ADMCA Advocates Stricter Measures Against Cyber Aggression and Cyber Bullying


By Ify Unachukwu

The Association of Digital Media Core Advocates (ADMCA) has conducted a Press Conference in Awka, focusing on issues surrounding Cyber Aggression, Cyber Bullying, and the Safe Use of Social Media. The conference aimed to address the growing concerns about unethical online activities and advocate for stiffer penalties for offenders.

During a Keynote Address, Dr. Harris Chuma Odili, the National President of ADMCA, emphasized the necessity of restraining unethical online activities due to the swift and widespread nature of online media practices. Dr. Odili applauded the enactment of laws to sanitize the system but called for the removal of penalties related to criminal defamation from the penal code. He highlighted concerns about the exploitation of these penalties by the rich and powerful to stifle opposing views with the collaboration of law enforcement agents.

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In a paper on Social Media, Dr. Chukwuma Onunkwo, a University Don, outlined the implications of cyber aggression, including mental health challenges leading to death, increased stress and anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Dr. Onunkwo urged parents, schools, churches, government, policy makers, and other stakeholders to focus on social reorientation and enact more laws to protect and control journalists’ activities for true professionalism.

During a brainstorming and experience-sharing session, participating journalists called for an end to intimidation faced by their colleagues and advocated for routine training, proper remuneration, and social protection incentives from media owners. The journalists concluded that cultivating high self-esteem and integrity would enhance their professionalism.

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The conference culminated in the launch of an online newspaper, “Hardcore News,” aimed at providing a platform for responsible journalism in the digital age. ADMCA expressed its commitment to promoting ethical practices and ensuring a safer online environment for both journalists and users. Certificates were also presented to the participants.

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