The real prophet that brought Dollar down and ended “sit at home” in the East


The Dollar was about to hit #2000 and the Naira was regarded as the worst currency in Africa.Many wonder what prompted the sudden and unexpected fall of the American Dollar.Some prophets claimed that they used some powers to achieve that for Nigeria.

I want to bring it to the knowledge of everyone in Nigeria that the prophetic Hall of Fame, prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry is the the one prayed for Naira to appreciate,when I actually saw it on Facebook,I laughed at thought it will never happen until Naira started appreciating serious to the shock of everyone in Nigeria.

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It was the same prophet that Prayed and told God to restore peace in the East and bring SIT AT HOME to an end, today, people go about their normal businesses on Monday because ” SIT AT HOME” has ended.

It was The prophetic Hall of Fame, prophet Godwin Ikuru that also prophesied that Africa will produce a the youngest president,Faye of Senegal has emerged as the youngest president in Africa.

He also prophesied two years ago that King Charles would not rule for long, today the people of England are aware that their king has cancer that could kill him within the next two years.

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He is also the prophet that Prayed for and stood by the Super Eagles of Nigeria during AFCON,when the chairman of the supporters club,Rafiu Ladipo visited him .

Finally,this is only prophet that saw Tinubu becoming the president, other prophets in Nigeria prophesied doom and never saw it coming, he’s the only prophet that supported and stood by Mr president til date.

What are your thoughts?

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