Unbelievable: Angry women dump pants in governor’s office to curse him

The angry women

The angry women

A cleansing rite is being advised to save the future of a governor, whose action so incensed the womenfolk in his state that they had to go the traditional way of undressing before and dropping their pants in his office as a sign of curse.

Angry women storm governor office
Angry women storm governor office

Chairman of Njuri Ncheke Council of Elders Kang’ori Thaara, Kenya, wants Governor Muthomi Njuki to cleanse himself from a ‘curse’ he acquired after women dumped their panties outside his office.

On February 11, angry women removed their underwear outside Njuki’s office, accusing him of insulting and demeaning womenfolk from his county.

The women from Tharaka, Maara and Chuka/Igambang’ombe wanted the governor to apologise for his comments or face dire consequences.

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Among other allegations, the governor was being accused of asking women to look for sponsors to finance beauty contests because the county had no funds for models to catwalk in front of Members of County Assembly.

When sought for comments, Njuki rubbished these claims; calling it a ploy by his political enemies to distract him from working for the people. But according Njuri Ncheke, a curse from women is usually very bad and, “If it’s true that women undressed due to anger as I am getting it, I am advising our governor to offer a goat for sacrifice as per the Ameru traditions. This is the only way he can escape the wrath of those women drawn from different clans in the County,” he said. (The Nairobian)

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