My attention has been drawn to some ridiculous efforts of the Roman Catholic Governor of Anambra State in trying to paint the image of His Lordship, The Right Reverend Owen Nwokolo PhD in a bad light. This is not just ridiculous but a conscious means to mislead the Public on the issues surrounding the agitations for the Crowther Memorial Primary School.

Let it be known that the Case for the said school is one between the Diocese on the Niger and the Government of Anambra state. To pay hoodlums and hungry looking hirelings to go about a sponsored protest against the person of Bishop Nwokolo is nothing but absolute foolishness and proof of total misuse of Public Resources.

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The Anglican Church is said to be Synodically lead and Episcopally governed. That means no single individual decides what happens in any of her Diocese or Parish. The Bishop like any other Clergyman is an Employee of the Church. He doesn’t own or RULE the Church like we see in other denominations. The Bishop only implements the decisions of the Church which is made up of three arms/houses.

To insinuate that Bishop Nwokolo or his wife together with a faction of the Clergy are in a war with the State Government in the name of the Church is therefore laughable and proof that the said leaders of the State are not informed. The leaders of the state, their agents and e-rats need to be tutored as well as instructed on the functionality of the Anglican Church.


Neither Bishop Nwokolo, his wife nor any Clergyman is in a war with the Anambra State. The issue is and remains between the Diocese on the Niger (A registered body with the CAC) and the Government of Anambra State.

The Roman Catholic Governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano and his aides should do the needful of handing over completely the Bishop Crowther Memorial Primary School, Onitsha to its rightful owner, the Diocese on the Niger and stop these actions that show their administration to be inept, clannish, nepotistic and denominationally bigoted.

Bishop Owen Nwokolo is a leader that has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is Godfearing, Transparent and Innovative. He is a Transformational as well as Invaluable Leader. None of the clergyman of the Diocese on the Niger have any issue with the person and office of the Bishop on the Niger. The Anambra state Government, therefore as a matter of urgency must cease her falsehood against the Bishop Nwokolo and the Clergy of the Diocese on the Niger.

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Chuks Okonkwo is a Clergyman of the Diocese on the Niger.

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