity is to be conquered effortlessly.
e. Without Capacity, what stopped others will stop you.
Canon Chidi listed six (6) areas we need to develop Capacity, which are:
a. Capacity for Consistency in our walk with God. 1 Corinthians 15:58.
b. Capacity to overlook and forgive offenses. Romans 5:8.
c. Capacity for continuous positive confessions and proclamation. 2 Kings 4:17-37.
d. Capacity for travailing in prayer. 1kings 18: 1- 46.

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e. Capacity for Spiritual Sensitivity. 2 kings 6:32-33.
f. Capacity to walk in Faith. Esther 4.
He took ample time to lead the congregants in series of Prayer points.
There is always a very special session in this programme every year known as Midnight Cry. This session is always led by the Bishop. It comes up from 12 mid night on Friday. In the Mid night cry, the Bishop led the women and ladies to pray fervently and intentionally over some serious and knotty issues concerning themselves, Families, Children, Businesses, Careers, Husbands, and their total wellbeing. It is a time for unimpeded prayer battle. The session was very awesome and amazing.
The Ven. Chika Mbeyi preached on Saturday during the evening session on the topic “LIVING IN DOMINION “. According to him, our knowledge of our rightful place in Jesus Christ gives us full access into living in Dominion. He said that one of the evidences that one is living in Dominion is when one’s life and actions add value to her environment, and impact people around her positively.
The grand finale of the programme was on Sunday 21st May, 2023. The Bishop Preached on the topic, “DOMINION THROUGH GOD’S WORD”. His bible text was Matthew 4:1-11. He said that the Word of God is the authorized Certificate of Claim of God’s Promises. The major reason why many Christians don’t live in Dominion is because of ignorance of what God’s says in His word in all circumstances.
Five (5) reasons why Children of God should be well acquainted with the Word of God to live in Dominion are:
a. The Word of God is reliable. Psalm 119:89.
b. The word of God is living and powerful. Hebrews 4:12.
c. The word of God creates and re-creates all things. John 1:1-5.
d. The word of God is God Himself. John 1:1.
e. The word of God cannot fail. Mathew 24:35.
There were many testimonies from some women and ladies of God’s great visitations after 2022 edition. The Bishop made great episcopal declarations on the participants and sent them home with Heavenly Benediction.
Many people surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ during the programme. So many people participated in the programme from across different part of this Country, and the globe because the programme was streaming live throughout the duration of the Prayer Summit. To God be all the Glory.

The SECHUWARIIS Foundation is a body of professionals from Amichi town. This Foundation sponsored a Mega Free Medical Mission in our Diocesan Hospital from Tuesday 1st August to Friday 4th August, 2023. It was indeed a mega Medical Mission that gulped Multimillions of Naira from the foundation. The Medical Mission started with the dedication of many modern medical and Hospital Equipment donated to the Diocese by the SECHUWARIIS Foundation. Some of the equipment were dedicated by the Bishop, Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor, Bishop, Diocese of Amichi in the company of the members of the foundation. The Bishop during the opening ceremony appreciated the Foundation for lifting a great burden off his shoulder by providing such Multimillion naira Medical facilities in the Diocesan Hospital. Some of the equipment dedicated by the Bishop include -The Dialysis Centre and Four Dialysis Machines; The Eye Clinic and Ultra-Modern well-furnished eye theatre with modern Machines, the maternity ward and some incubators. The Free Medical Mission kicked off in earnest after the opening ceremony and dedications. More than three thousand patients with various ailments were attended to during the medical session.
Different categories of Surgeries were performed on the patients, from appendectomy to fibroid removal. Over two thousand eye glasses were given out free of Charge to those who needed them. It was a season of great joy seeing many patients especially the indigent members of the society from different places receive medical treatment which they could not have afforded. We want to once again specially appreciate the members of SECHUWARIIS Foundation for their sacrifice and commitment in mobilizing medical specialist in different fields from within and outside the country for the Mega Medical Mission. God bless you greatly for alleviating the sufferings of the poor and the downtrodden, and for partnering with our Diocese in such a time like now.
This kind gesture is a true reflection of the true Spirit of “AKURUE UNO”. We implore all the members of our Diocese to imbibe this spirit by beginning to think home and get involved at home.

This is a special Church Service organized in the honour of the graduating and outgoing students of the College. The 2023 Valedictory Service was held on Thursday 3rd August, 2023 for the 2023 graduands named “THE GRACIOUS DAMSELS”, in the Chapel of Faith, Holy Child Convent, Amichi. The Bishop in the service preached on “WATCH”, and took his Bible text from Mark 13:33-37. He Challenged and charged the Gracious Damsels to be ware and be aware of the dangerous environment, depraved society, and ravenous wolves and destiny hunters waiting for them as they are stepping out into the wider society, from the Convent Community. The Bishop outlined five (5) major areas they must watch in order to stay safe, and fulfil their purposes and destinies, which include.
a. Watch the friends and the companies you keep. (1 Cor 15:33).
b. Watch the movies you watch (2Samuel 11:1-2).
c. Watch the Music you listen to (Mark 4:24).
d. Watch the environment you take yourself to (Judges 16:1-27).
e. Watch what you do with internet and social media.
He gave them some reasons why they must watch to include, but not limited to:
a. Satan can pay any Price to destroy one’s destiny. -Judges 16:1-6.
b. The days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16.
c. The world and Society at large are very dangerous. Luke 10:1-3.
d. The greatest target of Satan and his cohorts are the youth with wonderful destinies. Genesis 39:1-9.
The Bishop concluded the sermon with fervent prayers for the graduands. One of the highlights of the occasion was the giving of a copy of the Holy Bible by the Bishop to all the outgoing Students. The Convent graduated eighty (80) Students in the event. Prizes were given to different students who distinguished themselves in different subjects, and morals too.

The 7th edition of the Valedictory Service of Master’s Vessel Seminary, Osumenyi was held on Friday 4th August, 2023 in the Chapel of Redemption, of the Seminary. The topic of the Bishop’s Sermon in the Service was also “WATCH” with the Bible text taken from Genesis 25:29-34; and Hebrews 12:16-17. He enjoined the graduands to know that their destinies are in serious contention. He made them to understand that so many destiny hunters and destiny wasters are on rampage looking out for those who are not watchful and careful over their lives and destinies.
The Bishop mentioned some qualities of watchful young men as:
a. They always go for the best in their lives.
b. They are always very patient in pursuing their purpose and destinies.
c. Watchful Youths don’t follow shortcuts to pursue their purposes.
d. They are always very optimistic no matter how gloomy the situation is.
e. They are focused, conscientious, and consistent in whatever they do.
f. They are friendly with everyone, but have very few friends.
g. They are creative and Sacrificial.
h. Watchful Youth put God first in everything they do.
He concluded the sermon by reminding them that without God they can be, and achieve nothing. He earnestly prayed for the young graduands and gave them his traditional gifts of a copy of the Holy Bible. The occasion also featured the giving of Prizes to students who performed wonderfully well in different subjects, and those who distinguished themselves in morals, and Character.

This annual programme took place from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th August, 2023 at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Osumenyi.
The theme of the Prayer Convocation was, “CLEARING THE IDENTITY CRISIS: WHO ACTUALLY IS A CHRISTIAN?- THE BATTLE AGAINST IDOLATRY.”(1kings 17:1, 18:1-46; Matthew 7:21-23).
The three days Prayer event featured strategic Prayer sessions, and Prayer Walk. Some of the resource persons include: Revd. Canon Marcel Ezegwu, Ven. Godson Ugochukwu, Ven. Chika Mbeyi, Mrs. Peace Chukwu and others. We commend the Diocesan Prayer Coordinator, Ven Franklin Chukwudozie, and his team for the wonderful and impactful marks they are making through Prayers in the Diocese.

The Collation of the newly preferred Canons took place on Saturday 23rd September, 2023 in the Cathedral. Those Collated are:
a. Revd Ncheghariamaka Iloabueke.
b. Revd Samson Ezeagu.
c. Revd Daniel Chetachukwu.
d. Revd Arinze Umeakuana, (Esq).
e. Revd Chidozie Madu.
The Bishop reminded the new Canons in his sermon that a Canon in Anglican Church is a standard, model, and reference point in Character, Doctrine, Administration, and Liturgy. The topic of the Bishop’s Sermon was, “OUR CALL, OUR CALLER, AND OUR MANDATE.” The Bible text was 2Timothy 2: 1-12. According to the Preacher, one of the greatest challenges facing the 21st Century Church is the calibre and quality of men who have come into the ordained ministry of the Church. He asserted that it is Spiritual disaster, and a societal calamity for a man to be on Collar without knowing his Caller and his Calling. He further reminded the Canons that our Calling is a divine Call. It is a call with inescapable accountability.
The Bishop emphasized that the main mandate given to those called by God into the Church ministry is to preach the Gospel of Christ, and raise true disciples for Christ. In pursuit of this mandate, the Called must know who called him. He must also endure hardship and afflictions. He must be an astute defender of the Christian Faith, and Doctrine. He prayed for them that God will grant them His Grace to discharge their duties as Canons faithfully.
The annual Retreat for the aforementioned Church workers took place for the year 2023 on Wednesday 27th September, 2023 at St. Barnabas’ Anglican Church, Amichi. The theme of the Retreat was, “THE EVERGREEN RELEVANT AND SUCCESSFUL CHURCH MINISTER.” The book of Daniel 6:1- end was used for the exposition of the theme by the Bishop.
In the course of the exposition, the participants were made to know that Church Teachers and their wives are major hope for sustainability in our Church Ministry because they are the foundational instruments of our Church. He therefore urged them to examine carefully who called them into the Church’s ministry. This is important because different people are called by different persons. God called Some. Satan called some. Some people called themselves. Some others are called into the ministry by their families or Kindred.
According to the Bishop, An Evergreen, Relevant and Successful Church minister is that Servant of God who is faithful to God and his Calling at all times and in all places. He/She is that minister who have the sound and seamless combination of Excellence and Integrity in his/her Service to God. He is also the minister who through his/ her productivity, creativity and faithfulness makes himself/herself impossible to be discarded and disregarded by Church Leadership just like Daniel. The Preacher concluded the Bible exposition by reminding the Church workers and wives that for any minister of God to remain Evergreen, relevant, and Successful he/ she must make intentional resolution against defilement of any sort. (Daniel 1:8). He/ she must be a man/woman who rules his appetite (Daniel 1:8). He must be a habitual and voracious reader to acquire and update his knowledge, and develop his ministry skills. (Daniel 1:17). He/ she must be a person of unquestionable Spirituality, Godliness, and Integrity. (Daniel 6:1-4). He must be also a man of robust and consistent Prayer life. (Daniel 6:10).
The Bishop, Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor concluded the exposition / teaching with prayer session with the participants. Thereafter, there was interactive session where the postulants, Church Teachers and their wives asked many questions on many issues concerning the Church, and Church Ministry.

This particular Prayer Breakfast comes up on first day of October every Year. However, the 2023 edition took place on Tuesday 3rd October, 2023 because 1st October was on Sunday. It is the Prayer Breakfast to Celebrate the Nigeria Independence, and pray fervently for the nation, and her people.
The theme was “CHANGE YOUR FOCUS”. The Bishop used John 20:1-11 as his Bible Text. Focus according to him is the central point of attention and concentration. He opined that one’s focus drives one’s direction, and determines one’s destination in anything he/she does. One’s focus is either his fortress, or his failure. Focusing on your problem always automatically keeps one down just like the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ who focused their attention on the stone which covered the tomb, instead of the Creator and the holder of the stone. It was only when Mary Magdalene looked up by changing her focus that she saw that the stone had been rolled away. Wrong focus can keep someone in a problem that God has solved for a long time ago.
He encouraged all the people to keep their focus on God always irrespective of their challenges and circumstances. This is because it is only God who can do exceedingly, abundantly, and above all that we think, and ask (Ephesians 3:20).
The Freedom Prayer Breakfast was concluded with fervent Prayers of prophetic Declarations, and Episcopal Benediction upon the participants, their families, and our nation, Nigeria.

