The Father’s Blessing Is The Surest Path To Greatness

BY: VEN. CHIMA UGOCHUKWU (Intercessory Army for CHRIST Ministries Awka [WARMEN])
The fathers here include first and foremost, the Spiritual father, then Biological father and mother.
The Mother of Pst Adeboye at a young age told him that a time would come when he will call for one and ten will answer.

The challenge with the easterners is that we gamble with our fathers. Bishop Oyedepo was once told by GOD on arrival from overseas to hand over the entire honorarium he returned with to Archbishop Idahosa. He was blessed and told he will be even greater than Idahosa and now it is so.

Please respect, honor and reverence your father and mother despite their physiological dispositions.
Numbers 6:25 the LORD bless you and keep you…
These were blessings GOD mandated Aaron to place on HIS people continuously.

The Jews, they gather every Friday to be blessed by their parents. That is why the Jews have the most minimal crime rate in the world. And they are also very prosperous. Compare them to the Americans, where education is high yet directly proportional crime rates, abortions and the like (lesbianism, gay, incest etc).

Malachi 4:6. From this scripture, you observe that GOD is interested in harmony in the relationship between the children and the parents.
It is good we know that satan is interested in working against your relationship with your parents, hence Isaiah 49:24-25

Ephesians 6:1-2, Mathew 15:4.
Some of us are rebellious and refuse to submit to our parents. One was so stubborn that the mother told her at a young age, when you go to deliver you will know that I am your mother.

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We must stop being an insult to Christianity. We are called to be the salt of the earth. Some of us make our parents to look wicked so we can curse. And as a result we are in a hurry to judge our father.

We must be able to honor our father. We must do all in our power to find ways to honor our parents, both spiritual and biological. Let’s take care of our parents

Deuteronomy 5:16, Leviticus 19:3. All these scriptures emphasizes honor to our fathers and mothers.

But why all these emphasis?
It is because the father’s blessing is the shortest route to greatness. The richest man is not the smartest man. It is a product of grace. When grace is withdrawn, a great man can suddenly become an ordinary man.

GOD has given our fathers authority over our lives to bless and even to curse if we misbehave.

The father’s curse is the shortest way to destructions.

Every father has a priesthood mantle. Whether he is a believer or not, a wizard or not, a heathen or not, please honor him, be patient with him, reverence him, treat him well.

Blessing override curses.
Acts 13:1-3. We must learn to respect fathers. These guys were laid hands on (blessed) after fasting and prayer by their superiors.

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The greatest Apostle, Paul submitted to an unknown church. That was a man with the 9 gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT. Acts 9:22-27. Shows you that he was always increasing yet submissive.

A Father is a man that have privileged you to be under his umbrella.
Some persons have been moving from church to church, gathering several curses and do not know they are laboring under curses

A father has a pulpit and from there he pulls his sons and daughters out from the pit.
Hebrews 13:17, insists we obey them that have rule over us so they can give account of us.

If my father is my father, where is his honor. We must learn to give our parents the honor due them.

2 Kings 5:26 Gehazi was not honest to his father Elisha. He lied against him, hence the father released a curse on him. As a son, you MUST carry the spirit of your father. The spirit of Elisha that Gehazi carries went with him to see Naaman.

Do not join those mocking or making a ridicule of your father. Either you silence them or you walk out from them.

Jeremiah 3:15. GOD is the one that gives you pastors, and you must learn to submit to them.
You can appoint to yourself ten thousand fathers, but you have only one father. 1 Corinthians 4:15

When you (a stem) detach yourself from the root, you wither.

1 Samuel 15 what destroyed King Saul? He slighted the instruction of his spiritual father that anointed him king.

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Genesis 27:4 Here Isaac was talking to Esau his most beloved son. Why didnt Isaac just bless Esau? Why must he ask for a meal? It is because blessings comes from the heart not the mouth. He demanded a savoury meal so his heart could bless him.

Esther 2:20,22
Esther obeyed the father, who raised him though not her biological father. Though a queen, was still committed to the honor and glory of her father. That was why she passed the information in the name of her father Modeccai. Some of us would project our names to take the glory, but she didn’t. She had the interest of the father at heart.


It is good you know there are people who are laboring under curses, by their parents (father, or mother or both).

If you are such a person and your parents are alive kindly go and make amends. Repent and ask for their forgiveness and blessings.

However, if they are no more, you need a Spiritual father with spiritual authority to break the curses and pronounce GOD’S blessings upon your life. The Bible says that the spiritual controls the physical.

What are your thoughts?

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