BVAS failed in presidential election: Is it a magic?


By Chioma Abigail Mbah

“The BVAS didn’t fail the INEC during the senatorial elections so why did it in the presidential election? Is it a magic?” Asked Mrs Kasie Abone, a brand analyst and Journalist with Thisday

She said that she is highly disappointed by the conduct of the INEC chairman and officials. They brought up the hope of the people by telling them that their votes would count as they would use the BVAS to make sure that the election was not rigged but would be a free and fair one. The people believed and came out enmass to vote their desired candidate but were disappointed later on by the INEC.

“People don’t vote for parties anymore, they vote for candidates that would have their interest in mind” I think this is the reason people voted for Peter Obi more even here in Anambra. Peter Obi captured my interest since the year 2003 and have proven to be a man of integrity, He should be vindicated by the judiciary.

I will be blunt in airing my view on the already concluded presidential election. The preparation for the election by the INEC chairman and officials is just like one setting an exam and failing the exam.

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On his part, Mr Williams Okonkwo, a Social and sports analyst insisted that INEC failed Nigerians by their partisanship during the presidential election

“The INEC spent a very huge amount of money that worths over three hundred billion naira, to conduct a free and fair election but failed thereby wasting such amount that would have been used for other relevant things.
My anger is not squandering such amount of money in name of conducting election but rigging the election.._ Mr Williams Okonkwo, sports analyst.

Reacting also, Comrade Odogwu Emeka Odogwu PhD, NUJ chairman Anambra state, expressed dissatisfaction with the interference of political parties and INEC concerning the presidential election. He said that it is very clear that the election was rigged as people have data of what happened in their polling units, which was not in correspondence with what was announced in the result.

When asked how he feels about the 18th March election, he said ” Youths have become wiser than before, so any INEC Officer who wants to do anything rash on the day of the election should better withdraw and desist from such act because youths are angry and would not hesitate to waste anyone who contradicts the fairness of the election.
The judiciary should look into the presidential matter and give the right verdict.

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A journalist at this Day newspaper organization, David Eleke has advised the judiciary to keep their hands upright and judge the case of the INEC and the presidential candidates. ” The judiciary is said to be the last hope of the common man “, they should prove to us that they are our last hope by meeting up to our expectations.

I very much know that the people will never relent, they are out to see the outcome of both the presidential and Governorship elections. Everybody craves for a better Nigeria.
The INEC officials should beware of what they are painting Nigeria to become in the eyes of foreigners. They should know they are tarnishing the image of the country.
Nigeria and south Africa are of the same age through independence, but the later is doing fine In the conduction if their elections which is always free and fair unlike Nigeria. This is very appalling.


Obiora Edeogo, a doctorate degree holder and lecturer in mass communication department of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, has identified the behaviour of the INEC officials as an act of savagery.
He said that it is so uncivilized of them to act in such manner. The INEC, gave the people hope by assuring them that they votes would count, thereby making them to troop out in masses to vote, only for their efforts to be thrashed. This single act of the INEC, is capable of making people develop apathy.
He commends the presidential candidates of Labour Party and People’s Democratic Party for their immense help in ensuring peace in the country over the already concluded presidential election by advising their electorates against riot and protests, allowing the law to prevail.

The silence of the mass should not be taken for granted instead it should propel the judiciary to look into the matter with clear mind and upright hands and declare the true winner of the election before the day of swearing in of the president elect.

What are your thoughts?

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