Body Of Chukwunenye Nweke’s Letter To Aig Zone 9 Police Hdqtrs, Umuahia


Nigeria Police

Chukwunenye Nweke in his six pages petition with more than 10 attachments attached to the petition he addressed to AIG Zone9, Tijjani Baba   on 9th July, 2020, by his family members asked for the followings;

(1) Nweke  demanded that Zone9 Police Headquarters Umuahia should ensure that within 7 working days AIG Zone9, Tijjani Baba acknowledges his petition, all the police investigation reports, police statement papers and other evidence attached to his reports to AIG Zone9 are released to him as stipulated by the constitution, AU and UN charters.

(2). He demanded that if within the 7days, AIG Zone9 knows his office cannot grant him access to information in his credible criminal complaints investigated by Zone9, his case file be henceforth, transferred to Zone13 Ukpo Anambra State, after the expiration of the 7days.

(3) Unfailing to grant him  access to the information in his case file within 7days or transfer the case file to Zone13 within the said days, Chukwunenye Nweke threatened to initiate enforcement law against Zone9.


” The Assistant Inspector General of Police, 
Zone9  Police Headquarters,
Umuahia,Abia State.


This letter is readdressed to your office sequel to FOI and other fundamental provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of  Nigeria ,AU and UN Charters which   mandate police and other public officers to grant  concerned member(s) of the public access to information or documents under the custody of police and other public institutions.

On behalf of Chukwunenye Nweke from Awka and  whom we shall be referring to, as the applicant in this letter, we write you as follows.

Recall Sir that   on 10th July, 2014, 23rd October, 2014, and 7th December,2015,  the applicant petitioned Zone9 Police Command,Umuahia on threat to his  life, false information, breach of justice, corrupt practices and other criminal actions involving the following rich crime suspects ; Dr. Mrs. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma, Chief Chukwuka Onuko,Mr. Ndu Onuko, Mrs.
Ogochukwu Ikunne and corrupt police officers attached to Anambra State Police Command. The petitions were  transferred to Anambra State Commissioner Of Police ( COP) and minuted to Legal Office State C.II.D,Awka  and other police staff petitioned to Zone9 by the applicant. The accused police personnel  were directed to  react to the allegations contained in the said petitions  and transfer the petitions back to Zone9 Umuahia. Copies of the petitions dated, 10th July,2014, 23rd October, 2014 and 7th December, 2015, are  all attached for your perusal.

Thereafter, on 20th July , 2018,  the applicant re- addressed a  petition bordering on fabricated evidence, inducement of corrupt police officers, misleading an Anambra State High Court,Awka with false  exhibits, and obtaining court judgment by fraud and other criminal actions masterminded by the above stated suspects.  The said  petition received by AIG Zoe9 on 20th July, 2018, was  assigned to Supol Obiageli, Obinna God’s will and OC Crack Squad Zone9 Umuahia for investigations.  Copy of the said petition dated, 20th July, 2018, is hereby attached.

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On 6th and  13th  August,2018, respectively, the applicant petitioned Zone9 Police Headquarters  ,demanding for Facebook Company Attestation on    the concocted  Facebook stories credited to him and his Facebook friends (Eziokwu Fvu Ndu and Chukwuma Onyeuka) by Oko Solomon, OC Monitoring and the said rich suspects  . The applicant in his  petitions to  Zone9 Police Headquarters, also asked for criminal investigations into the abuse of  Police investigations , cyber criminal activities  by the named suspects in criminal conspiracy with the personnel of Monitoring Unit Zone9. Copyies of the said petition addressed to Zone9  Police Command ,Umuahia  through EMS on  13th August, 2018, and received by Zone9 on 16th August, 2018, and the petition dated 6th August, 2018  are hereby annexed.

Furthermore, on 7th January, 2019, the applicant petitioned AIG Zone9 and copied same to PPRO Zone9,  demanding for Zone9 Police   Investigation into the professional  misconduct by the officers of  Crack Squad and Monitoring Unit Zone9 who connived with the above named  rich crime suspects to obstruct justice and breach on the agreement reached during police interview organized by AIG Hosea Karma . Copy of the said  petition dated, 7th January, 2019 ,addressed to  AIG Zone9  and  copied to PPRO Zone9, are respectively attached to this application letter  for your perusal.

But it would be surprising  to note Sir that till date,Zone 9 Police Headquarters is  yet to release the police investigation reports, police statement papers of all parties in the case as well as  other documents  connected to all the above annexed  petitions addressed to AIG  Zone9 by the applicant  in spite of  the fact that the applicant had written severally to AIG Zone9  on 16th August,2018, and 29th January,2019, applying for the CTC of Zone9 Police Investigation Reports,Police Statement Papers and other documents attached to his series of criminal complaints. Moreso, On 2nd May,2019, the applicant through EMS Postal Service, Awka readdressed an application for the CTC of police reports,statement papers and other exhibits under the  custody of AIG Zone 9,to AIG Zone9 and the said letter addressed to AIG Zone9  through EMS,Awka  was received by Zone9 Police Command,Umuahia on 9th May,2019 but til date, your personnel have continued to deny the applicant right to the applied documents. Copies of the application letters dated, 16th August,2018 and 29th January,2019, are  hereby attached for your perusal .

