President Of Zube Sunstar group Applauds Delta State Governor-elect Sheriff Oborevwori, Predicts Bright Future for the State


By Karen James

In a heartfelt congratulatory message, Nzube Henry Ikeji who is the president of Zube-Sunstar Group, a prominent figure in Delta State, hailed Sheriff Oborevwori on his resounding victory in the gubernatorial election. Attracting widespread attention, Ikeji expressed his unwavering confidence in Oborevwori’s ability to lead Delta State towards a prosperous and progressive future.

With renewed enthusiasm and hope, Ikeji stated, “Delta State is poised to witness transformative changes under the astute leadership of Governor-elect Sheriff Oborevwori. His victory signifies a new chapter in our state’s journey towards development and transformation.”

Ikeji, a respected community leader and business tycoon, has been actively involved in various endeavors aimed at advancing the welfare of Delta State residents. Known for his philanthropy and dedication to the betterment of society, Ikeji has consistently supported candidates who possess the vision and dedication needed to drive positive change.

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In his congratulatory message, Ikeji emphasized the qualities that make Oborevwori a deserving leader for Delta State. “Sheriff Oborevwori has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of the issues that affect our state. His unwavering commitment to equitable development, infrastructure improvement, and inclusive governance has won the hearts of the people,” Ikeji opined.

Citing Oborevwori’s track record as a legislator and his unwavering advocacy for the welfare of Delta’s residents, Ikeji voiced his belief that the newly elected governor would take the state to unprecedented heights. “Sheriff Oborevwori’s passion and dedication to uplifting the lives of our people is evident. With his proven leadership abilities, I have no doubt that Delta State will flourish under his guidance,” he asserted.


Expressing his optimism for the future, Ikeji echoed the sentiments of countless Delta State residents who are eagerly looking forward to Oborevwori’s governorship. “As we embark on this new chapter, I have every confidence that Delta State will witness remarkable progress and prosperity. Together, we can build a state that is inclusive, prosperous, and vibrant,” he concluded.

The president of Zube-Sunstar Group,Nzube Henry Ikeji’s congratulatory message serves as a testament to the widespread support for Sheriff Oborevwori’s victory, highlighting the shared belief that Delta State’s future indeed has the potential to be bright and prosperous under the guidance of its new governor.

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