The True Knowledge Of Spirituality, Religion Upon Mankind

We young lads grew up with the fantasy about Christianity and this caged our four sight to perceive higher answers to the mysterious notion of spirituality.

Now we don’t see the true depth of our spiritual ground, but we lay all upon religion because we see poorly thinking that’s where our spirituality lies.

I see religion as a fatal mechanism placed to bring commotion to the unified belief system of we blacks and most Times we get caught up in it’s web enriching others indirectly.

I still put it upon humanity that if truly we are elements of creation and created in the sole image of God then it simply clears us of our hidden ability to bring creation into existence that’s the true nature of spiritual dimension.

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You can call it God, I still accept those who call it the Universe, you accord it all to Jesus Christ it’s totally fine by me you insist on the view that’s Allah your never wrong .

All this rational division of religion and view of spirituality all points out key elements proving existence of higher spiritual Being and the need to adhere to natural Law plus morality.

People often seek my side of believe but I always let them know I ain’t history student that keeps track of life spent 3000 years ago by a man I wish I meet but I believe there’s no right and wrong I acknowledge the presence of celestial beings call it guardian Angels or spirit guides your still on track.

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I connect directly to the true source of creation and everything falls in line because we tend to forget how many things we brought into existence by unleashing of our very own spiritual realm.

In conclusion this topic always erupts the societal view on religious life. But remember to really know a fact you have to let go off all you think you know, perceive from a higher dimension how you assimilate and digest critical facts of which this mysterious life brought along. Be an awakened soul today

Dike Nonso, Soul heart of the ink……..

What are your thoughts?

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