Anambra 2021: Why it has to be Soludo

When the world transited from the Agrarian to the industrial Society, We could imagine how many thinkers/futurologists were dismissed as being overly theoretic, or in the extreme, “scaremongerish” in announcing the emerging reality that was industrialization.

Shortly after, the Agrarians who could not change with the changing time became victims of their own economic aloofness at the fullness of the industrial revolution.

Today, we have been told about the dawn of a new economic era that has come upon us. The economy is fundamental to one’s place and appreciation of other aspects life and living, and it is increasingly dynamic.

Anambra needs a Leader who has a perfect envisioning of where the world is headed and a clear pathway on how the State can remain competitive in the face of this rapid socioeconomic changes.

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Cee Cee Soludo, of all hopefuls, undoubtedly is unrivalled in this regard.

Think of a Greater Anambra, Think Soludo

What are your thoughts?

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