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It is absolutely imperative to  note Sir that,  the continued denial of the applicant’s fundamental human  right to the evidence in his credible criminal complaints to Zone9 by your personnel;  OC Legal, U.S.Ekpo Esq, Oko Solomon,Supol Obiageli,OC Crack Squad and OC Monitoring Unit Zone9 forced the applicant on 23rd June,2020, to issue a press statement to newsmen and online publishers , calling on Human Rights organizations ,police Authorities and well meaning Nigerians to intervene and compel your officers to obey his right to information under the custody of AIG Zone9; and the said press statement released by the applicant was published by an online platform, Awka33 Village State Capital Anambra State ( Eziokwu Fvu Ndu) on the above stated dated. Copy of the online publication by Eziokwu Fvu Ndu (Awka 33 Village  State Capital Anambra State) is annexed for your perusal.

It is instructive to note Sir that,  based on Freedom Of Information (FOI), ACT, 2011 and other  fundamental human rights  provisions as enshrined  by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, African Union (AU) and United Nations ( UN) Charters, AIG Zone9 Police Headquarters Umuahia ,Abia State  is mandated to certify and issue the  police investigation reports,police statement papers and other  documentary evidence  connected to   the substantial criminal allegations addressed  to Zone9 Police Headquarters, Umuahia  on 10th July, 2014 to 7th January, 2019, by the applicant.

It is In the view of the above Sir that , we pray you  to order your above mentioned police personnel to certify and furnish  the applicant with  the below listed documents for documentary reasons:

1.  Zone9 Police Headquarters Umuahia  Comprehensive Police Investigation Report conducted on the case of cyber criminal activities and other criminal acts in respect with the above annexed petitions dated, 6th August, 2018, 13th August, 2018 ,21st August,2018 and 7th January, 2019.

2. Hard copies of the forged and untreatable online stories/ Facebook posts fraudulently credited to the applicant by Oko Solomon, OC Monitoring Unit Zone9  and the said  rich suspects.

3. Pictures of Eziokwu Fvu Ndu, Chukwuma Onyeuka and Chukwunenye Nweke downloaded from their Facebook accounts by the rich crime suspects, Oko Solomon and OC Monitoring Unit Zone 9.

4. National Dailies;  Authority Newspapers Print,dated 26th April,2018, Daily Sun and OrientDaily Newspapers on the publications made by the applicant on the fraudulent and criminal acts masterminded by the above mentioned  suspects.

5. Crack Squad Zone9 Police Investigation Reports( full and preliminary) conducted by Obinna, Supol Obiageli, OC Crack Squad Zone9.

6. Crack Squad Zone9 Police Statement Paper of Friday Uwem( a police officer attached to 51 PMF ,Delta State),dated 21st November, 2018.

7. Crack Squad Zone9 Police Statement Paper of Dr. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma,dated 6th August, 2018.

8. Crack Squad Zone9 Poolice Statement Paper of the applicant, Chukwunenye Nweke, dated 20th July,2018.

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9 .Central Police Station ( C. P. S.) Awka Comprehensive Police Investigation Report conducted by Friday Uwem on 13th March,2013.

10. Central Police Station  (C.P.S.)Awka Police Statement Papers of Dr. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma and Mrs. Ogochukwu Ikunne,dated 22nd March,2013.

11. Documents  referred to,  and marked as  EXHIBIT  B,  EXHIBIT D, EXHIBIT E AND EXHIBIT E1 at High Court,Awka by the above named rich crime suspects.

12. The invitation Letter served on Dr. Aguiyi Anuli Ihuoma by Obinna Gods will of Crack Squad Zone9, on Thursday  26th July, 2018.


(i).The police investigation reports, police statement papers and other exhibits applied herein by the applicant,are proof of evidence required by  the applicant and his family people to restore the dignity / respect of the applicant which have been damaged by a court judgment obtained by fraud  by the said suspects ; the said documents are also required to   recover the family’s  property which were looted by the suspects during the execution of said  fraudful judgment obtained by the  suspects and their accomplice.

(ii). According to an Authority cited by the Anambra State Judiciary Headquarters, Awka to set aside the aforementioned judgement, the applicant must file a fresh suit with fresh evidence, and said evidence required for the lawsuit are the above listed documents still under the  custody of AIG Zone9 Police Headquarters Umuahia.

Our Prayers

(A). We pray that justice be done to our application for CTC of documents under AIG Zone9 within 7 ( Seven ) Working Days of its acknowledgement  by Zone9.

(B). And if AIG Zone9 Headquaters Umuahia knows that Zone9  would  not grant the applicant access to the information/ documents  listed in  this application letter dated,13th July,2020, within  the said 7(seven) working days AIG Zone9 receives  this letter from the applicant,  henceforth, we request that  all the above listed documents / police case files be compiled and transferred to the newly inaugurated Zone13 Police Headquarters in Anambra State for easy  accessibility and the applicant be communicated( mailed,  texted and called ) by police personnel attached to Zone9 Police  Headquarters through the applicant’s   accessible home address, phone numbers and e-mail as well as the phone numbers of the signatory to  this letter  in order to  avert  the applicant or applicant’s family members  be left with no any  other option than to enforce the applicant’s  fundamental human right to lodge credible  criminal case  to police and police investigation be conducted  on  his complaint without partiality; applicant’s  fundamental human rights to access to justice and information, no discriminatory and impartial conducts, if our prayers were not granted by AIG Zone9 Police Headquarters, Umuahia, Abia State.” 

Ejike Obiorah, Awka, Anambra State 

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