Bishop Ikeakor Has Transformed Anglican Diocese of Amichi – Val Ozigbo

Immediate past President and CEO of Transcorp Plc otherwise known as Transcorp, governorship aspirant in next year’s election in Anambra State, VALENTINE OZIGBO, in this Interview with reporter, COVENANT OLUCHI IKEDINOBI extolled the leadership qualities and style of Anglican Bishop of Amichi, Rt. Revd . Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor (JP) as well as his transformation agenda for Ndi Anambra come 2021. He also spoke on the civil unrest that has grounded the country.

Bishop Ephraim Ikeakor of Amichi diocese

What’s your message for the Anglican Diocese of Amichi during the synod?

I’m here on the invitation of Right Reverend Ephraim Ikeakor, the Bishop of Amichi diocese and his wife, Mama Amichi, to congratulate them and wish them well.
You can see that His Lordship has helped in championing the fantastic transformation that he is bringing to bear in the Diocese. From the schools they have built – the school of midwifery, the school of medicine -and other interventions that are not ‘brick-and-mortar’ but touch the lives of beneficiaries directly, you can see the mark of excellence in all that they do. It’s extremely commendable.
I’m here to see what I call a partner in progress. He’s not just a man that speaks spirituality, he tells it from what he does. The way he’s touching, impacting, and transforming lives, that’s what I stand for.
So, I’m highly delighted to be here to identify with him, to support him and encourage him. And just like I said at the programme during my remarks, if you have done this much, attain this height in transforming your Diocese; at a time like this, imagine what will happen when the quality of leadership we represent comes. Imagine when you know we have competency in everything that we do; and that’s what am hoping to bring to Anambra when, by the grace of God, I emerged as the next governor of Anambra State.
I believe that I can bring the needed transformation to governance so that when Bishops like Ikeakor do impactful things, our support magnifies his social responsibility initiatives.
There’s a lot we need to do in governance. Take, for instance, the road leading to this community; it’s an eyesore. Apart from the government, the private sector also has a role to play in bringing development to our people. What I bring to the table is a unique synergy between the two sectors. I bring an uncommon combination of experience in the private and public sectors, an experience that is directly related to delivering on good governance.
So, my message to His Lordship, Bishop Ephraim is to say, “Well done”. I also appreciate the other Archbishops and Bishops that are here. Quite a number of them showed up from different parts of Nigeria, and especially, in Anambra State. So it’s commendable to see the Anglican communion and its synergy and togetherness as a community. The way they support one another is inspiring. I have been to a couple of synods, and the togetherness and oneness in the Anglican community always shine through. So it’s commendable, it’s something I see and appreciate in the Anglican Church. Thank you.

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As a stakeholder in the Nigerian project, what’s your advice to our political leaders?

To do the needful. We know what to do, let political leaders summon enough courage to do the needful. This is the time for them to listen to the youth. The youth have started a movement, an outcry for justice and good governance. It is time to listen to them responsively. You know, time is gone when elders sit down without recourse to the feelings and aspirations of the youth and reel out policies. A new day has come.

Everybody has a voice and we must listen to their voices. What we asking for, as a people, is credibility in leadership. We want competency. We want visionary leadership from the people who are not corrupt. Let’s have competent leaders who will take NIGERIA, who will take Anambra, to the next level. We don’t want the failed promises of the past; we need to need to see positive transformation happen. We need to see it in every sphere of our society.

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I am glad to see that, for once, our youth come together in peaceful protest and unanimity of purpose. The youth are not discussing selfish interests; rather they are talking about shared goals. I am delighted that the youth are finally championing a new order for themselves, and I hope that the government will listen. History has proven that the only way to end civil disobedience is to take steps to give the people what they want. Governments must listen to the people before things go overboard. Law and order we all profess come hand in hand with justice. Social justice, legal justice, and economic justice. Our approach, as leaders, has to be holistic.

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