We don’t need Cathedrals to worship God says Prelate

Asks Government to invest donated funds in health sector

By Chukwudum Ebele

The Patriarch of Parousian Church of Christ, Barr. Jide Okorji has maintained that the Novel Corona virus pandemic has taught Christians that God does not require magnificent Cathedrals to be worshiped but sincere people willing to worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

The Prelate made the statement while interacting with newsmen on the lessons of Covid 19 at his Law Chambers, Onitsha suggesting that both the Federal and State governments should invest more of the donated Covid 19 fund towards improving the health facilities in the country.

According to Okorji” Corona virus pandemic is so terrible that it has mounted pressure on everybody, everything and every country. No person is a winner yet.

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“During the lockdown people could not do business,access the bank, access new clients or hold any social function, children have been at home eating and playing pranks. Some States are more hit than others. There is global economic meltdown,crude oil has plummeted. Finance exchange rate has gone hopeless: about 455 naira to a dollar.

Worshippers could not access their places of worship. Even the Vatican city has to close down on Easter.

“It is only in this lock down period that people realize that you don’t need a cathedral to worship God. God said that he does not dwell in buildings built by man.

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“God has never separated himself from man but man has separated himself from God. Jesus said in John 4:21,23 that a time is coming when men will say God is in this mountain or that place. But true worshipers shall worship him in Spirit and Truth.

“That is what we teach in Parousian Church of Christ.That is the difference between our denomination and others. God demands true worship in Spirit and Truth, developing a special relationship with God”, said Okorji.

Moreover, the Parousian Church leader said that the pandemic has revealed the backwardness of Nigerian healthcare delivery system urging government at all levels to channel a major chunk of the COVID 19 donated funds towards updating the health facilities.

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“Our health facilities are not up to date. We heard that both World Health Organization (WHO) and International Monetary (IMF) donated huge sums of money. We are still waiting to feel the impact. Let government provide more hospitals, testing centers, and improve the few ones we have”, he said.

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