The Value Of Time In The Politics Of Senator Anyim Pius Anyim


According to the book of ecclesiastics: Ecclesiastes:3

“[1] There is a right time for everything”. Taking cognizance of this biblical knowledge in respect to Sen. ANYIM’S political attainments; it becomes so convincing that the word of God is without spot. Inferring from the above, the following are my observations:

  1. Sen. ANYIM is a child of destiny. He is predestined to be what he has become and he is always ready to allow nature to take its course in accordance with ( Ecclesiastes:3 [1] There is a right time for everything)
  2. Sen. ANYIM was a first timer in the Nigerian Senate yet destiny and TIME located him as the Senate President without struggle. How this happened was never to the glory of any man but to Almighty God who had done this to launch EBONYI STATE proper into the Nigerian mainstream politics and to the benefits of those who have been made by Anyim’s network. In fact, 80% of Ebonyians are made by Anyim in politics and in civil service.
  3. Sen. ANYIM in his kindhearted nature never take glory of any service rendered to humanity, no wonder he never claimed anyone’s political godfather even though it befits him.
  4. Let the wise think about this; imagine if ANYIM had not been Senate President, what could have become of EBONYI STATE in Nigerian state.
  5. I remember all the attempts made so far against ANYIM just to discredit him right from the time of his Senatorship. He electrified IVO/ISHIAGU but those who thougth it would project him well in the minds of the commoners went and vandalized the electric polls and the masses in their ignorance never revolted against them. Yet the VULTURES have gathered once again in their usual practice which have become their destiny/ calling and career to discredit ANYIM.
  6. Time played another important role when ANYIM became the first SGF of Igbo extraction. Again, ANYIM never struggled to become as it was destiny playing out even when no one anticipated that.
  7. Those who have not taking time to think and meditate on the GRACE upon ANYIM have simply assumed that they can swallow him or even BURY his political career overnight. Notwithstanding, they have forgotten that ANYIM made them.
  8. Recently, the campaign of disrespect against the person of ANYIM is not only childish but aswell laughable as the saying goes: ” ignorance is a disease”. ANYIM is not holding Any political position, he is an ordinary party member of PDP why fighting him to teeth with all you have? In this regard, this further buttress the GRACE of God on this young man. I am convinced that even when ANYIM goes the way of our fathers, he will leave many spirits for selfish men to fight. Although, he still have plenty time to live.
  9. On a more serious note, ANYIM is yet to believe that he is what he has become. He doesn’t know what God have for him next neither his jealous enemies whom refused to be humble enough for God to bless them as he had done to ANYIM. Every selfish man will always declare war against ANYIM because he is a man of equal justice as far as EBONYI STATE is concerned.
  10. In conclusion, as we wait for TIME and GOD to lift ANYIM higher again beyond the expectations of his jealous, wicked and selfish enemies. I make attempt to say, it’s difficult for any man to calculate the destiny of ANYIM as it’s only God can direct this. However, even if God is done with ANYIM, we appreciate Him( God) so well for giving us Ishiagu/EBONYI ANYIM. In my next world if it does exist may I be in same clan with ANYIM not this wicked and FUTURE SUCKING uncle I have in Ngwogwo community.
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