Tension in Abia State over land, property as FENRAD petitions AIG

The AIG Zone 9
Nigeria Police Zonal Command
Umuahia, Abia State.

Threat to Life, Rights Infringement and Intimidation Against Chief Lemmy Onyiuke Nwaro By Ugoeze Felicia Nwanyinnaya Ogbulafor And Her Daughters: Mses. Carolyn Okafor of United States of America Custom, Olive Ihunna Ogbulafor, a United States of America-Based & Nwanyieze Ogbulafor of Olokoro Umuahia, Abia state

Foundation for Environmental Rights Advocacy and Development, FENRAD as acronymed, an environmental and human rights group, also a pro-people and pro-poor advocacy group writes you in respect of the subject matter aforementioned and represented hereinabove.

Chief Lemmy Onyiuke Nwaro who shall hereafter be addressed as and referred to as our client, is an immediate younger brother to Mr. Ogbuehi Wilfred Nwaro of the blessed memory. The two brothers – our client and the deceased brother, that is – have two surviving sisters to wit: Ugoeze Felicia Nwanyinnaya Ogbulafor and Mrs Julie Uloaku Ugah.

Our client received, in trust late, Wilfred Nwaro’s original and certified true copies of landed properties situated at Amandile of Umuanyi Autonomous Community Uturu and Uzo Isunabo in Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State. These documents were handed over to him bona fide by his deceased brother (Mr. Wilfred Nwaro) before his travel to the United States where he lived as a resident for well over twenty years before his unfortunate and tragic demise without any express order written or spoken, from the deceased, demanding that our client relinquish the land documents.

This, we understand, was the status quo ante before Mr. Wilfred Nwaro’s death in Maryland, USA through Covid-19-related complications on July 6, 2020 whereupon our client started receiving threats from Ugoeze Felicia Nwanyinnaya Ogbulafor and her daughters namely: Ms. Carolyn Okafor of US Customs; Ms. Nwanyieze Ogbulafor – based in Olokoro Unuahia, and Ms. Olive Ihunna Ogbulafor – US based. These three daughters of our client’s sister (referred hereafter as ‘our client’s nieces’) have sworn before sources who wish to remain anonymous that being materially and financially well-off, they would go the extra mile, whatever it takes, to take from our client documents pertaining to the property.

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The claim advanced by our clients sister and nieces is that the deceased while alive sold some portion of the land to them thus demanding our client to relinquish the said land or portion and documents thereof. The truth remains that it has not been established yet whether the deceased died intestate or willed his property to anybody living or dead. What is true however remains that our client received documents from his late brother in confidence and goodwill. The deceased, who divorced his wife in the US, it should be known, left behind two daughters: Adanna Nwaro and Amarachi Nwaro but shortly after our client’s brother’s interment, his sister and nieces told him to hand over the land to them claiming that our client deceased brother sold parts of the land to them without the consent of our client who is the custodian of the landed properties which the deceased gave him in confidence. Our client told them to give him some time to mourn the dead as is the traditional standard.

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On the December 22, however, the Surveillance Unit Zone 9 Police Umuahia stormed our client’s house trying to forcefully place him under arrest with a charge that read ‘Stealing/Conduct likely to cause breech [sic] of peace’. Due largely to his failing health, our client could not follow them to the station but later on invitation, and as agreed, visited the station on January 11, 2021. Ms. Nwanyieze Ogbulafor being sponsored by her US-based sisters (Mses. Carolyn Okafor and Olive Ihunna Ogbulafor) during that January visit of our client insisted that he be detained. Having failed to detain him, another invitation was scheduled to hold on January 16, 2021.

These police visit and invitations have taken serious toll on our client’s health. Heretofore, our client had chronic high blood pressure but on Tuesday, 12th January 2021 our client’s blood pressure rose, a case which worsened, resulting in cerebrovascular attack otherwise known as brain attack or stroke – albeit partially. Worst is that his sister and nieces turned foes are still ‘going the extra mile’ all for a land they have no legitimate claim, right or title to/over. This plot had gotten to a stage where document which bears the forged signature of the deceased are now being circulated as an authorising instrument. With this health challenge, our client’s family has been spending to save his health and life even beyond their means.

Now, Ugoeze Felicia Nwanyinnaya Ogbulafor, Mses Ogbulafors and Ms Okafor brandish papers whose authenticity is liable to question (attached herewith is a copy and medical Reports)


This claim, unauthorized and illegal, is being advanced with no letter of administration, a will, power of attorney nor even care and affection document as is admissible under the law.

As a human rights organization saddled with the madnate of protecting the vulnerable and oppressed persons of the society, we urge you, Sir to have cause to order that police stop forthwith any further operation be same and such invitation or attempt to detain on or against our client whose health condition has been made worse because of these persistent threats to his life, perceived attempt to snatch a property which custodianship he is in full exercise of until a court of law decides the true state of things. We are following the case and are also ready to hear the very last of it as long as justice is served. We pray you Sir to treat with urgency this letter while using your good offices to ensure that the rights of our client are not further trampled upon by those whose sole reason for doing so is only because of their affluence and influence.

Accept the assurances of our esteemed regards.

Signed comrade Nelson Nnanna Nwafor
Executive Director
Foundation for Environmental Rights,Advocacy & Development (FENRAD)

Barr. Olusegun Bamgbose
Head Legal Team

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