ANAMBRA – The way to go by: Ifedi Okwenna


ICT and Digital Transformation Targets.

As part of our objective to make Anambra state a leading destination for youths in Nigeria and the foremost centre for innovation and entrepreneurship development, our Government shall establish:

a. In Anambra State, a state-of-the-art Tech Hub campus, with an innovation center, e-business center, global solution center, and global e-support center.

b. Develop a digital-technology curriculum that is recognized globally and provides participants with valuable skills and accreditation.

c. Commence Foundational training to Anambra State Youths (200,000 citizens over a 4-year period) that will boost short- and long-term local capabilities to attract more employers, better jobs, new investors, and like-minded innovators to create a virtuous circle of prosperity.

d. Develop an enhanced infrastructure which include internet access, improved power systems, and advanced technology laboratories for our citizens.

We shall in partnership with the private sector, acquire our own internet broadband network that will serve the State and enhance smooth delivery of our ICT facilities in the State.

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We shall create our own MINI and NANO sims which are subscription based from where we shall create the MIFI internet model that will be cheap, efficient and accessible to all in the State.

e. Create an ecosystem built around delivering innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging problems and collaboration among private, public, investment, and academic organizations.

f. Encourage the establishment of Startup clusters in the State for graduates of our Digital technology training courses. About 5000 Startups Clusters in 4years is targeted.

g. Establish Cyber Security Study Programmes, to train our youths to becoming Cyber analysts and experts and convert potential Yahoo Yahoo Boys, to IT experts, to defend top organizations from hackers and cyber terrorists.

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Our proposed Tech Hub can drive significant value to local, regional and national economies. There are multiple benefits which our state will derive and these include:

a. Professional training to Anambra youths, enhanced employability, wealth creation and poverty alleviation.

b. Raise youth employment by at least 20 percent.

c. Increased investment flow through the creation and marketing of the largest ICT Business Hub in Nigeria.

d. GDP growth, foreign investment growth, and additional tax revenue through the diversification of the economy to Digital Technology (Miami has 7percent increase in GDP between 2013-2014 following the establishment of a Tech Hub).

e. Infrastructure development of the state with enhanced internet access and improved power systems for citizens.

f. Develop in local people new skills and employment gains, create many entrepreneurs and new Startups and enhance the welfare and standard of living of many.

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g. Establishing Anambra State as a globally recognized Tech Hub and therefrom play a key role in driving forward both the local and national economy, with the creation of new businesses and high-paying careers for the people of Anambra State.

Through this, we shall make Anambra state the top exporter of information and communication technology (ICT), supply the world with Cyber security experts and ensure ICT becomes one of the key factors for economic development of our State.

This is the way to go.

Join us, let’s go to work.
It’s possible.


What are your thoughts?

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