Update On Planned Celebration Of Mike Ejeagha @91


By Charles Ogbu

First, let me clarify something; everything we have done for the legendary folklorist, gentleman Mike Ejeagha and the ones we are still planning on doing, we do VOLUNTARILY and WILLINGLY as our own way of honoring a man we consider a living legend who has done so much in protecting and sustaining our culture and value system through his songs which are mostly folklores rich in eternal lessons for both young and old. The only Igbo musician that never praise-sanged any man but dedicated all his songs to teaching original Igbo values.

Because he will clock 91 come 4th of April (Easter Sunday), we have chosen to celebrate him by holding a birthday party for him and we want to start the celebration by giving his One storey building, boys quarter and small gate house – all built in the 1970s, a face lift: new painting and replacement of all the nets. WE ARE DOING THIS BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN CELEBRATING OUR HEROES WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE.

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After engaging a number of experts, we arrived at N411,000 for the total cost of painting and N140,000 for replacing the nets for the whole house. Inclusive of workmanship. Because there is no time, we are starting the work this Thursday IF WE GET THE FUND.

The Omekagu crooner told us he had 4 new tracks he wrote many years ago which his now-ended 13 year old court case with the company managing his songs didn’t let him release. He intend to release and launch them on his birthday, April 4th. They started rehearsal for this already. The total cost of this N320,000. And we intend to fund it.

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We are still discussing with Nike lake to see if they can cut down the cost of N300,000 for their hall to make it affordable to us so we can use it for the birthday party seeing as it is very close to Ejeagha’s house.

If you want to support this initiative by picking up any of the items or making financial donation regardless of the amount, please donate to:

Access Bank Current Account
Charles Ogbu.

Please, we really need your financial support to pull this through. If you are a painter or carpenter and can help with any of the work either PRO-BONO OR AT A REDUCED COST, please get in touch with me or my co-planner Amarachi Attamah . Let us celebrate this living legend WHILE HE IS STILL ALIVE.

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