By Chukwubuikem Jackson Nwoma,

In an epoch gathering of faithful brethrens of CASOR today, the local church congregation came together to hear from God and have a rapt communion with Him which trescends to a routine worship. The event attended by University students (Unizik specially) and community residents alike, unfolded as a communal Faith and shared values.

Known as the Cathedral of Salvation and Redemption, CASOR Unizik Campus fellowship, located in the serene environment of Ifite, Awka not too far from the school Campus, played host to hundreds of worshippers who eagerly gathered to listen to the highly anticipated sermon delivered by the esteemed Ambassador Chukwuemeka Godspower.

The service commenced with an electrifying praise and worship session, led by the vibrant choir. The uplifting melodies and harmonious voices filled the sanctuary, setting the stage for a powerful encounter with the divine. As the congregation lifted their voices in adoration, there was a palpable sense of unity and reverence that permeated the atmosphere.

Ambassador Godspower began his sermon by shedding light on the concept of the Body of Christ. Drawing from the biblical passages in 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4, he emphasized the importance of unity and revealed how the Church should function as a cohesive unit, with Christ as its head.

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“The Church is not simply a building or a gathering of people; it is a living organism,” asserted Ambassador Godspower. He further explained that each believer, irrespective of status, plays a crucial role in the functioning of the Body of Christ, akin to various parts of the human body serving together for a common purpose.

The charismatic pastor encouraged the congregation to embrace their unique identities within the Church while fostering love, care, and support for one another. “We are all important and valuable members of the Body, and our individual gifts and talents contribute to the growth of the Church,” he affirmed.

Ambassador Godspower went on to exhort the audience to make unity their priority in order to achieve God’s purpose effectively. He stressed the significance of mutual respect and humility, urging attendees to merge their diverse abilities and talents to create a harmonious spiritual environment that draws others to Christ.

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The congregation was visibly engaged and responsive to the pastor’s impassioned delivery. Many nodded in agreement, while others could be seen taking notes, earnestly absorbing the profound insights being shared. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of reverence and introspection as Pastor Amb Chukwuemeka Godspower spoke with clarity and conviction.

Furthermore, Ambassador Godspower hinted to the congregation the essence of the Church, “The main reason for the existence of the Church is for the legislation of God’s mandate here on earth and to reconcile men back to God.”

The young Cleric emphasized on the need for christians to begin to see Church beyond a mere building or a conventional gathering but as a body of Christ. In this way, they would be very careful enough as to how they conduct themselves when they are in God’s prescence.

The message of unity, love, and mutual support within the body of Christ resonated deeply with those in attendance, fostering a renewed commitment to embody these ideals in their daily lives..

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Undoubtedly, Ambassador Chukwuemeka Godspower’s captivating sermon at CASOR Unizik Fellowship today will continue to resonate with worshippers, propelling them to actively engage in promoting unity and love within the Body of Christ — the Church.

It is evident that Pastor Amb Chukwuemeka Godspower’s influence extends beyond the pulpit, serving as a catalyst for transformative change and spiritual growth within the body of Christ at CASOR.

As worshipers exited the premises of CASOR Unizik Fellowship, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to the Body of Christ. Ambassador Godspower’s sermon had succeeded in rekindling their passion for unity, love, and the growth of the church, reminding them of the essential role each believer plays in fostering the body’s overall well-being.

After the church service, many of the Church members engaged in chit-chats while others took to other activities such as election of new leaders into various departments in the church among others.

Chukwubuikem Jackson, Nwoma
Mass Communication Department
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

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