Valentine Ozigbo Welcomes Anambra Students Back To School

… the Business Mogul Calls For Vigilance And Compliance With Covid-19 Protocols

Valentine Ozigbo, the immediate past President and Group CEO of Transcorp Plc, has endorsed the decision of the Anambra State government to reopen schools on Monday, February 1, 2021.

In agreeing with the decision for schools resumption, Mr Ozigbo, who is the leading PDP aspirant for the forthcoming governorship election, called for strict compliance with COVID-19 protocols to keep students and teachers safe.

“The announcement by the government of Anambra State reopening both public and private primary and secondary schools in the state for academic works on the 1st day of February 2021, is a welcomed development and I align myself with it,” Ozigbo said in a statement issued on Monday, February 1, 2021, and made available to journalists (from) in Awka, Anambra State.

“The delay or several changes in date for the resumption of schools was a fall out of the ravaging and rampaging COVID-19 pandemic, but the reality is that one way or another, we have to continue with our lives and one of such important aspect of our moving on with our lives is for students to go back to school.


“While I welcome the resumption of academic activities across our primary and secondary schools, I must say that it is with a mixed feeling.

“Mixed feeling because children are naturally adventurous and playful, hence, may let down their guard against the pandemic.

“Moving from the home environment that they, hitherto, were in, to the school environment – an open group from different places – means increased (opportunities) possibilities for exposure.

“This implies that the chances of infection and spread of the coronavirus (may be) might become higher.

“I therefore, call on relevant authorities to, in addition to putting in (in place) the necessary protocols such as handwashing and compulsory use of (face) masks, (that) to also ensure that the school management and the teachers are vigilante and closely monitoring the students to ensure they are complying with the safety protocols,” Ozigbo added.

He argued that while the dangers of spreading the virus exist, it was not enough justification to continue keeping the schools locked and the children at home in perpetuity

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“I can understand the concerns of those who may hold a contrary opinion but the question for them is, how long should the schools remain closed?

“From unimpeachable scientific findings, it is clear that the Covid-19 pandemic will not disappear any time soon but rather it will linger for some time and while efforts are on to increase vaccine coverage across the globe, humans must learn to live with the virus.

“Scientific research has also shown that the spread of the disease can be curtailed if the protocols and the laid down safety measures are strictly followed.”

Mr Ozigbo warned that prolonged school closure was aggravating the already unfortunate situation created by the high number of out-of-school children. Noting the idiom, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” he advanced the importance of productive engagement of Anambra children.

“It can be argued and superiorly too that we must move on with our educational lives just like we are moving on with other aspects of our lives,” Ozigbo maintained.

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“Anything short of this would do permanent damage to our educational system and the future of our children.”

“The world is a global village, hence our activities must reflect and have bearing on what goes on in the other parts of the world.

“Luckily, Nigeria is not as hard hit as some other countries, yet those country’s educational system is not completely shut down”.

“Rather students are in class under special conditions that are tailored towards curtailing the spread of the pandemic. This is exactly what we should do also,” he advised.

The respected business mogul and philanthropist, further advised, “The current situation ( brought by ) Covid-19 had pushed us into calls for sacrifice and adjustment in our lifestyle. The safety measures if properly set up, carefully coordinated, and effectively implemented holds the key to keeping the pandemic under check and in abeyance from the schools,” Mr Ozigbo assured.

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