A 2-day Follow-up/ Discipleship workshop was held on 6th and 7th October, 2023 for Clergymen, Church Teachers, their wives, all Bible Study and Follow up Teachers, and Leaders of all Arms and Organizations in the Diocese. The theme of the workshop was, “MAKING DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS”. (Matthew 28:18-20). The opening charge was taken by Ven. ThankGod Agu. He emphasized that making disciples is a command from the Lord of the Church, and not a suggestion. He also said that making disciples is a general responsibility for all Christians. According to him, making disciple is not a special Gift or Office. It is the main business of the kingdom, and first priority in the kingdom agenda. He went further to stress that it takes someone who is a disciple already to make Disciples for Christ. He lamented that one of the greatest setbacks in our Disciple making in Anglican Church is non-availability and unwillingness of our members for the task of making Disciples.
The Diocesan Follow-up and Discipleship Coordinator, Revd. Benjamin Akwadike presented a Paper on “FOLLOW -UP AND DISCIPLESHIP FUNDAMENTALS”.
He highlighted in his paper the essence and purpose of Follow-up/ Discipleship to include:
a. To nurture new convert to become mature in Christ. (Colossians 1:28).
b. To equip the new convert against false Teachers and False teaching (Matthew 7:15).
c. To replicate Christians who will live Christ-like lives anywhere and anytime.
d. To raise more labourers properly equipped for the expansion and extension of the kingdom of God.
The Follow-up/ Discipleship coordinator also enumerated some principles of Follow-up/Discipleship studies thus:
a. CARING: It involves relationship, Love in action, Visit, Prayers, Rebuke, and Counselling.
b. TEACHING: Clarity, Correctness, and Balance must guide the Discipler.
c. LEADING: Follow up /Discipleship Teachers must lead by example in Words, Character, Dressing, Humility and Service.
The closing charge was given by the Bishop. He made all the participants to know that the Primary Mandate given by our Lord Jesus Christ to all His Disciples is to go and make disciples as contained in Matthew 28: 18-20. He also told the congregants that if there is anytime that Follow up/ Discipleship is very crucial in the Church’s life and existence, it is now that Church members are relapsing to Idolatry, Syncretism, and liberalism. We want to specially appreciate and commend the Diocesan Follow-up/Discipleship coordinator, Revd. Benjamin Akwadike for the great work he is doing. May the Almighty God continue to bless and prosper His work in your hands in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

This one-day workshop for all Church workers and their wives, Commissioned Diocesan Evangelists, Licensed Lay Readers, and other leaders of Church Organizations was held at St. James’ Church, Azigbo on Saturday 21st October, 2023.
The Opening Devotion was handled by Evang. Elochukwu Nwankwo. He spoke on the topic, “WINNING YOUR ENVIRONMENT FOR CHRIST”. His Bible text was Luke 10:1-11. The main speaker at the workshop was Ven. Tychicus Okoli from Ideato Diocese, who is an indigene of Amichi Diocese. He warned that winning our environment for Christ is beyond denominational boundaries. In the bid to win our environment for Christ, we should not expect a smooth ride. He reminded all the participants that the primary purpose why God allowed each of us to be where we are is to win that environment for Christ. Our places of work and businesses are our Mission fields. He said that Christians must be consciously and carefully involved in what is happening in their environments with the sole aim of winning them for Christ. He suggested some ways Christians can go about the task of winning their environment for Christ to include:
A. Morning Cry.
B. Hospital Visitation.
C. Prison Visitation.
D. Market Evangelism.
E. Village/Kindred Meeting.
F. Children and Youth Gatherings.
G. Classroom as teachers and lecturers.
H. House to House Evangelism.
I. Welfare and Hospitality to people.
He concluded with a session of Prayers.
In his closing remarks, His Lordship, the Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor pleaded with the participants and all Christians to take the work of Evangelism very serious. According to him, Satan and his agents are on their own outreach and soul winning now. The Church cannot afford to treat practical and intentional Evangelism with levity. We want to thank the Chairman of Diocesan Mission and Evangelism Commission (DAMEC), Ven. Samson Ikedinma and his team for organizing such a timely workshop. We pray that the workshop will spur all our members to engage in meaningful Evangelism everywhere they find themselves from henceforth.

The maiden Convention of the Diocesan Council of Laity took place on Saturday 28th October, 2023, at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Amichi. The theme of the Convention was, “CLEARING THE IDENTITY CRISIS: WHO ACTUALLY IS A CHRISTIAN?”. The Convention started with a Holy Communion Service. After the Communion, the Chairman of the Diocesan Laity Council Hon. Sir. Kingsley Iruba (Esq) handled a talk on “LOVING AND CARING FOR YOUR PRIEST, AND ITS BENEFITS.”
Evang. Ibe Ojukwu, CEO. of Everfresh Creations, and Everfresh Vocational Institute, Nnewi spoke on the Topic, “LAITY MINISTRY, A CATALYST FOR CHURCH GROWTH”. The Chaplain for Diocesan Council of Laity, Revd. Canon Festus Ewenike spoke on another topic titled, “OWNERSHIP MENTALITY: SACROSANCT IN OUR MASTER’S BUSINESS”. After all the Talks, the Convention broke into syndicate Groups for Group discussion on some salient issues affecting the Church negatively. Group 1 discussed on “THE EFFECT OF MEN’S HOME AND ABROAD GENERAL MEETING IN OUR CHURCH: AMICHI DIOCESE, A CASE STUDY.” Group 2 deliberated on “The danger of Idolatrous practices among Christians especially Diocese of Amichi.” Having this Maiden Convention of the Diocesan Laity Council is a great milestone in our Diocese through the instrumentality of their Chaplain, Revd. Canon Festus Ewenike, and the Diocesan Chairman, Hon. Sir Kingsley Iruba (Esq). We commend you both, and the executive Committee members for a great job well done. The Bishop, sent a very special letter to the Convention wherein he highlighted the Importance, Centrality, and Crucialness of the Laity to the life, progress and existence of the Church. The Bishop made them to know that the Laity are the drivers and sustainers of the church.
He further told them that there is no Church without the Laity. Bishop is chosen from the laity, and also Priests are chosen from laity too. He encouraged them to maintain the spirit with which the Convention was organized. The convention was well attended by laity from all parts of the Diocese.

The 2023 Amichi Diocesan Prayer Crusade took place at Abanator Market Square, Ezinifite town in Nnewi-South L. G. A. from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd November, 2023. The topic was, “THE NAME ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES”. (Philippians 2:9-11).
Ven. Azubuike Ugoha from Evo Diocese was the guest Preacher. He spoke on the first and second day of the crusade. He led the congregation in series of aggressive Prayer sessions befitting of Prayer Crusade. Many people came out to receive Jesus Christ into their lives as Lord and Saviour during the Altar Calls. His Lordship, The Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor ministered on the last day of the Prayer Crusade. The Bishop after the Sermon led the big crowd in different Prayer concerns affecting individuals, families, and Ezinifite town generally. A total number of Four Hundred and thirty-nine (439) surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Great thanks to the Crusade Planning Committee led by Ven. Chika Mbeyi. It was a very successful and impactful Prayer Crusade in all ramifications.
The 2024 Diocesan Prayer Crusade is coming up from Thursday 22nd to 25th August, 2024 at the Cathedral Field Amichi. The Planning Committee has swung into action since January. It is going to be a City-wide Crusade which will be very massive and grand in execution. We expect every member of the Diocese to be part of this spiritual moving train. This is the time to stand for Jesus Christ and with Church. It is either you are for Christ, or you are against the Christ. We employ all the Priests in all the churches to start the mobilization for the Mega Prayer Crusade. The Kingdom of our God must subdue the Kingdom of Darkness that is raising its head against God, His Church, and Christianity. The Church must win this war against Idolatry, Satanism, ritualism, occultism, and Syncretism. The time to be a trusted and fruitful Soldier of Christ is now. There is no room for sitting on the fence. You are either in or you are out. God bless you immensely for supporting, and participating in this MEGA DIOCESAN PRAYER CRUSADE come August 22nd to August 25th, 2024.

This rededication service to pray for and rededicate the students, staff, and the entire Convent Community, Facilities and Premises at the beginning of each academic session, and terms, took place on Wednesday 11th October, 2023 in the Chapel of Faith, Holy Child Convent, Amichi. The Proprietor and Bishop preached on the topic, “VICTORY THROUGH PRAYERS”. His bible text was Mark 9:14-29. In the sermon, the Bishop highlighted the following:

a. Life and living are full of battles and wars.
b. Battles of life are unavoidable.
c. Battles of life are peculiarized and customized for every individual.
d. Every battle we face physically in life are orchestrated and incubated Spiritually.
e. Prayer is not optional for any Christian in the battle of life.
In conclusion, the bishop encouraged the staff and students to always pray in Faith, and in righteousness in order to gain Victory over the Challenges and battles of life. He maintained that the gates of life are opened and controlled with prayers. Every true Child of God must make prayer his /her lifestyle and custom of living. (Daniel 6:10). According to the Bishop, anybody who discourages you to pray is your greatest enemy. This is because anyone who refuse or fails to pray becomes a prey for the devil and his cohorts. He Prayed series of prayers to dedicate the Students and Staff, and the Convent Community. The next Rededication service was on Sunday 18th February, 2024 for the Second term Academic Programme. The theme was “LIVING AS CHILDREN OF LIGHT IN THE WORLD OF DARKNESS.” (Ephesians 5:8-13).

The Rededication Service for the first term of 2023/2024 Academic Session for Staff and Students of Master’s Vessel Seminary, Osumenyi took place on Wednesday 18th October, 2023 in the Chapel of Redemption of Master’s Vessel Seminary.
The topic of Bishop’s sermon was, “THE POWER OF PRAYER”. The Bible text was Esther 4:1-17. He made the Students and Staff to know that what man declares impossible, and irrevocable is possible and revocable through meaningful Prayer of Faith made in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Destinies and Purpose are established and secured on the Altar of Prayer. The decrees of the King of Persia and Media which were known to be humanly irrevocable, were changed and revoked when Queen Esther and her people prayed to the living God.

According to the Bishop hard work without hard prayer will always become hard labour. Men of Prayer usually speak with divine authority (Esther 5:1-2). Prayer changes the heart of Kings. Prayer thwarts every evil plan of the enemy against you, and makes the enemy victim of his evil plans. He cited Haman as the study case. Prayer opens one’s book of remembrance. The Bishop concluded by leading the Students, and members of staff in Prayers of Rededication for the 2023/2024 Academic Session. The Rededication Service for second term academic activities took place on Tuesday 20th February, 2024 in the school Chapel. The topic was “UNDERSTANDING THE TIME AND LIVING WISELY.” (Ephesians 5:15-18). Time governs everything in life, he asserted.

The Rededication Service for the Staff and Students of College of Nursing Sciences, Amichi, and the Staff of Diocesan Hospital took place in the Chapel of the Healing Cross, Diocesan Hospital, Amichi on Sunday 3rd December, 2023. It was a Eucharistic Service. The Sermon was based on the topic, “YOUR FOUNDATION IS YOUR SAFETY”. The Bible text was from Matthew 7:24-27. The Bishop told the congregation that foundation is the most critical, most fundamental, and the most important part of any building, or structure. The success, sustainability or failure of anything and anybody depends to a great extent on the foundation upon which that thing or persons is Standing.

