Why I Only Hire Female Employees In My Company – Blord


Famous Nigerian businessman and billionaire, Blord recently revealed the reason he has only female staff in his company.

Reflecting on an experience, he shared a cautionary tale about his earlier days in the business that shaped his decision.

He disclosed that five years ago, he employed men to trade for me and one of them used his money to buy a Benz and even stole his customers.

Blord noted that after this, the lad disappeared and started his own crypto business.

He added that since then, he opted for female employees only.

Blord humorously compared the relationship between men and Bitcoin to that of a goat and yam, implying that they’ll always be tempted to steal it.

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In his words:

“5 years ago i employed men to trade for me

One use my money buy benz, even steal customers join con japa start him own crypto

Ever since that day, Women only

Men and btc be Like Yam and Goat.

Shey una go rest now.”

In addition, Blord rolled out a condition for the public before he could consider employing men again.

He said: “I go employ men on the condition say if una btc loss una nor go hold me , if yes lets proceed. I’ll give them a try again soon”

Recall that Blord dragged famous activist, Verydarkman, a few days back over attempts to discredit his finance app, Billpoint.

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Earlier, Verydarkman while reacting to a video of Mr Jollof endorsing Blord’s app, Billpoint, blasted the comedian for not conducting a proper investigation before endorsement.

He went on to highlight some complaints he received from people, sharing screenshots of messages from unsatisfied users.

VDM alleged that the app often blocks people’s accounts after funds are deposited.

What are your thoughts?

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