I believe in advocacy especially for justice, equity and fairness. I am equally of the opinion that people should advocate if they are able to strike a balance between two conflicting and open ended opinions having adequate enrichment in knowledge as a determining ligament. When one’s advocacy is incoherent with facts and figures, the whole exercise becomes an unguarded cacophony or worst still an advertisement of sheer idiocy. With the recent denominational pandemonium that trailed the media in the past one month and the square involvement of Anambra state government in the lopsidedness of the dividends of democracy by the incumbent Obiano-led administration, the consciousness and interest of the general public has been aroused.

Thus, it has been a matter of concern locally and internationally to Christian bodies and humanitarian agencies who cared to know the truth behind Anambra denominational uproar. Many hidden things people never believed could happen in the Obiano-led government were laid bare to the spectacle of the general public. For instance, many people were stunned on hearing that employment and job opportunities are offered on the basis of one’s denomination as a tactic to ‘colonize’ the state and subject it to a denominational colony. However, some good-for-nothing vagrants frowned the decry against injustice and some motor pack nonentities and idiots were mobilized and paid by Obiano-led Government to stage an anti-protest campaign against the bishop on the Niger who is fighting a just cause against marginalization, intimidation and discrimination against other denominations by the state government. Their anti-protest was quite understood as a way to bury the face of the state government in shame for persecuting the church of God.

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I read the press release of the state government on the issue of Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary School Onitsha by one Chief James Eze, the so called Chief Press Secretary of the state government and indeed it was ridiculous. The truth is that I find his submissions inharmonious with the assertions of the report of the panel headed by Hon Justice Ononiba, and the documents of ownership submitted by the diocese on the Niger to the state government. The implication is that the so called Chief Press Secretary was not well informed hence his unconscious submission to discordance. From every indication, it is obvious that the said school belongs to the Anglican Church. The deputy governor and some of the delegates sent by the governor to the bishop on the Niger have advised the Governor to withdraw his claims over the land and hand the school over to the rightful owners. To all these, governor Obiano vehemently refused.

The question therefore remains, why must governor Obiano insist he will not return the school to the diocese on the Niger despite all the evidences and submissions of the panel of inquiry? It should be recalled that the same governor Obiano had demolished an Anglican church in his first tenure. This time again he ejected the Anglicans from their place of worship and locked up the compound. This shows the glaring and intense hatred he has for members of other denominations in this state. It is time to let the cat out of the bag. If you come into Anambra state you will weep for our dear state. Apart from the fact that your denomination determines whether you’ll be employed or appointed into any political office in Anambra state, it is most regretful that Obiano-led government has made Anambra state a denominational affair. For Obiano to use Ego Ndi Anambra to fight for a particular denomination and against other denominations is not just the greatest injustice meted to Ndi Anambra but an abuse to the office of the governor. 

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Have you listened to the video clip by the veteran actor, Stephen Alajemba popularly known as Uwaezuoke, sponsored by Dr Ifeanyi Uba (Capital Oil) in which he exposed Dr Ifeanyi Uba’s deal with governor Obiano and how the latter disappointed the former in the just concluded APGA primary election for Anambra South senatorial seat? You need to listen to it and see how deep our dear state has degenerated into denominational imbroglio. He actually opened our eyes in that video clip. There are three basic clarifications Obiano-led government need to give Ndi Anambra that voted him into office.

1.       How many local government caretaker committee in Anambra state are members of other denominations than Roman Catholic?

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2.       How many people from other denominations are presently in the house of Assembly under APGA party? How many of them have APGA ticket from the just concluded primary election under the said party.

3.       Ndi Anambra may want to know who is Rev Fr. John Manafa and his portfolio vis-à-vis employment in Anambra state? The said Rev Fr. is he a commissioner for employment that you must pass through him and get his endorsement and recommendation before you get any job in the government house, even as a cleaner? Or is he a Roman Catholic cleric that should be engrossed with the activities of his parish in Aguleri, the country home of the state governor?

Make your inquiries and see a deliberate attempt for ‘denominational genocide’ being committed by Obiano-led government. The cry for justice is that Ndi Anambra who are not Roman Catholics be treated as having equal fundamental human right without any religious or sentimental attachment. Secondly, that no person should be held in any form of servitude either by means of conscious subjugation by the activists of ‘superior denomination’ or by means of genocidal contingency as an adjunct to rid the advocacy of other denominations. Finally, that Governor Obiano should tender an unreserved apology to Ndi Anambra, the Anglican community in general and diocese on the Niger in particular as well as Bishop Owen Nwokolo, the See of the diocese on the Niger for a concurrent abuse of power/office and its consequent profanity to the Holy Order and the custodians of the Anglican heritage in Anambra State.    Obi Chindo wrote from Onit


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