He stressed before all the worshippers especially the students that Ritualism, Occultism, Prostitution, Lesbianism. Homosexuality, Gayism or Same sex Union and other forms of criminal activities are new forms of Foundations that the young people are laying for themselves and their children unborn. He encouraged the attendees to be wise enough to make the Lord Jesus the foundation of their lives and doings. (1Corinthians 3:9-11). He later made Altar call to which many of the students responded positively. He then prayed Prayers of Rededication for the Students, staffs of both College of Nursing Sciences, and the Diocesan Hospital.
Immediately after the Church Service, the Bishop accompanied by the Provost of the College, Dr. Mrs. Maria Maxwell, the Hospital Administrator, Ven. Isaiah Chukbuikem, the students Union Government of the College, the Staff, and Students went and dedicated the new borehole drilled for the College of Nursing Sciences, with the massive overhead stanchion stand and water tanks to solve the problem of water rationing and water shortage for the Staff and Students permanently. It was indeed a very joyous and fulfilling occasion. To God be the Glory both now and always.

The 2023 edition of this special annual gathering of first sons and daughters for seeking God’s face and intervention took place on Friday 17th November, 2023 in the Cathedral church of St. Andrew, Amichi. The Cathedral main bowl and gallery was full to Capacity, and overflow outside was overwhelming. It was a gathering of people from every part of the Country. The Bishop’s sermon was centered on “BREAKING THE BARRIERS”. The Bible portion he read was 1Chronicle 4:9-10.
Using Jabez as the Character for study in the sermon, the Bishop was emphatic when he said that every Firstborn, by the bible assertion and provision is the Excellency of Power, and Dignity for himself/herself and their families. The failure or success of Firstborns have undeniable multiplier effects on the family lineage. Citing Jabez as an example, he said that every firstborn is honourable.
Expounding the Prayer of Jabez in 1Chronicles 4:10; the Preacher exhumed five (5) barriers that confronted Jabez as:
a. Life that was devoid of God’s Blessings.
b. Life Characterized by Stagnation.
c. The Hand of God was not upon his life.
d. A life under evil Oppression, Suppression, and Manipulation.
e. A life that epitomized sorrow, and dissemination of pain.
He went on to outline some sources of Barriers in people’s lives, which are:
a. Satan the Devil. (John 10:10).
b. Faulty Family Foundation. (Psalm 11:3).
c. Inherited Family or Ancestral curses. (2 kings 5:25-27).
d. Self and Personal Carelessness. (Judges 13:1-5, 14:5, 16:1-22).
The Bishop told the mammoth crowd that no matter the magnitude of the barriers confronting them, they can be broken totally. He informed them of ways that barriers are broken:
I. Seek the Lord Jesus and cling to Him.
II. Discover your own barrier (This is because without discovery, there will be no recovery).
III. Deal with the barriers with Sincere repentance, and intentional aggressive prayers.
IV. Live in consistent obedience to the word of God.
V. Learn to Serve God selflessly and sacrificially with your time, talent and treasure.
The Firstborns were led in series of Prayer points to dismantle and break all forms of barriers affecting any of them. It was a special Night that cannot be forgotten easily. Many of the firstborn surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ through repentance. The 2024 FIRSTBORNS’ NIGHT will take place on Friday 15th November, 2024 at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi. Start now to prepare if you are among them, or you stand in for your Children, or siblings who may be outside the Country, or tender ones who are still young to stand for themselves. Thousands of participants joined virtually from all over the nation and the world.

The 6th Matriculation and Capping Ceremony of our College of Nursing Sciences, Amichi took place on Wednesday 30th November, 2023. The occasion started with a Church service conducted by the Hospital Administrator, Ven. Isaiah Chubuikem, while the Cathedral Administrator Ven. Chika Mbeyi preached the Sermon. A total of Seventy-six (76) students for basic Nursing Programme, and One hundred students for Basic Midwifery Programme Matriculated, and were all capped. Many dignitaries that graced the occasion include the Chairman of the Governing Council of the College, Assoc. Prof. Osita Umeononihu. The Bishop reminded the students during his short address that ours is a Christian Faith-based College of Nursing Sciences where Christian ideals are maintained without compromise. There is a seamless combination of sound Christian Morals and excellent academic Standard. According to the proprietor, all the educational institutions under our Diocese uphold zero tolerance to any form of examination malpractice, and ungodly and immoral conduct.

We usually conclude the year in our monthly Prayer Breakfast with a Special Prayer breakfast known as Prayer Breakfast of Thanksgiving. The 2023 Prayer Breakfast of Thanksgiving took place on Friday 1st December, 2023 in the Cathedral. The sermon by the Bishop anchored on the topic, “THE WHY AND HOW OF THANKSGIVING”. He took his Bible text from Psalm 116:1-end. In the sermon, the Bishop said assertively that one’s love for God is determined by the person’s obedience to God, and the quality of Gifts and Sacrifice one gives to God. There are many reasons why we must give thanks always, six of which include:
a. For answered Prayers – Psalms 116:1-2.
b. Deliverance from Sorrow, Pain and Death – v3-4.
c. For Grace and Mercies given to us v3-4.
d. For God’s Preservation and v:6.
e. For God’s bountiful Blessings and Provisions. v:8.
f. Deliverance from Sickness, Tears and Failure Psalm v:8.
The congregation was taught by the Bishop that thanksgiving to God is not limited to material things and money. Someone can give God thanks through singing Praises, through selfless sacrificial service to God, and of course by giving costly things to God. Many people, families, Church and institutions gave sacrificially and willingly to God to show their gratitude to God for what He has done for them from January to December, 2023. The Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast was concluded with the Episcopal blessings pronounced on all the people by the bishop, Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor.

The Advent Ordination of Deacons and Priests of our diocese took place on Sunday 10th December, 2023 at St. James’ Anglican Church, Azigbo. The Retreatant, and Ordination service Preacher was Ven. Godson Ugochukwu. He Preached on “EFFECTIVE AND ACCEPTABLE SERVICE TO GOD”. The Ven. Godson said that among other conditions for effective service to God one must have salvation encounter with Christ. He further listed the conditions to include:
a. We must make the Lord Jesus Christ our model.
b. We must know that a day of accountability is coming.
c. We must engage in Character development that represents and corresponds with our call and Service.
The seven (7) Ordinands that were made Deacons are:

  1. Ndubuisi Timothy Aniobi.
  2. Chukwubuike Onyeka Chinweze.
  3. Tobechukwu ThankGod Ezenduka.
  4. Izuchukwu Joshua Ezie.
  5. Uchenna Christian Nwankwo.
  6. Orakwube Augustine Obinwa.
  7. Ugochukwu Godswill Umeakuana.
    The two Deacons who were Ordained Priest are:
  8. Revd. Okechukwu Peter Ezejiaku.
  9. Revd. Ifeanyi Dele Obiefula.

The 2023 edition of this annual Praise Night of our Diocese was held at the Cathedral Field on Friday 15th December, 2023. The theme of the programme was, “REJOICE”. The Bishop gave a short exhortation on the theme using Luke 1:26-30 as Bible text. He gave some reasons among other numerous ones why we must always rejoice irrespective of the circumstances around us. They include:
a. Because one is still alive and breathing. Eccl 9:4.
b. Because God has great and better plans for our lives. Jer. 29:10-11.
c. We should rejoice because we are wonderfully and fearfully made. Ps 139:14.
d. We rejoice because God can do all things. Eph. 3:20.
e. We should rejoice because Christ took our place of shame, condemnation and pain. Gal 3:13, Isa 53:4-5.
Before he blessed the multitude that were present, an Altar call was made in which a large number of participants responded positively. Sis. Ugo Agbai from Portharcout, the Diocesan Praise Team, Diocesan Mass Choir, and Bro Ugochukwu Igwebuike led the people in a glorious Praises throughout the night till morning.

The 2023 Amichi Diocesan Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols took place on Sunday 17th December, 2023 at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi. Many dignitaries graced the occasion which was particularly organized to sing Praises to God through various Choirs and music groups. The opening charge was giving by The Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor which he tagged, “THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS”. (Matthew 2:1-3). He lamented that Christmas has been secularized by Christians, and Christmas Carol commercialized by some Churches.
One of the highlights of the hilarious event was the conducting of Halleluyah Chorus by none other person than His Royal Majesty, Igwe Prof. Laz. Ekwueme, the traditional Ruler of Oko Community in Orumba-North Local Government Area. It was simply a glorious and joyful occasion devoid of any form of fund raising. We want to sincerely commend the Planning Committee ably Chairmaned by the Diocesan Clerical Synod Secretary, Ven. Henry O. R. Amobi for a wonderful Planning and execution of the event. May the Almighty God bless them greatly in Jesus Christ name.

This is the Welfare Package by the Diocese to put smiles on the faces of some widows and indigent members of our diocese during Christmas period in each year. A total of six hundred (600) members were taken care of in 2023 edition. This took place in the Cathedral on Friday 22nd December, 2023. The bishop admonished and encouraged the attendees through the word of God. They were fed sumptuously by the Women Organization of the Diocese championed by their President, Dame Nkem Ikeakor (Mama Amichi Diocese).
After, the admonition, they were given quarter bag of rice each. We want to appreciate the Diocesan Council of Knights who supported the programme last year with one million, eight hundred thousand naira only (N1.8m). The Women Organizations in addition to feeding all the participants, also gave thirty (30) bags of rice to support the party.
This very important welfare Evangelism is gulping very large sum of money every year. We heartily appeal to our well-meaning members to partner with the Bishop and Diocese in supporting this life saving programme of the Diocese. The joy of all the beneficiaries is better witnessed than described. We appreciate all the Clergymen of this Diocese for their Sacrificial Commitment to the success of the programme. Sir. Engr. Igweka Uche and Dame Prof. Chineze Uche needs special appreciation for supporting this event every year, with five hundred thousand (N500,000). God bless you all abundantly in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

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This is a very special and unique Prayer Breakfast which comes up every first day of January each year. This year’s edition took place on Monday January 1, 2024 in the Cathedral. It is usually the heaviest and the most attended Prayer Breakfast because people living outside Anambra State and abroad who don’t have the privilege of attending other ones make this one a must-attend.
It is also unique because it is in this prophetic Prayer Breakfast that God gives out Prophecy of what the new year will look like, and what to expect through the Bishop, The Rt. Revd. Ephraim. O. Ikeakor. God said the following things about 2024 in the Prophetic Prayer Breakfast:
a. 2024 is a year of Challenges and Victories.
b. In 2024, Darkness will be celebrated and light will be rejected by people.
c. God said in 2024, I will sustain my own people by my great power.
d. 2024 is a year of great desertion and desecration of the Church globally.
e. This year, I the Lord will bring out good news from people’s bad situations.
After the Prophecies, the Bishop preached on the topic, “LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED.” (John 14:1-3; Mark 16:1-8). He emphasized that anyone who is not in Christ who holds 2024 should live in fear and worry in this year. According to the Bishop, the words of Jesus Christ in John chapter 14 Verse 1 is both an assurance and reassurance to His disciples. By that statement, Jesus was saying to us:
a. Don’t live in anxiety and worry.
b. Don’t be desperate about anything this year.
c. Don’t stop trusting God, no matter your challenges.
This assurance is reliable because God cannot lie (Titus 1:1-3). God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we think or ask (Ephesians 3:20). He is the Almighty and All Sufficient God. (Genesis 17: 1-2). He gives life to the dead and bring things into existence out of nothing. (Romans 4:17).
In conclusion, the Bishop pronounced various Episcopal and prophetic Blessings on all the physical and virtual participants from all walks of life.

It was a momentous joy on Sunday 7th January, 2024 when His Lordship, Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor dedicated the new ultra-modern and gigantic Church building of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Osumenyi single-handedly rebuilt by Hon. Elias & Ify Ukachukwu. This edifice is a combination of Glory and Beauty to behold. The Bishop during his Sermon sincerely appreciated Hon. Elias Ukachukwu for such a rare and uncommon sacrificial giving to God and the Church. It is the same Hon. Elias Ukachukwu that renovated massively the Archdeacon’s Lodge of the Church. One other remarkable thing that happened in the dedication service was the immediate clearance payment of Assessment of twenty-two million naira (N22m) being owed by St. Stephen’s Church, Osumenyi by the Ukachukwu family. This was in response to the Bishop’s Challenge to the Church, that such huge debt and beautiful Church edifices are not in sync.
We heartily thank the Ukachukwu family generally, and Hon & Mrs. Elias Ukachukwu in particular for their large heartedness in doing God’s work always.

