Child Brutality: CLO Commends Bishop, DPO, CSO’s. Human Rights activist and social critic

Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme has decried and lamented outrageous child abuses and sexual harassment of children especially this period of school closure due to covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Ezekwueme made the remarks in reaction to 9 years girl brutalised and maltreatment beyond recognition by his uncle Mr. Hilary Apeh at 3-3 axis near Onitsha-The callousness displayed by his uncle towards armless,harmless,innocent girl Chioma is barbaric, inhuman and worst form of wickedness and irresponsibility.

I commend Anglican bishop of Nnewi diocese Rt Rev Professor Godwin Okpala who has promised to adopt the child, train her to university education and upset her hospital bill and ensure for her proper and appropriate upkeep .

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The humanitarian gesture of his Lordship is Christianity in action and deserve commendation and emulation. Worthy of appreciation is DPO 3-3 CSP Bawa Sale for ensuring appending, detaining and prosecution of the culprit, most importantly for properly taking care of miss Chioma Apeh. I thanks Human Rights Access and Peace Foundation led by Uzor A. Uzor, for their moral and financial support, Civil Liberties Organization and other public spirited individuals and groups that has shown care and concern toward the plight and predicament of the child, God will abundantly bless and rewards you all.

Ezekwueme equally appeal to parents to properly train and take care of their children and desist the temptation of sending their children as house helps to unconscionable people. Government should put stringent measures to curtail hawking by girls in order to eradicate incessant rape of minors and pedophile in country Ezekwueme posited.

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