Hon. Azuka Okwuosa: A man of Proven Integrity

Sir Azuka Okwuosa, an astute politician, a social networker, mobilizer and a philanthropist of repute has offered his stewardship to the State.

Sir Azuka Okwuosa has shown ample evidence that he is not only ably qualified but adequately prepared for the onerous task of governance.

With a perfectly articulated program and clearly mapped out strategy for its implementation, Anambra State is set to take it’s pride of place among the states in the nation.

He has been there and has done that.
A former commissioner who midwifed a blue print for the works and transport ministry which culminated in the construction and rehabilitation of over 50 road projects.

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Tactical initiation of direct labour which achieved reduction in leakages and wastage of resources.

Superintending over strategic housing schemes.

Setting up of a think tank for revenue generation through implementation of appropriate and affordable road taxes in compliance with existing laws.

2) As a Local Government Chairman, Sir Okwuosa spear headed the stimulation and repositioning of rural infrastructure to engender robust entrepreneurship and economic emancipation.

He galvanized the available human capital to achieve enviable feats during his tenure.

By according priority to security of lives and property, he ensured that the atmosphere was condusive for business to thrive endlessly.

His leadership experience in the socio-cultural sphere is immeasurable. Having been at the top level of leadership of South East Development Initiative and Igbo Improvement Union, Sir Okwuosa has built enviable connect and ability to unify people and communities.

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His experience in this area will be brought to bear in fostering brotherliness and cooperation among the many opinion leaders within the state.

We all know that Anambra State is endowed with every area of human capital and Sir Azuka Okwuosa has over the years shown tremendous capacity in youth mobilization and people motivation. This is very key in moving the State forward.

Lastly but most important is the fact that Sir Okwuosa is a man of Proven Integrity, very humane leader with a listening ear.
A team player and a respecter of persons. He will always hear you out especially in respect to wise counsel.

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We invite every well meaning Anambrarian to join Hands in placing Anambra State at it’s pride of place.

We have implicit confidence in the ability and readiness of Sir Azuka Okwuosa to fix the broken pieces and to restore the glory of our dear State.

Message by Aziza Igbo movement (AIM)

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