They also gave every Clergyman that was in attendance, one full bag of Rice, and a cash of twenty thousand naira only. May the Almighty God continue to protect and bless you ceaselessly in Jesus Christ Name. Many other people gave generous donations to God in the Service.
The Bishop reminded the people that it is very wrong to serve God, and do God’s work without knowing God and the word of God.

On 28th April, 2024, the Bishop, The Rt. Revd. Ephraim Ikeakor dedicated a new parsonage at St. Andrew’s Church, Ebenator. This project was fully sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. John Orumba.
The Bishop highly appreciated and Commended Mr. & Mrs. John Orumba for their selfless and sacrificial service to God. It is another project that gulped some millions of naira. The Bishop during his homily called on other members of our Church to emulate the Spirit at work in Mr. & Mrs. John Orumba for doing God’s work.

The annual Rededication Service for Knights and ladies of our Diocese took place at St. Matthias Anglican Church, Ekwulumili on Sunday 14th January, 2024. The sermon topic was, “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH.” (1Timothy 6:11-16). The Bishop reminded the Knights and Ladies in his sermon that every Christian is a soldier of Christ. Every soldier is expected to uphold his rule of engagement, and code of conduct. According to the Bishop, in line with our Catechism, Christians are expected to fight against sin, the world, and satan. The greatest battle confronting every soldier of Christ now is Idolatry, Syncretism, Liberalism, Heresy, and Apostasy.
The attendance to this year’s rededication Service was a far greater improvement on that of other years. After the sermon and rededication proper, the Bishop called on the Knights and Ladies to support the new Church building the young Church is embarking on, which was still at DPC level. A total of four million, four hundred thousand naira (N 4.4m) was raised by the Knights and Ladies, and the amount was later transferred to the Church’s account from the Diocesan Council of Knights account where the money was remitted. Among the many Knight that attended the rededication service was Dame Nkem Ikeakor, Mama Amichi Diocese. We thank all the Knights and Ladies for their generous donations.
We equally appreciate the Onyido family, especially Sir Prof. Onyido in whose house the Church is still worshipping. He also bought the piece of land where the new Church is being built. The land has been surveyed, documented, and handed over to the Church through the Diocese.

May we at this point remind all the knights and Ladies that the annual Rededication service is what validates and regularizes one’s knighthood in the Diocese. Any Knight or Lady who does not attend the annual event, Diocesan Synod, and Ordination Service is not a recognized member of the Council. Knighthood is not a mere decoration, but a call and Commission for active service to God and the Church. The Amichi Diocesan Council of Knight and Ladies Compulsory Retreat is scheduled for Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th October, 2024. No excuse will be acceptable to us for absenteeism.

On Sunday 3rd December, 2023, the Bishop was in the College of Nursing Sciences, Amichi for their rededication Service, and the dedication of a new Borehole with its overhead stanchion tanks built specifically for the College. The dedication of the Borehole took place immediately after the Rededication Service.

The Rededication Service for members of Mother’s Union, Women’s Guild and Girls’ Guild took place in the Cathedral on Friday 16th February, 2024.

This Set Apart took place from Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th January, 2024 in the Chapel of Redemption, Master’s Vessel Seminary, Osumenyi. The theme was “A FAITHFUL MINISTER IN AN UNFAITHFUL GENERATION.” The Retreat commenced with Eucharistic Service. In his homily during the Eucharistic Service, Ven. Godson Ugochukwu opined that the hallmark of every true Christian service is faithfulness. He said that halmark means a distinctive character of something or somebody, while faithfulness is unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something irrespective of the circumstances.
The main speaker in the set apart was the Bishop of Calabar Diocese, The Rt. Revd. Prof. Nneoyi Egbe. While speaking on the theme, he made the following assertions:
a. The first thing that God judges in our service to him is faithfulness before considering our work.
b. One of the things that make the devil uncomfortable is when a servant of God is faithful in his/her service to God.
c. A faithful Priest is always opposed to the ungodly system of the world.
d. God is looking for faithful and committed doers of His words, not eloquent speakers of His word.
During his second and third expositions, Rt. Revd. Prof. Nneoyi Egbe enumerated some responsibilities of a faithful minister in an unfaithful generation to include:
i. To shine the light in and to the dark world.
ii. To walk the word of God to the World.
iii. To introduce Jesus to his generation through his lifestyle and character.
iv. To expose and repel every hidden work of darkness.
The Bible Study Facilitator was one of us, the Revd. Collins Okonkwo. The Bible Study sessions were practical, down to earth, inspiring and above all very challenging. The Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor gave the closing charge in the set apart using John 4:30-34 as the bible text. He maintained that any Priest, or Church worker who does not see and make God’s work as food will never be faithful in his/her service. According to the Bishop, just as physical food satisfies hunger and wets appetite, so should God’s work be to God’s servant.

This special service for renewal of family, personal, business, and Career Covenants before God was held in the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi on Sunday 28th January, 2024. The theme for this year was, “GOODNEWS IN BAD TIMES”. The Bible text for the day’s sermon was taken from 2Kings 7:1-8.
The situation in Samaria was too bad that nobody expected anything good thing to come out from it. But surprisingly God used the least expected, and least veritable circumstances and people to bring good news from their ugly situation (2Kings 7:9). The Bishop encouraged the congregants to eschew sin, and renew their relationship with God. Many people surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and renewed their Covenant with God. So many people from different parts of the country, and church denominations were in attendance. There was about fifteen (15) Faith- Raising testimonies shared by people who attended the 2023 edition. The people left happily after the Bishop ministered to them impactfully through the word of God and Prayers.

This annual gathering of Youths between ages Fifteen to Forty known as Valentine Banquet took place on Saturday 10th February, 2024 at the Cathedral Field, Amichi. The theme for this year’s edition was, “DESTINED FOR SUCCESS.” The event witnessed a massive turnout of youths from all walks of life from within and outside the Diocese. While speaking on the topic, the convener of the Programme, Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor told the youths that one of the current satanic ideologies and philosophies he is dishing out to the youths is that, Christianity and Education are scams. He vehemently warned the youths not to fall for the devil by accepting and believing such lies from the pit of hell. He made the attendees to know that success is God’s original gift to man. Nobody succeeds by chance, mistake or luck. Success is not inherited, but achieved. Success is neither location-based, nor family background controlled. He told them that true success must have God and Godliness at its centre. The Bishop outlined nine (9) things every Youth who wants to succeed in life must do, and be doing.
a. He/she must have a meaningful dream about his/her life and destiny Genesis 37:5-11.
b. He/she must be ready to pay the price attached to his/her dream Genesis 37:18-28.
c. He/she must live a contented and moderate life (1Timothy 6:6).
d. Must remain focused on his dream no matter the pressure for distraction (Genesis 39:7-8).
e. He must always be cautious of time and Season (1Peter 5:8).
f. He must avoid foolishness and carelessness at all costs (Matthew 25:3).
g. He/she must be patient (Psalm 37:7&8).
h. He/she must be creative and productive (Genesis 39:1-6).
i. He/she must avoid anything that infuriates God. (Genesis 39:9).
The Bishop concluded the sermon with an Altar call with many hundreds of youths heeding to the call for salvation in Christ, and they were prayed for. The Bishop also gave out over one thousand portable complete Bibles to the participants. The programme also featured Bible quiz, and winners smiled home with large sum of money as prizes. They were sumptuously fed through buffet outlay, and drinks. The Bishop took out ample time to intentionally pray for, and bless all the youths who were in attendance. Not less than one thousand, six hundred youths attended this year’s Valentine Banquet.
We are appealing for willing sponsors who will partner with the Bishop in bearing the enormous cost of hosting such strategic programme at such a time like now, when many young people are lured into Idolatry, ritualism, prostitution and other terrible vices.

This year’s edition of Couples’ Banquet took place in the Cathedral Field, Amichi on Sunday 11th February, 2024. The Programme featured Couples Intimacy Competition, Igbo Proverbs Challenge, Knowledge of the Scriptures, and life transforming drama by the Kingdom Life Drama Group. The Bishop spoke on the theme of the Banquet, “OVERCOMING THE MENACE OF DIVORCE IN CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE”. His bible text was Matthew 19:1-10. He opined that Divorce has become an epidemic among Christian Couples both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. He made the Couples to understand the following issues about Marriage.
a. Marriage is God’s own institution, initiated by God and sustained by God’s principles and guidelines.
b. Wedding in Church does not make a marriage, a Christian Marriage.
c. There is no place or provision for divorce in Christian marriage.
d. Christian marriage is a marriage relationship entered into by two genuinely converted male and female Christians.
e. No unbeliever can practise Christian Marriage.
f. No amount of secular Marriage therapy can transform a secular Marriage into a Christian marriage.
He stated that there are three (3) main types of Marriage:
a. Marriage anchored on and governed by people’s culture and tradition.
b. Marriage according to the world and secular system.
c. Marriage according to Gods Word, God’s Standard, God’s will.
According to the Preacher, some of Divorce triggers in Marriage include:
a. Keeping God who is the architect and originator of marriage out of one’s Marriage. (Eccl 10:8).
b. Operating God’s marriage institution without God’s manual. (Psalm 119:9,11,24, & 105).
c. Faulty Marriage Foundation. (Psalm 11:3).
d. Lack of Trust.
e. Absence of open and robust communication. (Genesis 2:25).
f. Refusal by the man to leave and to cleave. (Gen 2:24).
g. Unforgiveness and unresolved grievances (Matthew 18 21-22).
h. Finance and Financial Matters.
He concluded the teaching by leading the Couples in Prayer of renewal of their Marriage Vows. There was a session of Couples Dance, when every couple danced together.
The Climax was serving of specially prepared sumptuous meals and drinks to those in attendance.

We meet as a Diocese in Corporate Prayer and Meditation during Lenten Season. This year’s Combined Lenten Meditation held as follows:
I. 21st February, 2024 – St. Barnabas’ Church, Amichi.
The Litany Cantor was Ven. Chika Mbeyi, while the Preacher was Revd. Samson Iloh on the topic, LIVING AS CHILDREN OF LIGHT IN THE WORLD OF DARKNESS”.

II. 28th February, 2024 – Church of Epiphany, Utuh.
Ven. Samuel Nzowu chanted the Litany. Revd. Canon Chukwunonso conducted the service, while the Bishop preached the sermon on the Topic, “UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES”. (1Chronicles 12:32).

III. 6th March, 2024 – St. Philip’s Church, Ebenator.
The Sermon was on “UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES (2)” preached by the Bishop.

IV. 13th March, 2024 – St. Paul’s Church, Unubi.
The Preacher was Revd. Canon Ncheghariamaka Iloabueke. He spoke on “LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED.” (John 14:1-2). The Litany cantor was Ve. Samson Ikedinma, while Revd. Ekene Ilobi conducted the service.

V. 20th March, 2024 – St. Stephen’s Church, Osumenyi.
This was the final Combined Lenten Mediation for the year. The Bishop preached on “THE POWER OF FAITH.” (Matthew 17:14-20). The Clerical Synod Secretary, Ven. Hery Amobi conducted the service. the Litany was chanted by Revd. Canon Ncheghari Iloabueke. The Bishop in his customary way during the last one, prayed ardently and blessed the congregation. Osumenyi Archdeaconry took the first position in attendance throughout the duration of the Lenten Meditations. Ebenator Archdeaconry came second, while Cathedral Deanery took third position. We sincerely appreciate the Archdeacons and Priests for mobilizing the members adequately. God bless you all.

