My Industrialization Plan For Anambra (2) By Dr. Ifedi Okwenna


Dr. Ifedi A. Okwenna

We have since discovered that the major impediments to industrial growth in Nigeria are absence/access to low interest funding and sustainable power supply.

In Anambra State, most industries today:

a. Supplies Water to their facilities
b. Power their factory by diesel generator

c. Provide transformers and even substations to serve their factory, where there is public electricity supply.

d. Pay waste management levy, yet privately evacuate their wastes

e.Pay all manners of government taxes to Federal, State and local governments.

f. Some provide access roads to their industrial facilities.

Some of these expenditures would have be avoided if both Federal and State governments has provided needed infrastructure or incentives. The result is that the quality and price of their products do not sometimes compete favourably with imported ones.

As government, we shall alleviate some of these challenges by our well-mapped out urban planning and infrastructural development of state.
We shall set up Anambra State Industrial Trust Fund to support industrial growth and advancement. The Trust fund shall come from Government’s dedicated fund and from the contributions from the private sector, businesses and corporate organizations in Anambra State. The fund generated shall be used to match other grants and loans from the Industrial Development Bank, Central Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Industry, Bank of Agriculture and other foreign funding agencies which we shall access through the Anambra Marketing Board.

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We will ensure the designation and establishment of certain areas as Industrial Parks and Industrial Clusters to promote efficient use of common services such as electricity, waste treatment plants, industrial road networks, water supply etc.
We shall establish the Anambra State Marketing Board, to:

a. Negotiate and acquire raw materials for industrial groups and ensure that such industries in the state do not run out of raw material which may affect them in meeting their production capacities.

b. Acquire the products of these industries at an agreed rate, market and distribute those products to distributors and end users, making easier for factories to continue producing unhindered without spending money on marketing and advertising.

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c. Interface with development agencies and industrialists and catalyze the establishment of cottage industries in all local governments to alleviate poverty and create jobs.

The Board will attempt to revive all old and abandoned industries in the state in collaboration with the original owners, providing such facilities with good corporate governance, syndicating loan facility to revive such industries.

To achieve envisaged industrial growth, we shall tackle the power challenge with the seriousness it requires through:

a. Negotiations for special evacuation from EEDC to Anambra Industrial parks/clusters.

b. Explore the Independent Electricity Distribution Network (IEDN) distribution franchising to bridge power deficit, in Industrial facilities

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c. We may also develop a grid system on Bulk Power procurement regulation and embedded generation regulations.

d. Explore options for use of renewable power sources such as solar energy, small hydro, biomass and wind power to meet generation targets.

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