The plate washer who will go to heaven

Never judge a book by its cover! You’ve probably heard this tons of times. However, you may not have seen it fit so snugly on any human being, and perhaps you have.
However, if there’s any man this aphorism fits like a glove, that man is no other than Prince Emeka Kalu, popularly known as Magic Fingers.

Why does it fit him? The first impression one has on meeting Magic is that of a guy who loves the goodies of life. And when I say this of him, it is without a shred of doubt.

Magic himself will quickly tell you in words and in actions how passionately he loves life. It is this unabashed admission that has earned him the appellation of a plate washer.

Any need going into the explanation of the meaning of plate washing? There’s no need, as most people here already know it.

Now, it is normal not to associate a plate washing exponent with Godly deeds, and when that plate washer is a certain Magic Fingers, that non association becomes all the more poignant.

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But this is where many people will get it wrong about the man, Magic. Beneath the facade of his perception lies a heart passionately devoted to helping the helpless in such a manner that has stood him out from the pack.

Indeed, Magic’s passion for helping the poor can best be likened to the action of the Biblical Good Samaritan who was the only one to stop and help a man robbed of his possessions and left for dead by robbers.

In a society filled by all manner of fake “men of God”, Magic comes across as ” The Man of God”. This is simply because of his penchant to do unto others as he would like others to do unto him.

Recently he displayed this trait when he brought to the attention of the world, the plight of a 17-year old orange hawker impregnated and abandoned by a heartless man.

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She was delivered of a baby boy only to be held captive in the hospital for inability to offset her hospital bills.

It was indeed a hopeless situation for the girl and poor family; hopeless until Magic came calling.

Following his appeal for help, the Anambra State police chief came to the girl’s rescue with a cash donation of N150k.

But the story wasn’t over yet. When Magic took her to where she called home, it proved to be no better than a make shift structure, devoid of furniture, bed and other things that make a home habitable.

It took another cry for help from Magic for good spirited individuals to again come to the rescue with donations of necessary items for the comfort of mother and child.

This recent gesture by Magic is one in a long list of previous gestures which led to the establishment of his pet project, Caring and Helpline Foundation. Through this platform, all manner of indigent and vulnerable people in society have had their lives changed by gestures from well meaning individuals attracted by Magic.

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Perhaps, Magic’s disposition has its origins from his birth date. Born on Feb 14, a day set aside universally for displaying true love, Magic’s disposition may be better understood.

He’s a fighter for the oppressed, a warrior against injustice and an apostle of agape love.

Yes, he may be an avid plate washer, but it looks like this is one plate washer that will make heaven on the Last Day, ahead of those who sleep in church.

For sure, with the likes of Magic, who says the Last Day won’t be full of surprises?

I remain Mr Jude Atupulazi

What are your thoughts?