Once every year, the Proprietor of Holy Child Convent, Amichi and Master’s Vessel Seminary, Osumenyi, His Lordship, The Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor holds a compulsory one-day Retreat for the Parents and Guardians of the Students of both Schools. This years Retreat took place on Saturday 23rd March, 2024 at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi. The topic the Bishop spoke on was “WHAT EVERY PARENT MUST KNOW AND DO”. The book of Exodus 2:1-10 was read as the bible text. The most important assignment given to parents by God is right Child upbringing referred to as Parenting. The Bishop said that many parents have regrettably abdicated this God-given assignment in pursuit of wealth, and have handed their Children’s upbringings to schools and teachers. The alarming rate of moral decadence, depravity, deviation, addiction to hard drugs, alcohol and other substances, Rebellion, ritualism etc among Children and youths currently is a disturbing source of concern.
The Bishop further asserted that since parents intercepted, interrupted, corrupted and substituted God’s approved manual for Children Upbringing (The Holy Bible), with secular parenting module, most of our Children have become disasters and liabilities to families, Church, and the Society. The greatest threat and challenge to parenting in this generation is that both the well- parented and ill-parented couples have all become parents. Among so many things he discussed, the Bishop highlighted eight (8) things every Parent MUST Know, and MUST Do, to include:
a. Right parenting starts with right marriage foundation. (Exodus 2:1).
b. Every child at birth is an endangered species from environmental, societal moral, and ideological destiny hunters and destiny destroyers. (Exodus 2:2-4).
c. Parental Compassion is an inevitable ingredient for fruitful parenting. (Exodus 2:6).
d. Parenting is a fulltime divine call for nurturing of Children who will fulfil God’s purpose for their lives, and generation (Exodus 2:7-9).
e. Every parent is God’s employee for caring for God’s Children put in their custody. (Exodus 2:9).
f. Every parent must render a full account of all the Children God handed over to them. (Exodus 2:10).
g. There is reward, or recompense waiting for every parent for how they executed their parenting assignment. (Exodus 2:9).
h. There are God’s guideline and manual that every Parent must follow to nurse God’s Children for God. (Proverb 22:6).
There was intentional session of intercession by Parents for their Children. The Retreat concluded with interactive session of Questions and Answers. This Retreat is so important to the Bishop that any parent or guardian that does not attend without cogent and convincing reasons will have their child or ward sent back to them from school after the Retreat. No parent is expected, and allowed to send any representative to the Retreat.

This is a tradition observed every Maundy Thursday every year. This took place on Thursday 28th March, 2024 at Chapel of Faith, Holy Child Convent, Amichi. All the Priests and Deacons were in attendance with their wives. It was a Eucharistic Service. The Sermon topic was “THE SAME MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY, BUT DIFFERENT MINISTRY RESULTS.” The sermon pattern was comparative character study of Elisha and Gehazi. The Bible text was 2kings 5:14-end. It was revealed in the sermon that Elisha and Gehazi had equal ministry opportunities, but they produced different ministry results. He cautioned that there are three (3) Fs every minister of God must watch out for in the Church Ministry. This is because they are drivers in ministry that determine the minister’s destination. They are:
i. Foundation: This is the bedrock of the life, and Character of every minister.
ii. Focus: This is what drives every Minister in Ministry
iii. Formation: This has to do with how thoroughly or otherwise a Minister was groomed and formed.
The run down of the comparative analysis of Elisha and Gehazi was given by the Bishop thus:

  1. Elisha had clear cut encounter and conviction of his call to ministry while Gehazi had none. (1Kings 19:19-21).
  2. Elisha left and sacrificed something precious for his service and call while Gehazi sacrificed nothing. (1King 19:21).
  3. Elisha followed and served Elijah, but Gehazi lived with Elisha without following or serving him. (2Kings 2:1-9).
  4. Elisha received the Ministry Mantle of Elijah, but Gehazi received none from Elisha. (2Kings 2:11-14).
  5. Elisha served Elijah, while Gehazi sabotaged Elisha. (2Kings 3:11).
  6. Elisha was faithful to his spiritual head, but Gehazi lied to his Spiritual head.
  7. Elisha abhorred what his spiritual head abhorred, while Gehazi adored what his spiritual head abhorred.
  8. The spirit of Elijah was transferred to Elisha, but the Spirit of leprosy was transferred to Gehazi.
  9. Elisha coveted his Spiritual head’s Grace and anointing, but Gehazi was only interested in material things.
  10. Elisha believed in his master’s ministry and followed faithfully to the end, while Gehazi did not believe in his master’s ministry, and ended disastrously.
    He concluded the teaching by telling the Priests and their wives that no Priest or wife can ever benefit from the Ministerial Grace he disdains. The renewal of Ordination by the Clergy took place after the Communion Prayer.

This programme took place on Good Friday night, 29th March, 2024 at the Cathedral Field. The theme was “HOPE RESTORED.”
The Bishop said that undaunted faith in Jesus Christ, and Obedience to the word of God are Keys to restoration of hope in any hopeless situation. After the first part of the sermon, when altar call was made, many people surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.
He thereafter prayed a lot of prayers for the restoration of hope, and Miracles for all the participants. It was a massive crowd of people in attendance.

The 4th graduation ceremony of this noble College of Nursing Sciences, Amichi took place on Wednesday 15th May, 2024 inside the College premises. A total of Sixty-seven (67) Registered Nurses graduated. The Graduation lecture was delivered by an erudite scholar who is a senior Lecturer in the Department of Nursing Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Dr. Mrs. Linda Odikpo. The occasion was Chaired by Hon. Chuddy Atuchukwu, member representing Nnewi-South Constituency I, in Anambra State House of Assembly.
The Proprietor, Rt. Revd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor was in attendance in company of his wife, Dame Nkem Ikeakor. Awards were presented to outstanding deserving students who distinguished themselves in both Character and Learning. All awards for academic excellence and best overall Graduating student went to Miss Ikeliani Favour Nzubechukwu. Miss Akpom Chukwusom was given award as the best-behaved female graduands. Master Brown-Ofoneme, All well bagged the award of best-behaved male graduand. The Bishop and wife appreciated them with one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) each.
The Bishop admonished them to be good ambassadors of Jesus Christ, and the College where ever they find themselves. We joyfully appreciate the Provost of the College, Dr. Mrs. Maria Maxwell, her team of wonderful academic and non-academic staff, the Chairman of the Governing Council of the College, Assoc. Prof. Osita Umeononihu, and his Council members for the great and commendable work they are doing in the College among the students. The school did not record any failure in their professional exam.



  1. Ebenezer Church Unubi 25/6/2023 12 12 3 8 3 – 3
  2. St. Andrew’s Church, Ebenator. 2/7/2023 12 13 4 7 8 – –

3 St. James’ Church Azigbo. 9/7/2023 10 7 8 5 – – –

4 Holy Trinity Church, Utuh. 23/7/2023 18 12 4 7 3 – –

5 St. Simon’s Church, Ezinifite 8/10/2023 8 19 5 3 – – –

6 Immanuel Church, Akwaihedi 15/10/2023 9 8 – 6 – 3 –

7 Emmanuel Church, Ekwulumili 24/10/2023 15 6 5 7 2 – –

8 Cathedral 9/3/2024 27 32 8 12 8 – –

Total       111 109 37  55  24  3   3

We rejoice with many of our members in the Diocese, and others outside the Diocese for various Mercies, Graces received from God, and feats achieved within the year under review. They include

  1. Revd. & Mrs. Richard Ibeto – Baby Girl.
  2. Revd. & Mrs. Ifeanyi Chukwuka – Baby Girl.
  3. Revd. & Mrs. Samson Iloh – Baby Girl.
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Chiemeka Okpala – Baby Boy.


  1. Sir Engr. & Dame Prof. Igweka Uche – wedding of their son in U. S. A.
  2. Revd. Canon & Mrs. Daniel Chetachukwu.
  3. Revd. & Mrs. Anselem C. Akunazobi.
  4. Mr. & Dr. Mrs. Chiemelam Peters Nwokocha.
  5. Mrs. Chidinma Nzewi.
  6. Mrs. Grace (Nee Ofomata).
  7. Ven. Samuel Nzowu.
  8. Ven. Oliver Chigbo.
  9. Ven. Chukwuma Akam.
  10. Ven. Pascal Umeoduagu.
  11. Revd. Okechukwu Okeke.
    1 Mrs. Obioma Omuka got her PhD.

We also in a special way rejoice with the Diocese on the Niger for the birth of University on the Niger. Also, Diocese of Awka for owning Paul University, Awka fully.
We congratulate Hon. Justice Peter Obiora for his elevation and appointment to Appeal Court Judge.
We rejoice with Sir Donald Udogu (SAN) on his 85th Birthday Celebration, and his 44th Wedding anniversary with his wife, and our Registrar, Lady Barr. Amaka Udogu. To God be all the Glory for the 98th Birthday celebration of His Royal Highness, Igwe K. O. Orizu III, Igwe Nnewi.

Many of our members in the Diocese lost their loved ones. The list is inexhaustible. We will use the following as a point of contact in reaching out to so many others too numerous to mention.

  1. Sir Barr. Lawrence Ezeanochie – Ekwulumili.
  2. Canon Peter Nneji
  3. Bro Nwabueze Okafor
  4. Sir Bernard Aforka
  5. Sir Denis Nubia
  6. Bro Chinedu Uzondu – Bishop’s Bosom Childhood friend.
  7. Mrs. Uche. (Afube Amichi).
  8. Engr. Okonkwo. (Azigbo)
  9. Nneoha Eunice Ezeobika – Mother of HRH, Igwe Anayo Samuel Obika, Ezeoha II of Ezinifite.
  10. Sir Marcus Ajuokwu.
  11. Hon. Benjamin C. Aniagboso.
  12. Lady. Lily Omuluzuo Ogbuchi.
    Let us stand and observe a minute silence on behalf of those who joined the Church triumphant.

During our Last Synod’s Presidential Address, we announced to the Synod and before our guests that the Diocese will build a five-bedroom bungalow for one of our Priests. Revd. Peter Ezejiaku who had one of his hand amputated while on official assignment as a Church teacher in 2014. In fulfilment of that promise, we are very glad to announce to this Synod and all persons here that within one year, a befitting five-bedroom bungalow have been built for Revd. & Mrs. Peter Ezejiaku. We therefore call on Revd. & Mrs. Peter Ezejiaku to come forward to collect the keys of the completed house in his home town, Okija, and a Power Generating set too.
Furthermore, seeing how cost of living is rising astronomically, we are still resolved to continue to encourage our Priest to start building their houses no matter how small. In that sacrificial Spirit we call on the following Clergymen to come up and collect a cheque of one million naira (N1m) for their Clergy housing scheme support.

  1. Revd. Canon Chidozie Madu
  2. Revd. Canon Chukwunoso Okafor.
  3. Revd. Canon Arinze Umeakuana.
  4. Revd. Canon Ncheghari Iloabueke.
  5. Revd. Canon Ugonna Nwagu.

We held a special interactive meeting with all the Children of Clergymen of the Diocese who are currently studying in various Universities, and other institutions of higher learning. The meeting took place on Monday 1st April, 2024 inside Shalom Chapel, in the Bishopscourt, Amichi. It was a very fruitful and informative session for me in particular. It was an informal interaction. These students opened up to us, and raised a lot of concerns about their lives, future challenges and destinies as Children of Anglican Priests.
We took quality time to answer their questions, address their challenges, and educate them on certain issues bordering on their fathers’ calling, ministries, and vocations. From the text messages they sent when they went home, it was obvious to me that the meeting was apt, fruitful, educative, and satisfactory to them. Knowing the economic challenges in the country and its attendant harsh effects on them as Children of Priests, we gave them upkeep gift of hundred-thousand naira (N100, 000) each in Cheques. The joy they exhibited in the Chapel is better witnessed than explained. We had about twenty-six (26) of them in attendance.

