Huspuppi: The Mistakes He made Getting Caught.
Huspuppi: The Mistakes He made Getting Caught.

In case you are not aware, the arrest of Hushpuppi by the Dubai Police caused a huge uproar all over; both in the real world and the world of crime. It was headlines of different constructs everywhere. The talkers and “typers” also had their word and character galore respectively; most of whom are not perfect themselves. In the world of crime, deleted files, further hidden files and higher “security” consciousness were the orders of the day.

With the way Hushpuppi spent money and how he has displayed it over the years, most people speculated that it had to be from a fraudulent source. But as there had been no evidence to support the ‘fact’, that is all they have been- mere speculations. 

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Huspuppi flexing

But where did he go wrong as a criminal?

More than 50% of the problem Hushpuppi just put himself is due to his presence on social media. It made it too easy for him to be caught. For crying out loud, why would you be a criminal operating at such a level, and still post your illegal purchases for all to see? That is mostly equivalent to daring the police to come get him. He refused to learn from the Mexican Cartels.

Huspuppi caught by FBI

It is also more apparent now that he left Nigeria looking for a safe haven, and he found one in Dubai, or so he thought. On the flip side, Nigeria would have actually been a safer place for him. He must have realised this at some point in his successful criminal career, but he decided to stay back in Dubai, probably due to the high standard of living. He was not willing to sacrifice his high class enjoyment for his optimum safety.  He also most likely ended up angering the “owners of Dubai” with his spending too. How can you be a “visitor” somewhere, and be spending money more than the owners of the land?

What are your thoughts?

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