Ahead of APGA primary, here is the Statement of Results so far

  1. Plans for consensus candidate = F9
  2. Sen Victor Umeh’s endorsement = F9
  3. All Govt Senior Appointees Endorsements = F9
  4. Baby Awka, Ifeanyi Ibezi Including Dozie Nwankwo’s endorsements = F9
  5. Plans to discourage other aspirants from obtaining guber nomination forms = F9
  6. Plans to buy other aspirants over, settle or promise them automatic tickets to other elective positions = F9
  7. Plans to disqualify major contenders = ongoing
  8. Plans to use families and friends as delegates = ongoing
  9. Intimidation and harrassment on other aspirants = mounting

10: Plans to frustrate other aspirants out of the race before the primary election = ongoing

Conclusion: It is going to be a keen contest. Any aspirants who chickens out is not man enough. Do not fall for thier antics and strategies, keep your game tight.

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This is politics and there is nothing new! Power is not given! You must work for it. Simple, be brave enough to face the APGA authentic delegates, if you are chosen in a free and fair contest, others will support you.


Ogene Igbo

Dr Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

Ejiji eji nma achunyari

What are your thoughts?

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