At the conclusion of Church of Nigeria General Synod at Nnewi in September, 2023, the Primate of our Church, The Most Revd. Dr. Henry. C Ndukuba announced that Diocese of Amichi will host the September edition of the Church of Nigeria Standing Committee of 2025. We accepted the assignment with Joy and faith. By the Grace of God, we inaugurated the Diocesan Planning Committee on Tuesday 9th April, 2024 at the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi. The Chairman of the Planning Committee is Sir Engr. Igweka Uche. We were encouraged by the attendance of the members of the Committee. We appeal to all our members in Nigeria and Diaspora to dutifully identify with the Diocese to execute this big assignment creditably to the Glory of God.

We have meditatively reflected on the effects, and impacts of institutional Evangelism on children and youth in the Anglican Church, and come to the conclusion that we have left undone those things which we ought to have done, and done those things which ought not to have done. Part of growth and tradition of the CMS was the establishment of Schools alongside Church. The Catechists and Church Teachers were fully engaged in teaching in the Mission Schools, hence the name, “Church Teacher”.
Today the degree of apathy Clergymen and Church Teachers are displaying towards Mission Schools is quite disturbing and embarrassing. Gospel Crusade as good, effective, and commendable as it is, can last for a weekend. But schools are there for nourishing, nurturing, and planned disciplining of the pupils and students for a consistent period of not less than six years in either case.
Education Institution remains the most effective tool for raising well-groomed Anglican Children and Youths. On this note, we have directed that every Clergyman in Amichi Diocese who is within the age bracket of fifty-five (55) years, and who does not have Education qualification must obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) between now, and the end of 2028.
Secondly, every Clergyman in this Diocese must be actively involved in the professional running and administration of Mission Schools within their Parishes, Churches, and Archdeaconries. We intend to return to the era of using Church workers to administer Church Education Institutions. Most of our Children and youths are losing grip of their Anglican Faith, and Anglican heritage. It is time to meaningfully return to the drawing board of repositioning Church’s Education Institutions for securing the life, future, values, and development of our Children. We will be left with no other option than to relieve any Clergyman who refuses to upgrade his educational knowledge as we have directed after 2028.

Nigeria, no doubt is one of the Countries in the world that the Almighty God blessed with so much human and material resources. Regrettably, the greatest problem of the Nigerian nation is Leadership. Our rulers who feign as leaders have continued to ruin this nation, and her citizens. Looking at the stand of things in Nigeria, no sincere and sane person will deny the obvious fact that we don’t have leaders in Nigeria. In place of leaders, we have articulated bundle of selfish, wicked, insensitive, and conscienceless businessmen and women masquerading as Politicians and Leaders who feed fat on the Woes, pains, Groans and humiliations of the helpless citizens. Is it not abysmally unthinkable and shameful that after sixty-four years of existence as an independent nation, Nigeria cannot have functional refineries? The hardship and strangulating pains that the removal of oil subsidy without institutional cushioning plan, and platforms have put Nigerians into have become glaringly unbearable. Over 300% hike in Electricity tariff, with no Electricity still remains an inexplicable puzzle. In which part of the world, except Nigeria do citizens pay for the services they were not provided?
It is only in Nigeria that Politicians make citizens to celebrate road construction as a great achievement. Government at all levels exist to provide basic amenities for her citizens. Nigeria remains the world’s largest importer of power Generating sets. The Economy of Nigeria is heading to total collapse. The education sector of Nigeria is in shambles. It is only in Nigeria that kidnappers will be using cell phone to negotiate for ransom with the families of their victims, and our security agencies have nothing to offer as solution.
Nigerians are bleeding heavily. The level of brain drain Nigeria is experiencing currently is a sign of a nation going into extinction. Why can’t the present administration concentrate on fixing the already dilapidated road infrastructure all over the nation, instead of embarking on some white elephant projects like the Lagos-Calabar coastal Highway? Just to further substantiate the insensitivity of leaders and leadership, the Federal Government with the approval of the National Assembly announced that they have budgeted eight hundred and sixty-nine (N869bn) billion naira to conduct 2024 National Census. Of what economic, security, infrastructural Development use is this census to an average Nigerian? What is so exciting about counting poverty stricken, and Hunger devouring populace?
To my mind, what Nigerians need urgently and acutely are:

  1. Poverty and Hunger Eradication.
  2. Eradication of Insecurity, Banditry and Terrorism.
  3. Effective, Affordable, and easily Accessible Health care.
  4. Functional, Impactful, Purpose-driven and well-equipped Education system and Education Institutions.
  5. Readily available Petrol and Diesel at a cost that does give High Blood Pressure to Nigerians
    Nigerians are hungry, Nigerians have been subjugated by her rulers. Currently, Nigerian is like a rudderless ship in the midst of a high sea. Our Politicians have intentionally weaponized Poverty against Nigerians. An average Nigerian is only thinking of survival instead of thinking of advancement, development, and Fulfilment. It is time that the Nigerian populace brace up and brave up to hold her rulers accountable and responsible. Palliative giving is not an acceptable economic programme for lifting citizens out of Poverty and hopelessness.
    The Government should forget this baseless and gainless proposal for census, and use the money to give meaningful and realistic minimum wage to her dying Civil and Public Servants. Let me remind our Politicians and rulers that they can hold the people down for some time, but they cannot hold the people down forever. Nigeria is collapsing, Nigerians are bleeding. Our youths are not just travelling out, they are fleeing from the country. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

Anambra State is the Light of the Nation. We commend His Excellency, Prof. Charles C. Soludo, the Executive Governor of Anambra State for the various road projects he has embarked including the wonderful flyover construction at Ekwulobia. That singular project will be a great game changer in the movement of vehicles, people and goods. However, we need to call the attention of His Excellency to the fact that Security still remains a very critical challenge in Anambra state. The issue of Kidnapping is rearing its ugly head on daily basis in various parts of the State. Places like Ukpo-Ukwulu axis needs very urgent security attention. Uga-Amesi-Umuchu-Umunze road has become kidnappers feasting avenue without confrontation. Awka Capital City and its environs are not spared either. We appeal to our able governor to raise the bar of Security higher than what it is currently in Anambra State. It is still a great mystery that Criminals and kidnappers can be communicating with phones while negotiating with victims of their nefarious activities in this digital and technologically advanced age, and yet security operatives seem helpless in tracking them down. This is an embarrassing evidence of technological backwardness in both our nation at large, and Anambra State in particular.
In another development, we plead with his Excellency to carefully scrutinize the activities and modus operandi of government Revenue collectors in the State. Things should be done decently in this modern age and generation. May we still remind the Governor that both Government owned schools and Mission owned schools are all working for the betterment of Education in Anambra State. The recent pendulum of attention to Schools swinging towards the Government Public Schools is not the best arrangement. The State Government should stop discriminating against returned Mission Schools in terms of recruitment and posting of qualified teachers. The State and Church have been and will continue to be partners in progress.
Your Excellency, we know that you meant well when you decided to gift every Headmaster, Headmistress, and Principals in Government public schools a Laptop. This is very commendable ideally, but what is more important is “what purpose was that meant to serve’? Giving Laptop to a category of civil servants with almost no knowledge of how to use the laptop is as good as nothing. I am of the opinion that if Government has used those laptops to build and equip computer laboratories in the Secondary Schools to engage and teach this age bracket who are internet natives, it would have been very beneficial to the state and the students. We pray that Government should always listen to the opinion and informed suggestions from trusted sincere stakeholders, instead of Praise singers and sycophants.
Finally, your Excellency, while we commend the use of local or indigenous road Contractors to construct our roads, attention should be given to quality of work they are doing on the road. It is still colossal economic waste for the State to be constructing roads that do not endure or survive one year raining season. We continue to pray for His Excellency to succeed fully in fulfilling all his electioneering campaign promises to Anambarians in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.
The theme of this First Session of the Sixth Synod of our Diocese is, “IDOLATRY: CAUSES, CONSEQUENCES, AND CURE”. The anchor Bible text for deliberation and exposition on the theme is Exodus 32. We did not choose this theme for the purpose of fulfilling all righteousness. Rather, the choice is borne out of the burning contemporary developments, undeniable upsurge of paganism, idolatry, ritualism and syncretism in our society in general, and among church members in particular. This Bishop’s charge will no doubt not discuss this very vast theme exhaustively, taking cognizance of the limited time to exegete on it. However, we shall open the theme up for more detailed, grassroot and understandable piece meal digestion in the Diocese.

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The history of Israel is clearly outlined in the Bible. For generation after generation, they repeatedly fell prey to being drawn away from the Lord to serve false gods. Exodus chapter 32 is part of the Golden Calf story. To understand the matter of idolatry in Israel, God’s own chosen people, we need to look forward into the time after King Solomon’s death when Rehoboam led the rebellion that resulted to the split up of the Kingdom which was united under King David, and Solomon. The northern Kingdom, now called Israel, was established over against the Southern portion, now called Judah. In order to sever ties with the South, including Jerusalem and the Temple, and strengthen the new State, Jeroboam made and had golden calves, or bulls, made and enshrined in the very ancient Holy Places of Dan and Bethel in the north according to 1Kings 12: 24-33. The sin of Idolatry, or worshipping other gods is in violation of the Law of God. As a matter of fact, it breaks the first two of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20: 1-6.
“And God spoke all these words, saying, I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me, you shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the Children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments”.
In the Bible, Idolatry is regarded as of heathen origin, and as being imported among the Hebrews through contact with heathen and pagan nations. The first allusion of Idolatry in the scripture is in the account of Rachel stealing her father’s teraphim as seen in Genesis 31: 19 “Now Laban had gone to shear his sheep, and Rachel had stolen the household idols that were her father’s.” These were the relics of the worship of other gods by Laban’s progenitors on the other side of the river in old time according to Joshua 24:2. The concept of Idolatry in the Bible is powerful and complex, diverse and problematic. According to Halbertal and Margalit, a theological treatment of the subject of Idolatry must consider the close association of Idolatry with sexual immorality, greed, drunkenness crime, and even murder.
The most commonly used Greek term for Idol, eidolon, which occurs almost one hundred (100) times in the Septuagint lends itself to such polemic, and is effectively a term of derision. The call to resist pagan pressure for Jews to compromise their Faith and religion by contact with idolatry is nowhere clearer than in Daniel where the king’s rich and presumably idolatrous food is shunned by Daniel (Daniel 1: 5-8). The episode is followed by that of Daniel’s three companions who refuse to worship the King’s golden image (Daniel 3); and Daniel’s refusal to pray to the King of Babylon (Daniel 6). It is not just that Idolatry was one vice among many of which the heathens were guilty, rather Idolatry is a defining feature of the heathens, whose way of life is characterized inevitably by this sin. This is very obvious as expressed in 1Thesolonians 4: 3-5;
“For this is the will of God, your Sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honour, not in the passion of lust like the Gentile who do not know God (the Heathens).
Both in Greek and Oriental nations, there was no temple worship among pagans that was devoid of temple prostitution, and temple prostitutes. That is also clearly seen among the Israelites after moulding and worshipping the molded calf in Exodus 32:5-6;
“When Aaron saw this, he built an altar before it. And Aaron made a proclamation and said, Tomorrow shall be a feast to the LORD; And they rose up early the next day and offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings. And the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play (commit immoral acts).
The Good News Bible renders verse 6 this way:
“Early the next morning they brought some animals to burn as sacrifices and others to eat as fellowship offerings. The people sat down to a feast, which turned into an orgy of drinking and sex.”

