Accord Party Candidate, Dr Maduka Storms All Hallows Seminary Onitsha Pledges Cargo Bus


By Polycarp Ifeanyi

The Accord Party candidate for the November 6th gubernatorial election in Anambra State, Dr. Godwin Maduka has pledged to donate cargo bus estimated at N10,000,000 to All Hallows Seminary Onitsha, Anambra State.

Dr. Maduka made the pledge when he stormed All Hallows Seminary Onitsha with his entourage on the occasion of All Saints feast which he was the Chairman of the occasion.

Making the donation, Dr. Maduka expressed delights for being in the Seminary to celebrate All Saints feast, disclosing that the occasion was a good opportunity for a first time meeting with Archbishop Valerian Okeke.

Dr. Madjka who chaired the occasion commended Archbishop Okeke for his numerous achievements in the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha, promising to be assisting him for further projects if he emerges victorious in the November 6 election.

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He further eulogized all the formators and priests who are working in the Seminary for their efforts in training students, explaining that it is not an easy task, just as he  introduced himself as the flag bearer of Accord Party for the governorship election in the Anambra State and solicited for his Supports.

” This is a new dawn. The cloud is clearing. My message to the Anambrarians is that, hope is on the way. I will make sure that I librate Ndi Anambra from the insecurity issue we have in our state. You have known that I have been doing that for the past 30 years.

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“I have been investing in human capital development, the Church and the community. I have built a city and made it look like a state. I am going to build Anambra to look like a country. From what I have done, you have known what I will do in Anambra if I am elected.

I am a Man with a large antecedent, that is why  people nicknamed my campaign” Evidence 2021″. It is not all about politics, I am moving about helping my people,” he said.

He further urged Anambrarians to support him in the election, even as he revealed that he would use experience which he  said he gathered from America to make Anambra State great.

“This is not a time of gambling for the future of Anambra State. There is nothing a Governor have that I do not have. I have gathered enough and that is  why I am doing everything and everybody is seeing it. ” He posited !

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Similarly, one of his aides, Mr Orah Chukwuebuka Fidelis and an Ex-Semineria who pledged the sum of #200,000 boasted that none of the candidates jostling for governorship position in Anambra State is more credible than Dr. Maduka.

He urged Anambrarians to come out em mass to vote for Dr. Godwin Maduka on the day of election, pointing out that votes for the Accord party candidate would never be regretted “as it will be a voting for the future of Ndi Anambra.”

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