Wike In Trouble: Higher Court Record Shows PH, Belongs To The Igbo’s.


Wike In Trouble: Higher Court Record Shows PH, Belongs To The Igbo’s.

By Rowlandgate.

WACA judgement, wike, wike, wike, tell the little Hitler in Rivers state to read the below Judgement. I am still wondering how the likes of this Hitler passed law school exams. His elevation to Life Bencher is understandable because he enjoyed the largesse that followed Goodluck Administration. Otherwise, a lawyer who could barely make a correct sentence shouldn’t find his name around that sacred space.

The then West African Court of Appeal (WACA) judgement in the case between IKWERRE VS. OKRIKA in 1958 bordering on the status of Port Harcourt settled it.
WACA decided that Port Harcourt belongs to the Igbos. There was no appeal till date.
When Elechi Amadi was confronted with the WACA judgement by Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Counsel, he affirmed it and it was admitted in evidence.

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His only remark was that “the Ikwerre people involved their wealthy Igbo brothers in litigation, fought for Port Harcourt under the shadow of their rich brothers against Okrika people and consequently, the court so ruled. When asked whether he appealed against that judgement, he said NO.
That Port Harcourt is an Igbo city was a WACA judgement of a superior court that has not been vacated. Odogwublog.com

Wike In Trouble: Higher Court Record Shows PH, Belongs To The Igbo's.

The WACA judgement also confirmed that the original inhabitants of Obigbo were mostly from Ngwa, Arochukwu and Owerri.
Wike can never change History!!!
And it is my duty to bring history before those of you that try to put it down.

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Rumuobiakani or Umuobiakani? You can change the story but not the truth.”
Now you can see why they hate Igbo people and refuses to support Biafra restoration. Because they don’t want you to know what the fraudulent Fulani Nigeria Government is covering up for them to be exposed.

What are your thoughts?

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