According to Easton’s Dictionary, Idolatry is image-worship or divine honour paid to any created object. This is the concept Apostle Paul upheld in Romans 1:21-25;
“For although they knew God, they did not honour Him as God or give thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things. Therefore, God gave them up in the lust of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonouring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a Lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.
From our Bible text for the discussion of this theme, that is Exodus Chapter 32, we can deduce some meanings of Idolatry. Firstly, Idolatry is replacing the Almighty God with small lifeless man-made gods, and ascribing all Powers, Glory, and honour that singularly belongs to the Almighty living God to those small and created gods. (Exodus 32:1-4). Furthermore, Idolatry is the despicable act of offering sacrifices, thanksgiving and appreciation to other gods rather than the God that created all things. (Exodus 32:6). “They arose early on the next day, offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings, and the people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.” Today, people go to satanic altars of deities and shrines to offer sacrifices, and return thanks for great and miraculous things the Almighty God did for them.
Idolatry is worshipping in any other altar rather than Altar of the living God. (Exodus 32:5-6). Idolatry is turning the holy house and sanctuary of the living God into a playing ground, fun seeking arena, house of comedy, and massaging sinful ego of sinners and unbelievers. (Exodus 32:6).
Idolatry means turning aside from the way and standard of God’s Word and Commandment, to ways that the people and their Spiritual leaders have made for themselves. (Exodus 32:8). It also means exalting and trusting in manmade images and relics which man and worshippers have crafted. This is one of the most rampant and popular Idolatry among church members nowadays. Objects like holy water, anointing oil, Miracle handkerchief, mustard seed, holy salt, Jerusalem mantle etc have been crafted and presented to God’s people by Pastors, Priests, and Preachers to take place of God and the Lord Jesus Christ in their prayers. Hardly can many Christians pray now without the use of religious objects. This is Idolatry. Idolatry is serving, loving, trusting, fearing, and worshipping anything apart from God to get what only God can give. Idolatry is excessive or blind adoration, reverence, or devotion to someone or something.
Both the Old and New Testament address the issue of Idolatry with intense scrutiny, framing Idolatry not merely as the worship of physical statues but as any act that places a person or object, concept, achievement, possessions above the sovereign position of God. Whatever that takes the place of God in one’s heart is idolatry.

There are three (3) major forms of Idolatry. They are:
a. Fetishism, or the worship of trees, rivers, hills, and stones etc.
b. Nature Worship: This is the worship of the sun, moon and stars, as the supposed powers of nature.
c. Hero Worship: Hero worship is the worship of deceased ancestors through invocation, libation, sacrificing to them. It is also the worship of heroes.

I. THE GOLDEN CALF (Exodus 32): Perhaps this is the most famous example of Idolatry in the Bible. This incident occurred when the Israelites, having just be freed from Egyptian slavery, oppression and bondage created a golden calf to worship while Moses, their leader was receiving the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. This act of audacious Idolatry by the Israelites angered God, and God threatened to destroy the Israelites.

II. THE WORSHIP OF BAAL (1kings 18): During the reign of Ahab in the northern Kingdom of Israel, idol worship, especially of the Canaanite god Baal, became prevalent. This level of unbridled Idolatry was orchestrated by Ahab, while his wife Jezebel was the engine room, and source of sustenance for both the Priests of Baal, and the worshippers of Baal. This is substantiated in the Scripture thus,

“But there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do wickedness in the sight of the LORD, because Jezebel his wife stirred him up. And he behaved very abominably in following Idols, according to all that the Amorites had done, whom the LORD had cast out before the Children of Israel.” (1Kings 21: 25-26).

III. NEBUCHADNEZZAR’S STATUE (Daniel 3): King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon created a giant gold statue and commanded all his officials and all Babylonians and residents in Babylon to worship. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to comply, leading to their miraculous survival and deliverance of being thrown into a fiery furnace, showcasing their steadfast Faith in God, and God’s power over and against idolatrous practices.

IV. THE RICH YOUNG RULER (Mark 10:17-22): In this passage, Jesus encountered a man who declared that he had kept all the commandment of God, but was still obsessed and possessed by his wealth which he could not give up to follow Jesus for the Salvation of his soul for which he ran after Jesus ab initio. This story illustrates clearly that Idolatry is not limited to the worship of physical idols, but extends to anything that takes priority over God, including wealth, career, marriage, Children, husband, wife, and other material possessions.
This incident prompted that great Preacher called A. B. Simpson to assert that “As long as you want anything very much, especially more than you want God, it is an idol.”
Dwight L. Moody amplified it thus: “You don’t have to go to heathen lands today to find false gods. America is full of them. Whatever you love more than God is your Idol.”

“There is nothing so abominable in the eyes of God and of men as Idolatry, whereby men render to the creature that honour which is due to the Creator.”-Blaise Pascal.

The Bible makes us to understand that Idolatry extends beyond the worship of images and false gods. Idolatry is a thing and a matter of the heart, associated with Pride, self-centeredness, greed, gluttony, and love for possessions. Since Idolatry begins in the heart, it therefore follows that there are many reasons why people and nations indulge in it. We shall try as much as we can to explore and explain some of the causes of idolatry, or simply put, why some people engage in idolatry. From our major Bible text in Exodus Chapter 32, let us highlight and examine some of the causes of Idolatry.
Any Faith that shall endure the taste of time must be anchored on, and driven by conviction. In Exodus 20:1-5 the Almighty God unambiguously said to His people, Israel.

“And God spoke all these words saying: I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image any likeness of anything in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me.”

Conviction simply means the state of being convinced, persuaded, and assured of something especially belief or ideology. If the Israelites had been convinced of their special Covenant with Yahweh, His faithfulness, His instructions and righteous Commandments, they would have certainly not deviated swiftly from being loyal and obedient to Him. The word of God says that “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32). The basis for being strong in one’s faith is conviction. Anyone who does not have assurance in what he/she believes in, is already a victim of deviation, deceit and backsliding.

It is this same challenge of Faith without conviction that still pushes some Christians and Church members to relapse into Idolatry today. Faith without conviction is fake, dead and temporal.


In Exodus 32: 1, we see the Israelites calling on Aaron the high Priest to make gods for them which shall go before them. This is a shear display of their Spiritual Ignorance of who God is, His nature, and His sovereignty. Does man make God? How can the creature turn around to create his Creator? When did the Almighty God become an inanimate object so as to be known “it”? Exodus 32:5 states, “So when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it. And Aaron made a proclamation and said “Tomorrow is a feast to the LORD.” The worst form, and most dangerous ignorance is Spiritual Ignorance.

Spiritual ignorance is the deadly disease pushing people to idolatry. The truth remains that “what you don’t know, you don’t know”. One can remain in the Church for donkey years without knowing the LORD of the Church. Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ is totally different from knowing about Jesus.


God is the God of Order, Season, Principle, Procedure, and Time. He does things meticulously. Impatience is one of the greatest weapons that worked against the Israelites to go into Idolatry. According to Exodus 32:1, we note thus, “Now when the people saw that Moses delayed coming down from the mountain, the people gathered together to Aaron, and said to him,
“Come, make us gods that shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.”

Most of the times, human beings want God to follow both their timing and their itinerary. It was God who invited Moses to the mountain. It was God who knew the duration of His conversation with Moses, not the people. What the Israelites termed delay was never delay for God. Let us know that times and seasons belong to God. He knows when to bless you. He knows the right time to heal you. God knows the appropriate time to intervene in that ugly situation. There is nothing more effective now pushing Church members into different forms of idolatry as impatience. Patience is both a Christian Virtue, and a strong Defense for a believer. Psalm 37:7 implores us,

“Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.”

Setting time and timetable for God amounts to creating loophole for discouragement and deviation.


Aaron was a great high priest by God’s calling upon his life. But Aaron remains one spiritual leader without conviction, encounter, and Focus. The audacity and casualness with which the people approached him and made their embarrassing demand was, and still is a source of worry and concern to us. Let us look at the scenario in Exodus 32: 1b

“The people gather together to Aaron and said to him, “come, make us gods that shall go before us; as for this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him”.

No congregation can rise beyond the Spiritual level of their Spiritual leader. Who among the Israelites would have got the liver to approach Moses to make such demand? Obviously, they knew that Aaron had nothing to offer as far as true spirituality was concerned.

One of the reasons why idolatry is resurging among Church members is because many Church Leaders and Preachers are shallow and hollow spiritually. Many Church leaders want to be men of the people instead of being men of God. If Aaron had rebuked the people, and reminded them about God’s Commandment in Exodus 20, they would have been restrained. Aarons spiritual deficiency fueled the people’s desire to go back to idolatry. The word of God says,

“For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge, and people should seek the law from his mouth. for he is the messenger of the lord of Host.” (Malachi 2:7).

Rebellion and disobedience have been the wheels that drove the Israelites back to Idolatry. This was outrightly confirmed by God when He said to Moses in Exodus 32:7-9;

7“And the LORD said to Moses, “Go, get down!. For your people whom you brought out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves. 8.They have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them. They have made for themselves a molded calf, and worshipped it, and sacrificed to it and said, this is your god, O Israel, that brought you out the land of Egypt” 9. And the LORD said to Moses, I have seen this people, and indeed it is a stiff-necked people!”

People know, and people understand the Commandments of God, but they deliberately and rebelliously go against them. It is not by accident that they go into idolatry. It is an act of rebellion. When Church members reject sound Biblical Teachings, and Doctrines, they do so out of rebellion against God. 2Timothy 4: 3-4 says,

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears. They will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables”.

A careful look at both what God said in Exodus 32:8, and
2Timothy 4:3-4, we discover and assert that rebellion against God is an intentional act. May God in His mercy heal our hearts from rebellion against Him in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

Bandwagon spirit is the spirit that moves people to accept and pursue what is popular and in vogue. But Christians should know that, that something is popular does not make it right and acceptable before God. The people of Israel had left Egypt physically, but the truth is that they were still in Egypt spiritually. Idolatry was very popular in Egypt, and among all the nations surrounding the Israelites. The bandwagon spirit was obvious in Exodus 32:3 “So all the People broke off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them to Aaron”.

Today Idolatry of all categories are becoming very popular among Church members, like Ichi Ozo, Igbu-efi (killing of cow to appease ancestors), Ritualism, trusting in religious objects, and relics, for Miracles etc.
No matter how popular any Idolatrous practice is, God still hates, and condemns Idolatry. Do not be deceived, the voice of the people is not the Voice of God.

This sin of Idolatry comes with grave and great consequences. If those who advocate for, and propagate and practice Idolatry know in details the ripple effects and multiple defects of idolatry, they would never dare to indulge in it. Let us examine some of such consequences.


One of the surest consequences of idolatry is that whosoever practises Idolatry in any guise is outrightly and blatantly rejected by God. In Exodus 2:7&10, when God called Moses to send him to Egypt, God said “7 Then the LORD said,
“I have surely seen the affliction of my people of My people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters. I know their sufferings. 10 Come, I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring My people, the Children of Israel, out of Egypt.”

At this point, God refered them as His people. But in Exodus 32:7, when this same people indulged in, and relapsed to idolatry, the same God referred to the same people before the same Moses thus “And the Lord said to Moses, “Go down, for your people whom you brought out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves”.
Every idolater is rejected by God. Every idolater is alienated from God. Every Idolater is separated from God.


Nothing infuriates God like the sin of Idolatry. Immediately the Israelites went into Idolatry by molding and worshipping the molded calf, God said,

“Now therefore let me alone, that I may consume them, in order that I may make great nation of you.” (Exodus 32:10).

Also in Numbers 25:3-5, the anger of the LORD came upon Israel for joining the other nations to worship Baal.

“So, Israel yoked himself to Baal of Peor. And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel. And the LORD said to Moses “Take all the Chiefs of the people and hang them in the sun before the LORD, that the fierce anger of the LORD may turn away from Israel.”

God’s jealous anger automatically falls upon any individual, family or nation that indulges in Idolatry. This calls for serious thought and deep meditation before deciding to join and partake in any form of Idolatry.


This is another terrible consequence of Idolatry, God openly told the whole Israel that He will place transgenerational Curses on them if they engage in Idolatry in Exodus 20: 5,

“You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the Children to the third and fourth Generation of those who hate Me “.

In Deuteronomy 27:15, the Scripture says

“Cursed be the man who makes a carved or cast metal image, an abomination to the LORD, a thing made by hands of a craftsman, and sets it up in secret. And all the people shall answer and say, “Amen.”

Anybody who indulges in Idolatry is not only cursed by God, but has put his generations unborn under God’s divine curse. Check many families whose forefathers engaged in Idol worship; they are still struggling to survive even up to now.

