Chimamanda Adichie Take Correction, So You Don’t Sound Like Ndi Efulefu.


Chimamanda Adichie,Take Correction So You Don’t Sound Like Ndi Efulefu.

By Rowlandgate.

Chimamanda Adichie i really want you to get this in your head, that igbos only unite in what the believe in and share common interest in. Igbo’s have totally lost all hope in Nigeria and this is the main reason why you now see every Igbo person gravitating towards Biafra. Every Igbo person now believes that Biafra is the only way and solution and no other way.

Chimamanda Adichie let me lecture you about the mentality of how an hausa man in the northern nigeria reasons and behaves. The Hausa people are not showing love but ignorance engineered by his own elites. Those people that sing how hausa love themselves and their own people don’t love themselves are the most funniest characters I have ever seen.

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For the fact that an hausa man sold his goods, gave you receipt and asked you to go and bring the money later, is the greatest act of stupidity. Is that how he will grow his business? that two Hausa shoemakers were going for work, one got a job, and the other sit tight to help him work on just two pairs of sandals, is foolishness and not love. Tell me if an hausa will do the same if they didn’t dispatch him as Almajiri at the age of 5 and allowed him into school.

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If an Hausa person is thinking of sending his children to school, rent an apartment and live a decent life. An Igbo man got responsibilities. So you can’t blackmail him into being stupid in the name of love. He got children to train in school. Wherever he is, he is renting or building house. He will marry and take care of his family, unlike an Hausa person. Give Hausa person education and responsibility above taking care of his stomach and he will stop being stupid.

Chimamanda Adichie you better stop this your foolishness, Just because Someone gave you 20 naira then you start jumping around and shouting Hausa people loves people. Now let me ask you do you know how many people Fulani cut off their heads on a daily bases ? Do you know how many suicide bombs the Fulani’s has perfected and how many they killed ?

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Chimamanda Adichie how come you rate high a people that wipe off villages and always killing as loving with all your exposure ? Something is actually wrong with you because you are now sounding like one of those ndị efulefu’s in lagos, like joel igbokwe, and co. Now let me tell you something without love the Igbo’s wouldn’t have survived the war. It was love and togetherness that helped the Igbo’s to fight the war as one people.

It is love that made Igbo first born children to forfeit higher education to learn work, as to take care of his younger brothers. It is love that propels Igbo business men to take children of the poor to towns and make them somebody.

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Igbo Town unions are signs of unity. Ụmụnna, Ụmụ Ada, Alutara dị, Age grade are all tools that unite us as a people. We have many ignorant fellows living in Lagos who are foot stool for Fulani’s, they know nothing about their own people. They are the people speaking this trash that Igbo can’t unite. Which other people have ever united like the Igbo’s in seeking freedom ?

Chimamanda Adichie,Take Correction So You Don't Sound Like Ndi Efulefu.

Today Igbo’s sees their freedom very important first than an stupid Igbo president because that this the most important thing now to every Igbo person round the world.

He who has hears should hear what the spirit is saying to the church.

What are your thoughts?

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