Whenever any person, family or nation goes into idolatry, such individual, family or nation immediately loses the Presence of the Almighty God. One of the greatest calamities that can befall a person, family or nation is to lose the Presence of the Almighty God. This is exactly what God said to the Israelites in Exodus 33:3,
“Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey; but I will not go up among you, lest I consume you on the way, for you are stiff-necked people.” When the people heard this disastrous word, they mourned, and no one put on his ornaments.”

It is a great disaster to lose, and live without the Presence of God. God’s Presence is a refuge and safety. God’s Presence carries God’s favour and Blessings. God’s Presence brings hope, healing, victory and deliverance. The Israelites knew that losing God’s Presence means losing everything.


One of the direct consequences of idolatry is its deadly multiplier effect of sexual perversion and orgies. There is no where you find Idolatry that sexual immorality and prostitution are lacking. According to Exodus 32:5-6, the next action of the people immediately the golden calf was instituted for worship was feasting, dancing, and sexual immorality.
“And they rose up early the next day and offered burnt offerings and brought Peace offering. And the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play”.

This is confirmed in 1Corinthians 10:7

“Do not be idolaters as some of them were; as it is written, “the People sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play”.

Nigeria has never been the same in morality and value sanity since after that great idol festival called FESTAC (Festival of Art and Culture) in 1977. Wild parties, drunkenness and sexual promiscuity are the sure by-products of Idolatry.

It is quite unfortunate that majority of the people going into Idolatry are either ignorant of history, or they are adamant against the lesson of history. Both in the sacred and secular archeological findings, Idolatry has been, and still is inseparably twined with murder, violent crimes and brutality. One of the notable activities of great idolaters in the Bible is killing and murder with impunity and audacity. Ahab, Jezebel, Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar were classic examples.
In 1Kings 16:30-31; we read.

“And Ahab the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the LORD, more than all who were before him. and as if it had been a light thing for him to walk in the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nabat, he took for his wife Jezebel the daughter of Ethbaal king of the Sidonians, and went and served Baal and worshipped him”.

As a result of their Idolatrous acts, they were obsessed with murder and bloodshed. 1Kings 21:14-15 wrote,

“Then they sent to Jezebel, saying, “Naboth has been stoned, he is dead. as soon as Jezebel heard that Naboth had been stoned and was dead, Jezebel said to Ahab, “Arise, take possession of the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite which he refused to give you for money, for Naboth is not alive, but dead.”

Every idolater is a blood-shedder and blood-letter. Ask those who have been kidnapped for ransom, they will explain to you that these kidnappers, known and unknown gunmen have satanic shrines, idols and altars wherever they are domiciled. Before armed robbers, kidnappers, hired assassins move out for their nefarious activities, they must visit one idol, shrine or witch/native doctors for fortification and protection. Idolatry is the fertile breeding ground for murder, violent crimes, and brutality.

Wherever Idolatry abounds and is practiced, stagnation, retrogression, and backwardness are never absent. The Bible paints many vivid pictures in this direction, but let us pick one of them in Judges 6:1-6:
“The people of Israel did what was evil (idol worship) in the sight of the LORD, and the LORD gave them into the hand of the Midian seven years. And the hand of Midian over powered Israel, and because of the Medianites, the people of Israel made for themselves the dens that are in the mountains and the caves and the strongholds. For whenever the Israelites planted crops, the Midianites and the Amalekites and the people of the East would come up against them. Israel was brought low because of the Midianites. And the people of Israel cried out for help to the LORD.”

At the beginning, idolatry will look harmless. But in the heart of idolatry is embedded misery, woes, mishaps, failure, and shame.

Whenever Israel relapsed into Idolatry, one of the devastating consequences was mysterious, inexplicable, sudden, and untimely death. Today many young men are dying almost daily as a result of their involvement in one form of idolatrous practice, rituals or the likes.
Young girls who indulge in illicit sexual activities, which is a brand and branch of idolatry are not spared either. In Numbers 25:1-2&9 this consequence is clearly spelt out on Israel in particular, and all idolaters in general.

“Now Israel remained in Acacia Grove, and the people began to commit harlotry with the women of Moab.
They invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods, and people the ate and bowed down to their gods. And those who died in the plague were twenty-four thousand.”

Some families are still reaping the harvest of mysterious deaths, and untimely deaths today because of the worship of idols by their forebears. Unfortunately, the present generation of youths have refused to learn from the tragedy of this gross error called Idolatry.


Consequence simply means that which follows or comes after as a result or inference. The effect of Idolatry is not only on individuals, families, or nation. When Church members, and the people begin to cherish and accept idolatry as a way of life and religion, it also has noticeable effect on the Church. One of such consequences is that people’s interest in Church matters, and their support for the Gospel will begin to wane and dwindle. The Lord Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, “And because iniquity (lawlessness) will abound, the love of many (for God, and the Church) will grow cold.

If any preacher of the Gospel wants to lose recognition, membership, and financial support in this generation, let him preach against some ungodly and obnoxious cultures, and idolatrous practices in our society. My candid advice to true Preachers of the true Gospel is to diversify the sources income of the Church, and stop relying on financial support from those I referred to as “Heathens in Church Uniform”.


When the Almighty God said in Exodus 20:5 that He is a jealous God, He was saying that anyone who worships any other god beside Him becomes His enemy. Note carefully that there are other forms of idolatry according to Colossians 3:5,

“Therefore, put to death your members which are on the earth, fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is Idolatry”.

Even though Israel as a nation was God’s special covenant People, yet whenever they went into Idolatry, God abandoned, and treated them as outcast and enemies. Likewise, anyone who becomes or indulges in any form of idolatry makes himself or herself an enemy of God. The worst enmity is to be an enemy to the Almighty God who is the giver, sustainer, and provider for our lives.

Every sickness or disease has cure. Likewise, the devastating consequences of idolatry have cure. Let it be known to all and sundry that idolatry is a serious disease with grave family and societal consequences. These are the major cure for idolatry, and its consequences:

Idolatry like other sins originates from the heart. What God requires from all who have deviated from the true worship of God is genuine repentance and return to Him with all their hearts. This has been the consistent call from the Lord through His prophets in all ages. In Malachi 3:7 the Almighty God enjoins the people,

“Ever since the days of your fathers, you have gone away from My ordinances. And have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you, says the LORD of hosts. But you said, in what ways shall we return?”

In similar way, after Apostle Peter’s great sermon on the Pentecost, the people having been convicted in their hearts, reacted thus, “Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Men and brethren, what shall we do?”

Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”. (Acts 2:37-38).
Jesus Christ is always waiting for the return and repentance of any sinner. No matter the devastating consequences you have suffered as a result of idolatry, the blood of Jesus is very efficacious to cleanse you, and restore God’s favour, righteousness and blessings to you. There is healing in Jesus Christ for the repentant.

What men designated as their traditions, and culture are the things that translate in most cases into idolatry. But God said to Joshua in Joshua 1:8,

“This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”

The Lord Jesus said to His hearers in Matthew 22:29, “Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the Power of God.”
The Holy Bible is the word of God. Anything, ideology, philosophy, doctrine, or traditions of men that contradicts the word of God, should be discarded and rejected, no matter how popular and acceptable to the society.

A Christian who is not filled with the Holy Spirit is automatically prone to false doctrine, backsliding, and deviation from the truth. The Scripture makes us understand that as many as are led by the Holy Spirit, these are the sons of God. (Romans 8:14).
According to the Lord Jesus Christ in John 14:26.

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you”.

It is the Holy spirit who will teach you as a believer, the truth and difference between idolatry and culture of men. He saves a Christian from error. Many Church members who are baptizing idolatry and christening it cultural revival, inculturation or contextualization of the Gospel do so because they don’t have the Holy Spirit, and so are not led by the Holy Spirit.

The greatest cause of Church members relapsing into idolatry is the failure of Pastors, Priests, and Church Leaders to teach their members the true meaning and true doctrine of Christianity. The major tool our Lord Jesus Christ used in raising reliable disciples and apostles was fundamental teachings about God’s Kingdom, and the Kingdom Citizens. Crusades are used to make converts, but teaching and Bible studies are used for raising disciples for Christ. This is why the content and the commandment of the Great Commission needs to be revisited and pursued vigorously.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. (Matthew 28:19:20).

The time to recover the teaching ministry of the Church among the Children, the Youths, and the adults is now. Actually, the enemies of Christ and His Church are on rampage, and not smiling at all.

It is very obvious that we cannot exhaustively handle this Synod theme within the time frame we have here. However, it should be known that the devil and his cohorts are out on an intentional mission of glamourizing idolatry by presenting it, and defending it as a harmless culture of the people. Idolatry is not our culture. Our culture is our acceptable ways of life, which include; our language, Dress Code, Respect for elders, Hardwork and industry, our Food, Proper Child upbringing etc. Idolatry is devoting our hearts to the things that are created more than we devote our heart to God, and the things of God. Idolatry brings curses on the people and their land. Idolatry is enmity with God. Idolatry comes from a heart that never enthroned God as his ruler and King. Men and women that have great passion for Idols and Idolatry are many in our Churches today. There is no meeting point for true Christianity and idolatry. The Church and her leaders should be very bold and courageous to teach Church members the true doctrine of Christianity. Darkness is choking the light in our generation. This is not the time to paint the Gospel of the Cross for sinners and idolaters to be comfortable in the Church. The root cause of idolatry is an unregenerated heart. Any heart where Jesus Christ has not been enthroned is a potential hideout for idolatry to reside and develop.
This is the time to be decisive in our discipleship programme. This is the time to use our educational institutions as veritable tools for raising true Christians and true disciples. The time to contend earnestly for the Faith once delivered to us is now. You are either in, or you are out. No sitting on the fence, and no playing to the Gallery. The Charge of Joshua to the Israelites at the time of their compromise and relapse to idolatry is the charge glaring in our faces as Christians, Pastors, and Church members.
“And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”
The die is cast. The choice is yours.
Let us rise and sing”
ABU 223

  1. Onye diri Jisus,
    Onye gef’Eze?
    Onye geye aka
    Kpota ndi ozo?
    Onye garap’uwa,
    Che nd’iro iru
    Onye diri Jisus
    N’jere Y’ozi Koros: Site n’olu’ebere N’amara-I di nso Ayi nadiri Jisus; Jisus, ayi bu nke-I
    1. O bugh n’ih otuto
      M’ob okpu-eze
      K’ayi ji bata n’agha
      Nab’abu ogu
      Ma n’ih’ihu-n’anya
      O ji nwuru ayi
      Onye Jisus kporo
      Aghagh iso Ya Site n’ihu-n’anya N’amara-I di nso Ayi nadiri Jisus: Jisus, ayi bu nke-I
    2. Jisus, o bugh ego
      I ji gbaput’ayi
      Kama obara-ndu
      Ibu okp’eze-I
      Were ngozi mejue
      Ndi nabiakute I;
      Gi mere k’ayi kwere,
      Me k’ayi pua n’oru Site na ngbaputa-I N’amara-I di nso Ayi nadiri Jisus: Jisus, ayi bu nke-I
    3. Ogu gesi ike,
      Nd’iro geri nne
      Ma h’apugh imeri
      Ndi-agha nk’Eze.
      Nmeri di n’okpuru
      Ayi aghagh imeri
      N’ezi-okwu-Ya Onu k’ayi ji bilie N’amara-I di nso Ayi nadiri Jisus: Jisus, ayi bu nke-I
    4. Ibu ndi-agha-Ya
      K’aroputar’ ayi
      Ndi Ony’isi agha
      K’ike ghar’igwu ayi
      Ayi ganu olu-Ya
      Ayi geme dinkpa! Jisus, I gedeb’ayi N’amara-I di nso! Ayi nadiri Jisus: Jisus, ayi bu nke-I. Amen.

Thanks, you immensely for listening patently and attentively.

Your Bishop and Friend,
+Ephraim Amichi.
June 8, 2024.

What are your thoughts?

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